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About the important role of challenges and risks - Children need challenging playing areas to promote their development

In the classical sense of the term, the expression movement is often associated with sports and physical fitness. Nevertheless, the significance of the word movement includes much more than this. If movement is practised in a playful, self-determined...

Changes and updates to EN 1176

An interview with Andreas Strupp (Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wood Technology, Department of Quality Assurance, Product Safety and Standards at eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, FLL/BSFH accredited playground inspector per DIN SPEC 79161, Chairman of the Standards Committee NA Sport 112-07-01 AA 'Playground equipment')

Law and play: product liability and organizational responsibility

Playground equipment manufacturers bear great responsibility for the safety of their products. Violations of the specific manufacturers’ duties may not only result in serious consequences for children, but also in considerable product liability risks....

Noise protection ? – Recognising the socio-political importance of sport

Why reform of the sports facility noise directive is urgently necessary, how associations are campaigning for this and which steps are now necessary.

Playing and exercise areas from the development teacher's perspective

In order to build playgrounds which are not simply good but more or less perfect and particularly suitable for children, it is important to reflect on these three questions:
Why do human beings move at all? Why do they often do that in a playful way? And what should development-assisting playing areas look like, if they are to cater for this natural behaviour?

GaLaBau-Fair 2016 – Once again increasing quality

After four successful days, the twenty-second GaLaBau-Fair held in Nuremberg ended on 17 September. More than 64,000 professional visitors attended the exhibition to inform themselves about products and trends related to urban green planning, landscaping...

Who is talking when and to whom? And, above all, how?

Children are always playing and, above all, they are playing everywhere. That is why they do not only need typical playground areas, but also open spaces in nature and in the city to develop and get some exercise...

Artificial turf, hybrid turf or natural grass? – Finding the right surface for the sports ground

Conversion of sports fields and football pitches in particular is a very current trend. Following the many conversions in the last years and the modern sports fields created in this way, the clubs involved have been able as a rule to generate many new members and to become better positioned in the sport...

Granulate filler – Impulse generator on an artificial turf pitch

Playing fields with artificial turf continue to gain popularity. Decisive for the quality of an artificial turf playing surface are not only the yarns used, treatment of the surface and correct installation, but also the loose components such as sand and granulate fillers...

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