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Issue All: Trends

27.08.2010 - Playdale produce "first class" Playbuilder site

Princess Diana Park in Banbury has been given a £150,000 makeover by Playdale

27.08.2010 - Dogford Park, Oldham

With a brief to provide exciting and challenging play and exercise facilities for a particularly discerning age group - the 8 to 13 year olds – Wicksteed Playscapes has transformed Oldham’s Dogford Park into something very special.

27.08.2010 - Birdman of the skies comes to the rescue at Crow Wood

Natural play equipment specialists Timberplay were faced with the giant task of how to install their huge Pyramid Towers at the National Trust’s new Crow Wood Playscape at Lyme Park.

27.08.2010 - With a lid made from Playtop

To create the lid, Playtop incorporated the Manchester United crest, along with the words ‘OT100 – 100 years of Old Trafford’, which were intricately produced in Playtop’s Safer Surfacing.

27.08.2010 - Gummiwerk Kraiburg Relastec designs cross-generation playgrounds all over the world

Playgrounds that cater to senior citizens are furnished with weatherproof equipment made from high-quality materials.

27.08.2010 - Pieper Holz is the number one choice of TÜV Rheinland

The “Birkenwiese“ kindergarten in Bad Langensalza (Thuringia) celebrated the opening of a new sponsor-funded playground in summer 2009.

27.08.2010 - Merlin’s Magic Castle

For more than 40 years, the Austrian family-owned business Obra-Design has specialized in high-quality play equipment and park equipment.

27.08.2010 - Boundless imagination: news from the Seibel creative team

The brand-new swinging seesaws manufactured by the Seibel Spielplatzgeräte company are called ”Domuntel“ and “Don Carlos“.

27.08.2010 - Sandmaster sand cleaning machines and their varied fields of application

For 25 years now, the Sandmaster company has done business in the field of sand cleaning and has established itself as the market leader.

27.08.2010 - Trampolines magically attract children

Trampolines have become such an integral part of leisure facilities, it is impossible to imagine an attractive leisure facility without them.

27.08.2010 - Roof garden in Berlin two times elected “Green Roof of the Year 2010”

The roof garden of the Wiegmann-Klinik has been elected “Green Roof of the Year 2010“ not just once, but twice!

27.08.2010 - Children discover berries, shrubs and co.

By putting a spherical green piece of children’s play equipment called “Beerenschleuder“ into use on the occasion of the International Biodiversity Day, the “Fränkisches Wunderland” amusement park for the first time supported the “BayernTour Natur” (Bavarian Nature Tour).

27.08.2010 - Slacklining – the trendsetting sports in every park

For about two years now slackliners have been increasingly attracting attention in parks and public green spaces.

27.08.2010 - Wheelchair-accessible fitness equipment

Awis-Sport, one of the pioneers in the booming outdoor fitness sector, now also offer two models suitable for wheelchair users: At the “Pull Tower” people with impaired mobility can strengthen their shoulder, neck and arm muscles; the ”Tai Ji Palm Massager“ stimulates blood circulation in the hands and arms.

22.11.2010 - Obra receives the Golden Vöckla Award

On Monday 6th September 2010, this year’s ”Vöckla Awards“ were presented in the new VArena shopping centre in Vöcklabruck.

22.11.2010 - Healthy exercise – from couch to the great outdoors!

Join us as we celebrate our company anniversary and true to our motto “WE INVITE MANKIND OUTDOORS“, we would like to invite all of you to have a good time outdoors – with our products:

22.11.2010 - National Play Day

Wicksteed Playscapes was represented at two very different Play Day events this year where their play and sport equipment was put to particularly significant use during a nationwide celebration of children’s outdoor play.

22.11.2010 - Botswana school discovers the benefit of Snug

A school in South Africa is discovering the benefits of Snug, Sutcliffe Play’s dynamic playground equipment. Thornhill Primary School, Botswana is the latest school to invest in the revolutionary kit that is proving successful in schools across the world.

22.11.2010 - eibe support “Eight 17-year-old young people raise cash for Ben Parkinson.”

They cycled from Fort George, Inverness in the north of Scotland to Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, in southern England, starting on 26th July and finishing on the 7th of August 2010.

22.11.2010 - Zentro

With its new design and fantastic play value, this new rotating play equipment is sure to capture children’s attention.

22.11.2010 - playfit present new outdoor fitness equipment at the 2010 GaLaBau in Nuremberg

Adequate physical and mental exercise, positive thinking as well as a healthy, balanced diet help promote and maintain independence, vitality and joie de vivre among the elderly.

22.11.2010 - Hags goes for the Jeeves ERP system

The Swedish company Hags Aneby AB, one of the largest manufacturers of playground equipment as well as park and street furniture in the world, is switching to the fully scaleable and global complete ERP solution Jeeves Universal.

22.11.2010 - Comprehensive range of top-quality timber bridges

Pieper Holz has established itself and has become renowned for its bridge constructions even outside of Sauerland.

22.11.2010 - Soonwald Municipality of Spabrücken wins Kompan playground equipment

This year marks the 40th anniversary of playground equipment manufacturer Kompan. The company took this opportunity to start looking for the oldest piece of Kompan playground equipment still in use in Germany and to replace it with some new playground equipment.

22.11.2010 - Super bright and vertical - Groundbreaking innovations at the 2010 GaLaBau trade fair

As usual, visitors from the horticulture and landscape industry coming to Krinner’s stand at the 2010 GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg were not to be disappointed as Krinner showcased numerous innovations.

22.11.2010 - Design Your Own & Win @

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of playground safety surfacing, Matta Products has launched an exciting new website to showcase its unique range of superior safety surfaces.

04.01.2011 - Moonlight Art Collection Unique

None of the one-of-a-kind Moonlight “Unique“ globe lights resembles the other; each one of them is an individual work of art, magnificent in appearance and offers unusual lighting with an incomparable wealth of nuances.

04.01.2011 - New Planning Document 2010/11 – green roof services and expert knowledge

Clearly structured and easy to find, there are 10 system solutions and 13 products for (almost) all green roof types and applications.

04.01.2011 - Proven roofing systems in a fresh design

The E. Ziegler Metallbearbeitung AG has released a new brochure featuring the roofing systems BWA bausystem and Ziegler Matrix.

04.01.2011 - Successful S•O•R participation in the GaLaBau trade fair

Perfect functionality, combined with maximum safety, superior quality and utmost durability: this was the motto under which S•O•R presented its stainless steel outdoor fitness equipment for young and old at the 2010 GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg.

04.01.2011 - Corocord Domes – a worldwide success

The company Corocord Raumnetz GmbH is very satisfied with the great acceptance that the new Corocord Domes received around the world.

04.01.2011 - DRK day-care centre “Zwergenhaus” wins Kompan playground equipment

The children and nursery school teachers at the DRK day-care centre “Zwergenhaus” in Güstrow were overjoyed when they received a call from Kompan: the day-care centre has won the “Workbench” play equipment (MSC5408P).

04.01.2011 - Cross-generational meeting place that encourages exercise and social interaction – ActiveParcours at the Mühlkanal

On Monday 11th October 2010 Tilo Eichinger, CEO of eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, and Mayor Martin Umscheid of the City of Röttingen officially opened the ActiveParcours at the Mühlkanal in Röttingen much to the delight of the local people.

04.01.2011 - Initiative for people aged 50 years and older: “Vital in Deutschland” (“Fit and active in Germany”)

As of now, the Hamburg-based company playfit, a manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment, will support the “Vital in Deutschland” (vid) initiative by Deutsche Post.

04.01.2011 - Timberplay create brochure to inspire Leisure Market

Renowned play specialist, Timberplay has created a stunning new brochure developed specifically for the Leisure and Tourist market.

04.01.2011 - Exploring possibilities, not defining limitations

Melis Stokepark, which is located in the Hague, is the latest location to have Playtop installed by Van Vliet, the Dutch Playtop Licensee.

04.01.2011 - All aboard at Cambridgeshire adventure playground

Sutcliffe Play is putting the finishing touches to Cambridgeshire’s £1 million adventure playground.

04.01.2011 - Keeping up with the latest trend with Lappset – Parkour, the new trend sport

Parkour is a brand-new movement, which is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Founded by Frenchman David Belle, Parkour is about moving through the natural or urban environment as quickly and directly as possible.

04.01.2011 - Parkour – the art of movement

Parkour helps develop both physical and mental abilities as well as agility, build a strong personality, promote well-being and helps children and young people to cope better with life.

04.01.2011 - Design Your Own & Win @

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of playground safety surfacing, Matta Products has launched an exciting new website to showcase its unique range of superior safety surfaces.

17.02.2011 - Ride the skies with Playdale’s new products

Playground manufacturer Playdale is launching the latest phase of its dynamic moving products.

17.02.2011 - It might get loud …

January 29, 2011 was the occasion of two major birthdays in Berlin.

17.02.2011 - Modern urban design with Euroflex products manufactured by Gummiwerk Kraiburg Relastec GmbH

Walking across the square completely covered in bright red feels like walking on cotton wool. The City Lounge reminds visitors of the sports grounds of their school days, which were covered with a red synthetic rubber flooring.

17.02.2011 - “Volcano” in Henningsdorf

After two workshops had been held in the city of Hennigsdorf, namely in a after-school care centre adjoining the primary school and the “Regenbogenschule“ school for disabled children, the “Volcano” turned out to be children’s favourite and most wanted play structure for the existing playground.

17.02.2011 - New outdoor fitness equipment by playfit®: Duplex back trainer

Adequate physical and mental exercise, positive thinking as well as a healthy, balanced diet help promote and maintain independence, vitality and joie de vivre among the elderly.

17.02.2011 - Keeping up with the latest trend with Lappset! Axiom playground equipment – the new wave of play!

The Axiom climbing frames give your playground a modern look. The Axiom climbing frames and nets are particularly suitable for urban environments.

17.02.2011 - New exercise concept – an alternative to working out at the gym

On an area of only 4 square metres, you can systematically work up to 300 muscle groups with the new 4Fcircle Trimmfit equipment.

17.02.2011 - New: Obra mini “Enchanted Forest”

A fantastic play experience for children aged 0 through 3 years: Is there anybody who did not love the fantastic fairy tales about enchanted worlds bustling with witches, fairies and dwarfs when they were kids?

17.02.2011 - Exploring possibilities not defining limitations

Melis Stokepark, which is located in the Hague, is the latest location to have Playtop installed by Van Vliet, the Dutch Playtop Licensee.

17.02.2011 - Products from Wicksteed Playscapes

In 2010 Wicksteed Playscapes introduced a vast array of innovative new products and here are just a few examples:

17.02.2011 - Discover outdoor play resources with Playgarden

Playgarden Design and Resources Ltd have just launched their new website to make it much more user-friendly.

17.02.2011 - Rainbow Plays Systems unveils its first playhouse

Rainbow Plays Systems has launched a brand new item: the Fiesta Playhouse. This boxed (flat-pack) playhouse is a landmark item, as it is the first time Rainbow introduces a playhouse-style unit to its product line-up.

17.02.2011 - Ziegler Spielplätze von A bis Z (“Playgrounds from A to Z”) – stories made of robinia wood

How do children’s dreams take shape? It’s pretty simple – just take some robinia wood, from which the sapwood has been removed, and build a playground made of robinia heartwood, which makes children’s hearts beat faster due to its lovingly designed details.

15.04.2011 - Employee turnover in the sales management

Mr Roland Störing will take over new tasks in the management of the Krefeld-based CC Gruppe, which also comprises the company conlastic gmbh.

15.04.2011 - Omnistadium: Complete and suitable for use in numerous locations

The “Omnistadium” is a multi-purpose sports court, which is suitable for use in numerous locations. Thanks to its modular structure, it fits every space and every budget and thus suits local conditions.

15.04.2011 - For animal lovers: art and play objects for petting

Be it a cat, pigeon, bear, frog, pony or dog: the sculptures made of special concrete with ground granite simply make children want to touch and pet them!

15.04.2011 - Kompan launches new product line – playground equipment made of Robinia wood

Kompan Rustic is a range of playground equipment made of Robinia wood and has a very natural look and feel. For unlike other tree species, Robinia doesn’t grow straight but has contorted, twisted branches and stem, which give the play equipment a striking and individual appearance.

15.04.2011 - Daylight colors

In addition to the well-known Moonlight series, all Moonlights are available in 2 x 49 colours, i.e. 49 solid colours and 49 colour shades for Stone Look lights.

15.04.2011 - The fitness equipment for playgrounds

Fit through play! …this is the motto of the innovative playground equipment that has recently been launched in Germany and Austria!

15.04.2011 - German global market leader – New award for Berliner Seilfabrik

Berliner Seilfabrik is one of the German global market leaders and is entitled to use the “Deutsche Standards” (German Standards) seal as of now!

15.04.2011 - Who is Fivestar Grass?

Fivestar Grass is a Dutch manufacturer of top-quality artificial turf for various applications in the living and working environment.

15.04.2011 - For the sake of the environment: play equipment made from recycled

A lot of manufacturers of playground equipment offer a great variety of play equipment made from traditional materials such as wood or metal.

15.04.2011 - The modern surfacing system for multi-purpose sports facilities

Ball games played in a group are great fun for fit, healthy people and involve many different movement patterns, improve strength as well as stamina. However, these competitive, high-speed games involve a risk of injury that is hard to control. To counteract this risk, a number of important aspects have to be considered.
A number of factors must be taken into account with regard to the surfacing: strength, inclination and surface structure.

15.04.2011 - All – a bench with many possibilities to train and keep fit

“All” is a bench manufactured by the Italian company euroform w. However, “All” is not just a traditional bench to sit on but it can also be used to do some exercise.

15.04.2011 - Fun for the whole family by going on the merry-go-round

The family merry-go-round manufactured by Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte is not just a merry-go-round for both young and old, but also for both disabled and non-disabled.

15.04.2011 - eibe sets the course for the future

The management of eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Röttingen, granted Benjamin Eichinger, Michael Fritsche and Michael Braun “prokura” (general power of attorney) with effect from 11 February 2011.

20.06.2011 - National campaign saves the playground!

Emma Kane, of Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, launched the Save the Playground campaign last year after government cuts jeopardised funds set aside to create new playgrounds. She told the BBC that the Playbuilder scheme, introduced by the previous government, was a unique example of Big Society; uniting communities to secure funding.

20.06.2011 - Imagination Playground from Play Direct

Transforms any unused space into an instant play space!

20.06.2011 - Discover outdoor play resources with Playgarden

Having listened to feedback from existing and potential customers, the buying process has been made easier and simpler, to offer quick and easy access to the full range of outdoor play resources from Playgarden.

20.06.2011 - playfit® at the CeBIT: Sports & Health

It was presented by
the statutory health insurance fund BARMER GEK with its “Deutschland bewegt sich!” (“Germany on the move!”) initiative, the Sunday paper BILD am SONNTAG, the public-service TV station ZDF and the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation.

20.06.2011 - Modulus trampoline – the new and unique trampoline system

Ground-breaking as usual in terms of quality, design and functionality – inspired by the positive experience gained over almost 20 years in the manufacture of trampolines.

20.06.2011 - Innovation by Sandmaster GmbH

With more than 25 years of experience in sand cleaning, the company has offered the service of polyurethane surface cleaning since 2009.

20.06.2011 - Play structures made by Ziegler add to the charm of the isle of Spiekeroog

Lately, the popular holiday island of Spiekeroog has boasted a very special attraction.
Under a large-scale playground project, the Ziegler Spielplätze von A-Z company designed and built the “Klabauter” (ship’s kobold) play ship, which was modelled on a real Hansa cog with great attention to detail.

20.06.2011 - Ellipsilon

swinging and climbing on an elliptical play item, which automatically trains and improves your balance.

20.06.2011 - New play unit ties in with EYFS review

Minizone, a new modular play structure developed by Sutcliffe Play and Dutch play firm Nijha, is designed to encourage physical and creative play.

20.06.2011 - Playful gardens at Dobbies

In keeping with its love of nature and planting, Dobbies have adopted a very naturalistic theme to the play areas – using many items from play specialist Timberplay.

22.06.2011 - The “Mobile Garden”: a piece of nature amidst urban spaces

Designed by Cécile Planchais, the “Mobile Garden” is an exceptional combination of geometrical shapes, plants and seating furniture. Its colour and shape can be changed as well as the material and planting; the individual combination provides an object that is truly like no other.

22.06.2011 - New multifunctional seating elements for the city

These two new products are a unique and unparalleled addition to the urban furniture market:
The Sitty seat bollard consists of a stainless steel bollard and a seat made of hardwood.

22.06.2011 - Seat for kids wins the most prestigious German design award

The company’s managing director, Oliver Runge, devised and designed “Theatrum”, a bow-shaped stainless steel seat for children and young people to chill, lounge or climb.

17.08.2011 - Hylands Park Estate creates an Adventure Castle with Timberplay

Developed to complement the historic landscape, Hylands Adventure Castle, has been constructed as a modern day folly, a building located at the northern end of the estate to encourage visitors to explore more of the park. It was designed to delight and enthral young visitors, but also provide more challenging play for teenagers. Chelmsford Borough Council selected Timberplay to create the Castle, confident that they could build a bespoke play feature to complement Hylands historical landscape.

17.08.2011 - The “Mobile Garden”: a piece of nature amidst urban spaces

Designed by Cécile Planchais, the “Mobile Garden” is an exceptional combination of geometrical shapes, plants and seating furniture. Its colour and shape can be changed as well as the material and planting; the individual combination provides an object that is truly like no other.

17.08.2011 - Meet your new personal trainer

Developed in conjunction with Youth Sport Direct, there are eight different
Training Buddies, each designed to help you perfect a specific exercise technique,
such as tricep dips, sit ups and lunges.

17.08.2011 - National campaign saves the playground!

Emma Kane, of Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, launched the Save the Playground campaign last year after government cuts jeopardised funds set aside to create new playgrounds. She told the BBC that the Playbuilder scheme, introduced by the previous government, was a unique example of Big Society; uniting communities to secure funding. She also highlighted the importance of playgrounds in the fight against childhood obesity.

11.10.2011 - Sutcliffe Play announces new Snug appointment

Ellie Blackburn has recently been appointment Business Development Manager for Snug, the innovative range of loose parts play equipment.

11.10.2011 - Skye’s Not the Limit

It is located at the entrance to Loch Alsh, opposite the village of Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye.

11.10.2011 - BASF's acoustic system Abacustica now available from school outfitter Wehrfritz

Thus, Abacustica can now be purchased for kindergartens and schools directly with furniture and toys via the outfitter's catalogs.

11.10.2011 - An Olympic Sized Play Area

– a site adjacent to the Olympic Village.

15.12.2011 - [kop] IJslander launches mobile application

IJslander, supplier of stainless steel products for public spaces, has launched a mobile app.

15.12.2011 - Saturnus

The variety of forms is without any limits.
Size: 2,5 x 1,5 m.

12.03.2012 - Risky Play most popular at Cambridgeshire Adventure Playground

Wisbech Adventure Playground was designed and built by play experts Sutcliffe Play, and is one of the 30 adventure playgrounds installed across the country as part of the previous government’s Play Pathfinder scheme.

12.03.2012 - Koenigsbrunn Comet Tail

This exceptional piece of play equipment shows off to its best advantage on suitable colourful shock-absorbing surfacing and blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

12.03.2012 - Jens Zumblick joins SIK Holz

Previously, he was head of marketing for Berliner Seilfabrik GmbH & Co.

12.03.2012 - Pieper Holz passes prize money on to children’s project

For the Olsberg-based Pieper Holz wood-processing company it was impossible then to obtain enough wood from forestry offices or the timber trade to cover its own demand.

12.03.2012 - Only clean playgrounds go down well

Of course, waste bins need to be emptied at regular intervals and the play areas have to be cleaned from waste of any kind.

12.03.2012 - Playtop Makes a Splash

Working with landscape company Skælskør Anlægsgartnere and Insemo ApS, the Danish licensee for Playtop wet pour surfacing, the two companies developed a design that consists of sloping hills or ‘goblets’ and water shoots.

12.03.2012 - Timberplay help make Kidzworld a must-play attraction for Cornwall

Kidzworld has been an attraction for several years, but has recently undergone a huge redevelopment program to make it twice the size, and used the services of Timberplay to ensure their play facilities are second to none.

12.03.2012 - Bernhard Felthaus joins Berliner Seilfabrik

. “I’m delighted about this challenging new assignment, particularly because I’ll be able to take advantage of my experience in the exciting area of rope-climbing structures.”

12.03.2012 - US Americans trust in play equipment manufactured in Geeste/Dalum

The playgrounds, which have been designed by the Darmstadt-based Stadtbauplan architectural office, will be built on a 43 hectare area which is currently being developed by the US Army for residential purposes.

12.03.2012 - Europlay NV presented its newest creation ...

This type of themed playground equipment is a sample of what the Europlay product range stands for.

12.03.2012 - Co-operation between Angry Birds and Lappset

As agreed with Rovio, Lappset will manufacture and supply play and activity equipment as well as ready-made activity parks inspired by the Angry Birds characters.

12.03.2012 - Award presented to eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Now the idea is to be entrenched even more firmly in the regions. Lower Franconia is particularly eco-friendly even today: Currently, about 331 companies with more than 52,000 employees are participating in the Environmental Pact there.

16.04.2012 - It all depends on the right care and maintenance

Cleated and spiked shoes or the daily wear and tear caused by school sports have a detrimental effect on synthetic surfaces, particularly in schools and stadiums.

16.04.2012 - New safety flooring for climbing halls

The flooring under the brand name of regugym first and foremost helps reduce the severity of injuries incurred in climbing sport when falling to the ground.

16.04.2012 - Climbing improves intelligence

The bell rings, break at last! Max makes his way outside, because this time he wants to get right to the top before his best friend Leon.

16.04.2012 - »Mohican«: small but exquisite!

What might sound a bit dull and anything but spectacular turns out to be an uncomplicated and low-priced game of a highly stimulative nature.

16.04.2012 - smb receives 2012 red dot design award honourable mention for the modulus trampoline system

The trampoline system, which features only three basic elements and which can be individually designed and arranged, was able to assert itself against very keen competitors in the world’s most renowned design competition.

16.04.2012 - Urban Design – safe without impact protection

More and more cities and municipalities are enhancing their inner-city areas by installing high-quality playpoints that encourage children to have fun and engage in active play and sports without risk exposure.

16.04.2012 - Award presented to eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Now the idea is to be entrenched even more firmly in the regions.

16.04.2012 - Huck extend range of rope play equipment

For these courses provide a lot of fun and promote children’s creativity.
The Huck courses feature a multitude of different play elements that can be combined and arranged in any way to form a play world.

16.04.2012 - DOSB recommends playparc fitness trails

This is what the DOSB announced in Frankfurt on the Main in January 2012. playparc installs fitness trails near and right in the middle of German cities.

16.04.2012 - Sound clouds and sound worlds: acoustics and play in open space

You immediately think of a harp and start to pluck the strings. Deep, soft notes and various moods are created – depending on the rhythm in which the notes are created!

18.10.2012 - Timber or steel?

Playground equipment purchasers are spoilt for choice:

18.10.2012 - The Step Bench: sitting comfort and playful exercise

The Step Bench has three different seat heights, which can be used depending on the body height and the individually desired seating comfort.

18.10.2012 - Safety in children’s playgrounds

With these documents, engineer D. Hecking wants to give people dealing with playground safety issues a solid understanding of relevant regulations or bring them to mind: “Safe children’s playgrounds – a guide”.In addition, there is the handbook “Exercises and questions concerning playground equipment and playgrounds.

18.10.2012 - Play space – in Düsseldorf (A Book)

Children need play areas to develop and test their physical limits, they need space to play, to let off steam, to explore, try and push their limits, but also to retreat.

18.10.2012 - Leisure and Recreation Trade Fair is held for the second time in the halls of the Venray Exhibition Centre

It seems as if the second Leisure and Recreation Trade Fair, which will be held on 5th, 6th and 7th February 2013, is still a long way off. Far from it! Its organization is well under way and exhibitors have already signed up for participation in the trade fair.

18.10.2012 - Sandmaster cleans even your synthetic surface

Synthetic surfaces require regular and intensive care for the daily wear and tear as well various weather conditions lead to a build-up of dirt particles and other impurities in the open porous structure of synthetic surfaces.

18.10.2012 - Stainless steel fitness equipment

The activity trail developed and designed by Sergi Fernández Herrera promotes mobility and makes exercise fun.

18.10.2012 - Bernbruch is pleased about a new “Climbing Trail” playground designed by Ziegler Playgrounds A – Z

The kids of the “Parthenzwerge” day-care centre enthusiastically stormed the new attraction of the idyllic village Grimma.

18.10.2012 - Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö opened Lappset’s new factory in Estonia

Lappset Group Ltd has expanded its international business operations by opening a factory of its own for metal components and metal product ranges in Estonia, just outside its capital, Tallinn.

18.10.2012 - Sutcliffe Play launches new inclusive ballcourt

Play experts Sutcliffe Play is furthering its specialism in inclusive play with the development of a new inclusive ballcourt.

18.10.2012 - Cutting edge design from Playdale

Playdale have been at the forefront of playground design and manufacturing for over 30 years and continually strive to create innovative products with cutting-edge design.

18.10.2012 - Play Reaches New Heights at Chatsworth

Chatsworth have recently enhanced their popular adventure playground in their farmyard with the addition of a Climbing Forest from Timberplay.

04.12.2012 - New equipment to delight the senses from Timberplay.

The set of puzzles and sit down games are designed to engage children and adults alike. Alongside the Rotating Pairs game is a tilting table Ball Labyrinth game and Four-in-a Row.

04.12.2012 - Snug provides mobile play resource for market town

Following the construction of a Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Section 106 funding was made available in Neston resulting in the publication of a Public Realm Design Guide which highlighted the need to develop the market square.

04.12.2012 - Solar-powered Son-X Octavia brings interactive sound to the playground.

The swing set has been one of the most popular items on a playground for generations and it appeals to children of all ages (as well as adults).

27.02.2013 - Synthetic turf fall-protection provides numerous advantages

(Hennef, Germany, 14.01.2013) – The company Trofil Sportbodensysteme GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hennef, Germany, not only produces synthetic turf for uses in sport and events, for some time now, it has also offered synthetic turf systems for impact protection which ensure improved safety and which have already been installed in nursery schools, school playgrounds or sports facilities.

27.02.2013 - Seminar on the topic of plastic and synthetic turf surfaces

Organiser of the conference is the International Association for Sports and Leisure facilities (IAKS).

01.03.2013 - New Play Panels for Schools

A unique modular system allows you to combine the panels and transform them into a fantastic fire engine or a colourful camper van.

01.03.2013 - 2012-2013 Handbook for Landscape Architects published

The 2012/2013 handbook is the first publication of the Federation of German Landscape Architects to forge a link with the bdla’s anniversary year for on 29 October 1913 landscape architects around Grand Ducal Hessian court garden engineer Philipp Siesmeyer founded the Association of German Garden Architects in Frankfurt on the Main.

01.03.2013 - Playtop Perfect for Pandas

Tian Tian, meaning "sweetie", and Yang Guang, meaning "sunshine", have two separate enclosures at the zoo, one of which includes a Playtop impact-absorbing surface.

01.03.2013 - Coir logs for the design of children’s playgrounds

Coir logs were originally developed for near-natural river bank stabilization and have been successfully used for this purpose for decades.

01.03.2013 - Huck Bird’s Nest® prevents accidents

Bird’s nest swings are therefore popular play items in every playground as they fit several children at one time, which brings an added thrill to the play.

01.03.2013 - The swinging and the splashing begins at Martin Mere

an increase of 6000 visitors from the same time the year before.

01.03.2013 - Mega Zip Line in the Harz Mountains opened

As of now, starting from a launch tower, riders can soar down a 1,000 metre long zip line with the aid of a pulley (OC Falcon) either alone or in pairs of two side by side at speeds of up to 50 mph.

01.03.2013 - ESTO secures victory for Synthetic Turf Industry

The German Institute for Normalisation (DIN) in 2011 introduced a "pre-standard" for synthetic turf, DIN SPEC 18035-7.

01.03.2013 - Snug provides mobile play resource for market town

Following the construction of a Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Section 106 funding was made available in Neston resulting in the publication of a Public Realm Design Guide which highlighted the need to develop the market square.

01.03.2013 - Leisure pools now provide a special play experience on Euroflex® EPDM Aqua Slabs

This is how one could define this type of outdoor areas, usually incorporated into a thermal bath or an open-air swimming pool.