23-metre high slide tower made possible by various sponsors

Gartenschaupark Rietberg has been expanded with a new attraction!

23-metre high slide tower made possible by various sponsors

 "There's nothing like this within at least a 100 km radius," they said. Behind the concept is a fantastic 23-metre high slide terminal and a combination of three different slides.

As part of the General Meeting of the Gartenschaupark in der Cultura Friends' Association, the project was presented to the public in 2012, after the Gartenschaupark Supervisory Board had given the green light for the large-scale project, which is funded solely from donations. The chosen site for the installation was the grassy area not far from the Sennebachstrand adventure playground and water play area near the Grüne Galerie in the Neuenkirchen section of the park. Kuper continues: "The cost of this kind of slide installation lies in the six figure region. We are very pleased that we found sponsors across our region who were willing to support our wish to create something special for young visitors to the park".

More than 20 businesses (currently 22) are presently sponsoring the Dalben tower combination. Milsch: "We have received donations from every district, which clearly shows us how much people appreciate and support our park. The companies relate to the park and to the important 'soft location factor'". As does the Friends' Association, who obviously contributed a sum for the implementation as well. Pending the commissioning of the tower, the project was 5,000 euros short, explained Kuper. "Anyone who donates more than 100 euros can have their name added to a sponsorship board—as a citizen sponsor—along with the company sponsors, which we will be putting up near the tower".

The aim is to install the tower, which has three large slides with starting points from various heights, at the beginning of the summer holidays this year. A spiral staircase takes you to platforms 3, 6, 9 and 12 metres high, secured externally by an infill construction from 3 metres. "With regard to the building materials used, great importance was placed on good durability. To keep follow-up costs down, we opted for a stainless steel version, which comes with a 15-year guarantee", added Kuper.

"One or two adults will definitely want to climb up so they can enjoy the view over Neuenkirchen Park", says Milsch. Families with children especially may be pleased to know: "There is obviously no extra charge to use the Dalben tower combination. Like all of the playground, sports and other recreational facilities, it is included in the entry price", explained Kuper to 178 members in his role as Chairman of the Friends' Association and Supervisory Board.

A day pass will cost EUR 3.50 for adults in the new season with an unlimited number of children included in the price. "It is a good idea to purchase a season pass for just four visits, especially if you have children who just can't get enough of Sennebachstrand and the Dalben tower combination", explained Milsch.

The idea of installing this slide tower, which is the only one of its kind in the state, is based on what the young park visitors want. "Time and again the question arises as to why playgrounds only ever have small slides. We used this as an opportunity to figure out within our Friends' Association, the Supervisory Board and obviously park management, how we could fulfil this wish", recalls Kuper.

At the opening of the new tower on 6 July 2012, Olaf Meinken, Director of construction and installation company Kaiser & Kühne, explained: "Today is a special day for all of us. We are mutually dedicated to a slide tower that is yet to be matched." The Eystrup company Kaiser and Kühne playground and leisure equipment and local sponsors are making children’s' dreams come true.

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Photos: Kaiser & Kühne


Dalben tower combination: technical data

K&K Dalben tower combination (height 23 m) with
Tunnel slide, length 23 m
Angle of chute: 30°
Slide sections: stainless steel
Domelight: shatterproof polycarbonate
Tubular shape ensures low noise level
Height of slide: 9 m

Tunnel/spiral slide: length 23 m
Height of slide: 12 m
Angle of slide: 30/38°
Slide sections: stainless steel
Domelight: shatterproof polycarbonate
Tubular shape ensures low noise level

K&K roller slide, length 10.5 metres
Height of slide: 3 metres
Angle of roller slide: approx. 15°

Posts: Glued laminated timber (larch), av. 35 cm on steel supports



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