PSD Bank donates 25,000 Euros

Accompanied by the Chief Executive of the PSD Bank RheinNeckarSaar eG, Jürgen Wunn, Lady Mayoress Charlotte Britz has dedicated the newly created playground in the Rose Garden of the German-French Garden (DFG) as part of the Halloween festivities for children.

PSD Bank donates 25,000 Euros

The PSD Bank supported the work by donating 25,000 Euros for a combination play unit for children from four to twelve years of age. Boys and girls can now clamber, balance and slide to their heart's content. The remaining costs of 25,000 Euros are being borne by the Municipal Corporation.

Charlotte Britz: "The sponsorship by the PSD Bank enabled us to construct play opportunities for children of various ages in the playground in the Rose Garden. The sponsorship by the PSD Bank shows that there are committed firms in Saarbrücken, which identify with their town. It is the citizens and local businesses, which make for the versatility of our town."
Jürgen Wunn: "Our commitment to the community arises from our perception of our responsibility to society and from a value orientation, which are founded and rooted deep in the traditional corporate identity of the bank and of its executives. Our motto is to help those who help themselves. We are therefore most anxious to prepare children to live autonomous lives."

Over three years the PSD bank has been supporting the renovation of Saarbrücken’s playgrounds to a total of 75,000 Euros. "With the help of the sponsorship we can make the playgrounds more attractive and safer for Saarbrucken’s children and families. I am delighted to be collaborating with a strong partner,” says the Head of the Saarbrücken administration.
Municipal funds have been used to improve the play opportunities for toddlers and nursery school children. As well as sand pits, a little play tower with a stairway, climbing ramp, wobbly bridge and little slide have been installed. A sand table and a group of children’s benches with a table add to the attraction. In addition, the theme of "train travel on a narrow gauge railway" has been seized on with a colourful play train and a play house as the station.

The play equipment, which had been there previously, had become dilapidated due to the effects of weather and hard use and for the most part had to be dismantled last year.
Photos: Municipal Corporation Saarbrücken

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