25 years of SIK-HolzĀ®

25 years ago, a company was not only founded but a concept was born.

25 years of SIK-HolzĀ®

This concept was furnished with creativity galore, solid artistic, engineering and technical training, a high level of motivation and the serious intention of changing the world and making something more beautiful every day. After the fall of the wall, this concept was a small one — a second revolution. It vastly changed the way that playgrounds in Germany were designed in the ten years following 1990. It changed the market, the way of thinking and the possibilities for city planners and landscape architects.

Following reunification, the concept caught on virtually everywhere. Back then it was easy to enter a market, which until this point, had virtually only been characterised by "practical, square and good" when it came to playground design. Demand grew and it was difficult to meet it. The concept became a programme and continued that way. Today, there isn't just SIK-Holz® on the market but many other companies as well. Now SIK-Holz® is distinguished by its stability, its holistic approach and the strong design of its products combined with premium entertainment value, high-quality workmanship and excellent service. Sustainability in corporate policy also plays a significant role. This involves dealing with resources, the environment and employees in a responsible way, but also concerns individual customer care. Sustainability is also visible through socio-political participation in discussions on play and playgrounds.

"We want children's playgrounds to be sites of learning, where children can find common ground and gather their own experiences. Play is fun and healthy. Being healthy and having fun makes parents, adults and especially children very happy" (Klaus-Peter Gust at the company's 25th anniversary).
The anniversary was thus celebrated like a family party. The company was transformed into a temporary playground with a culinary and musical framework, as well as speeches and an exhibition on playgrounds.


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