Popular meeting place for fitness activities in Bad Windsheim

Popular meeting place for fitness activities in Bad Windsheim

Whether it is yoga in the park or Nordic walking along the idyllic lakeshore – outdoor fitness activities are extremely popular across all generations. Outdoor fitness equipment is therefore an ideal offer for those who seek for movement in the fresh air and a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, more and more municipalities decide to establish movement areas including outdoor fitness equipment to provide possibilities for their citizens to promote physical activity and health. Also in the spa gardens of Bad Windsheim, a town in the north-west of Bavaria, people now enjoy the use of outdoor fitness equipment of the manufacturer Spielplatzgeräte Maier.

Bad Windsheim’s spa gardens have always had an inviting appearance: an animal preserve, a maze, a rose garden as well as a herb garden attracted visitors. “Now, there is also an area for fitness activities“, says Mayor Ralf Ledertheil, who himself tested the new outdoor fitness equipment at the opening of the movement area in May. Two members of the town council provided the impetus for this project: during their holidays in Northern Germany they discovered an area like this. Back in Bad Windsheim, they suggested to buy high-quality outdoor fitness equipment also for the Franconian spa town. This was greatly appreciated.

For the realisation of the project, Stefan Rittner, sports scientist of the Dr Becker Physio-Gym clinic, was consulted. He chose seven activity stations from the 18-parts outdoor fitness programme of the Upper Bavarian manufacturer Spielplatzgeräte Maier. These stations offer workouts for strengthening, stretching as well as for the support of the cardiovascular system. “It was our aim to offer opportunities for movement for a 20-year-old as well as for a 90-years-old”, says Rittner. Everybody should be able to use the equipment according to his or her individual constitution. “We have developed the stations for people of all ages. They also perfectly suit the needs of senior citizens“, confirms Roland Koenig from Spielplatzgeräte Maier. Furthermore, it is not necessary to be a top athlete to be able to use the equipment. They are also ideal for beginners and untrained people. At the opening and in two further introductory sessions, Stefan Rittner demonstrated the uncomplicated handling of the equipment. The well-described exercise instructions on each station also ensure that users are able to train independently without expert supervision or introduction at any time.

In addition to the holistic promotion of health and fitness, movement areas also have a great social value. They are attractive meeting points for people of all ages, where communication and the social interaction are encouraged in addition to sports activity. Most of the activity stations of Spielplatzgeräte Maier are designed in a way that two or three users can do their exercises at each station at the same time. And while doing so, the latest news can be exchanged without getting into each other’s way during the individual execution of the exercises.

According to Mayor Ralf Ledertheil, the movement area in Bad Windsheim is also getting a popular meeting place for all generations. “The outdoor fitness area is an attractive offer, which enlivens the spa gardens“, he says. “Especially in the morning, a very frequent use of the equipment by senior citizens can be observed.” But also young people like the new sports facilities of the spa town. They may serve both as a conclusion of a running or Nordic walking session with stretching
exercises at the ergonomics arch or as after-work fitness program afteran exhausting day at work.
The equipment is developed according to sport- and physiotherapeutic guidelines. The neighbouring Dr Becker Physio-Gym clinic therefore includes the equipment in its concept. Stefan Rittner and his patients regularly visit the movement area for special training units. According to Stefan Rittner, the integration of the outdoor fitness stations in local sport programs such as Nordic walking courses is also planned.
„The feedback to the movement area is extremely positive, the citizens of Bad Windsheim as well as the town’s guests and clinic patients like it”, Stefan Rittner sums up.
Photo: Spielplatzgeräte Maier /// Gemeinde Bad Windsheim

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