More playing space for playing children

More playing space for playing children

The social project for children campaigns for the construction of playgrounds in Germany. With different projects, spielKind helps to finance new play areas, because unfortunately too many areas are empty. The initiative spielKind perceives itself to be a bridge between children and sponsors.

The ambassador of the initiative spielKind is Paderborn artist Herman. A happy childhood sets you up for your whole life. “I always aim to keep the childish side inside me. Being and remaining a child should be rule of thumb for everyone,” states Herman.

Vision from the outset

In the circle of a group of entrepreneurs, an interesting dialogue is awoken pertaining to the topic of sponsorship. For instance, discussions relate to the difficulties which can be encountered in the auspices of social commitment.
With the founder of the initiative, Michael Athens, this wish - of precisely how to avoid such difficulties - was dealt with without delay. From his personal, professional experience, he is aware of the difficulty of the canalisation of fundraising for concrete projects, particularly nurseries and play areas. He came up with the idea of creating a platform. This platform was to bring children and campaigners together more easily. Creating play areas which wouldn’t have been realised without the initiative ‘spielKind - für mehr SpielPlatz’ (lit. playing children – for more playgrounds). His fundamental idea with this was that the sponsorship money generated can also go to places intended by the sponsor, and in the simplest and most effective way possible. Michael Athens was successful in doing so, with founding of the initiative ‘spielKind - für mehr SpielPlatz’!

The main principal

“Our focus is on mediating between operators and playgrounds and people or companies that actively want to help. Because of our initiative, we are offering scope for social commitment and are conveying the good feeling of having helped. A social project for laughing, happy children and everyone who benefits from it. The core of the initiative spielKind is to develop and assist the pre-school education of our successive generations. The development of our children, development of personality and boosting of self-confidence is a long process: It begins at toddler stage and the child continues to develop through their years at nursery, school and during adolescence. Even as an adult it is still important to undertake challenges and gather new experiences.
In the era of digital media and virtual gaming worlds, it is important not to lose sight of the link to the outside world. This is why play areas are an excellent place: In their contact with each other, our children can socialise with other children and develop friendships. So they learn, in a playful manner, to build trust in themselves and others. In addition, communication, exercise and motor activity are aided. They are sensitised with the respectful exposure to nature and its raw materials. With the collaborative playing in the fresh air, they are able to experience the environment. All these pre-school experiences form the basis for later on in life. Unfortunately, the open-air areas of many facilities and public play areas are often old and no longer correspond to current standards. Also, the demands of our children have changed over the years. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of funds which are necessary for modernisation. But if we allow and accept this lack, won’t our children be restricted in their development? No, because we want to help! We would like to offer each child the opportunity to visit a playground and create space for social interaction,” states Michael Athens.

Course of action

Do you have a concrete project, for which you are lacking funds for the implementation? Then apply using the contact form:
Further information: Free phone: + 49 (0) 800 5892278


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