Things that children like – make parents happy

Things that children like – make parents happy

In the world of knights and princesses, there is an 8.5 metre-high tower of a knight’s castle with a tube slide which you can climb up, an airy rope bridge which can be crossed, climbing walls to be overcome; swinging high into the air, digging in the sand until your heart’s content, and lots more. Adventure equipment which excites and stimulates both younger and older kids, filling their day with activity and imagination. With the construction of this playground, the hotel operators have clearly adapted to the wishes and needs of families with children and the remarkable, positive feedback and growing visitor numbers are proof that this investment has really paid off. “Our guests love adventurous enjoyment and have long-term positive memories of their stay with us and that’s why they keep coming back,” happily share the hotel owners, the Hermann family.

With a volume of orders to the value of around 40,000 EUR, the playground was produced and built by Austrian play equipment manufacturer Obra Design. Managing Director DI Florian Philipp is certain that in the tourism sector the trend for high-quality active and adventure playgrounds is picking up. Guests with children expect corresponding facilities for their children and are particularly appreciative if these facilities motivate children to be active and spur their imagination and creativity.

All of the play equipment which is supplied by Obra Design corresponds to the European standard EN 1176 and are type-tested by the TÜV in Austria. Consequently, operators can be sure they have installed an exciting, safe playground for guests.

Photos: Obra

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