“Wind in the mill”

“Wind in the mill”

The small town of Krosigk (borough of Petersberg) near Halle (Saale) for a long time found itself in a desperate situation – the old post mill, built for the first time in the 15th century, was badly damaged by a storm in 2007. The playground “Wind in the Mill” by the company Ziegler is reminiscent of this historic story.
For a long time the mill, on the Krosigk mill mount, served as a popular destination until on the night of the 11th through to 12th January it wasn’t able to withstand the “Franz” storm and it overturned and broke in the middle. For the citizens of Krosigk this was a real tragedy because the little town could not afford the 50,000 EUR required for the reconstruction. They desperately tried to find the funds.

Krosigk – the double mill

In 2008, thanks to the support of numerous helpers and sponsors, the reconstruction finally began and since 2009 the Krosigk post mill has now been on view again. For the renovation process, the Krosigk citizens put in a lot of work and commitment into their landmark and wanted a special historical monument made from the long stony path of the reconstruction. The company Ziegler “Spielplätze von A bis Z” (“Playgrounds from A to Z”) were inspired by this story and they constructed a unique, unusual item of play equipment. With the project “Wind in the Mill”, a playable wind mill made from high-quality, resistant robinia wood was created and thanks to its deliberately “broken” design has new play opportunities in store. So, for example, exciting climbing and hideout opportunities have come about from the upper part of the small mill house. The wings of the mill and the mill-wheel are climbable, get your imagination going and give you the urge to move about and exercise.

“We are delighted about the reconstruction and the unique playground equipment by Ziegler which reflects the history of our mill in an original way. The fact that our mill was so badly damaged was not an easy feat for any of us. After all, it is our emblem,” stated Mayor Roland Sonne.

The story of the old post mill was probably incidental for the number of younger visitors who were eagerly engrossed in the playground equipment when it was opened. Roughly and keenly, the children of the borough of Petersberg explored the new attraction at the large area of common land at the mill pond.
There is hope that the restored mill will remain steady and the citizens of Krosigk will manage to hold onto it. The guarantee that the playground “Wind in the Mill” will definitely survive the next storm is down to the resistance of the robinia wood as well as the qualitatively high-quality construction.

Photos: Ziegler Playgrounds A to Z

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