The desert lives – in Munich‘s “Theresienhöhe” district

The desert lives – in Munich‘s “Theresienhöhe” district

The playground is situated on a 300-metre long, 50-metre wide concrete slab which lies across the München-Rosenheim railway line. The Munich trade fair once used to be held there. Just as unique as the location is the design of the new free space which is situated right next to the residential area. It consists of three areas which stand out thanks to the different materials and the clearly distinguished colours. One of these three areas is the generous dune landscape. The wavelike hills obtain their characteristic beige-yellow colour through the jointless impact protection flooring Playfix by the play/leisure and sports flooring manufacturer BSW based in Bad Berleburg.
Originally the whole dune should be created with sand, but this was not possible due to the weight of the necessary volume of sand. So it needed an alternative durable, environmentally-friendly light-weight building material. Playfix is a covering which stands out particularly due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. The bottom 30mm-thick base layer by Playfix is made up of PU-bound SBR-granules. A mix of solid-coloured EPDM rubber granules in the colours beige and eggshell forms the upper 10mm-thick top layer. The mix of colours harmonises perfectly with the sand-coloured quartz which lies in the spaces between the dunes.

BSW also supplied 2,500 m² of artificial turf for the sunbathing and play areas adjacent to the dunes. This came from the company Desso Sports Systems GmbH based in Wiesbaden. Both play areas are framed by orange-coloured precast concrete components. Such a defined boundary of the play area invites individuals to exercise or relax.

The concept for the open space exists in the auspices of an art competition initiated by the State capital Munich. Thirteen teams of artists and landscape artists entered this competition. The concept coined by the basic idea “Transporting Landscapes”, (in German: Transportierende Orte) was implemented. The landscape architecture company Topotek 1 from Berlin as a member of the winning team took over the planning of the leisure areas. Landscape architecture company Großberger Beyhl Partner from Munich was responsible for the site management.

The play area should be multi-functional, abstract and distinctive. All characteristics which Playfix offers. The colour of Playfix can be chosen in such a way that it harmonically matches the existing environment or makes it strikingly distinguishable, if desired. The flooring surface can be raised on bevels on a gradient of up to 45 degrees. Barrier-free surfaces with varied possibilities for usage are a result of the jointless surfaces.


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