Building a natural Place for Play

Building a natural Place for Play

The £235 million package from the Department for Children, Schools and Families is funding the build or upgrade of 3,500 play areas across the country. Doncaster Council has been awarded £1.1 million of this money under the Playbuilder programme.

The council is creating or refurbishing 22 playgrounds across the borough in a two year period and has worked with Sutcliffe Play on the Ramskir Lane playground in Stainforth.

The playground, aimed at eight to 13 year olds, has been designed to create challenging, innovative and exciting new places for children and their families to play, whilst complementing the natural landscapes around them.

The design principles set out to encourage play environments where children can explore their natural environment while playing. Through features including a bespoke Rock Stack, an embankment slide and play boulders Sutcliffe Play has created an inspiring and inclusive playground that creates opportunities for children to engage with the environment around them.

Doncaster Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Councillor Andrea Milner, said: “We are delighted with the design of the Ramskir Lane site. The Playbuilder funding has allowed us to deliver innovative and challenging new play facilities for children and young people incorporating more ‘risky play’ and natural elements into the schemes.

“The scheme is an excellent example of how natural and traditional play equipment can sit alongside each other to complement the environment they are in. Children have had as much fun from climbing the rock boulders as they have on the circuit climber and single point swing.

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