New Internet portal

On the information platform, everything is centred on public space and public design.

New Internet portal

Our name is our motto:, it is a forum for the exhaustive number of topics up for discussion. Whether it is the urban furnishings in public open spaces and green areas, citizen-friendly traffic routing or design around the home – each individual component gives distinction to the urban environment. Even urban furniture such as park benches, bicycle racks, bins, shelters, etc. can essentially contribute to the “feel-good factor” of a town. www.bigpublic also addresses these individual components and provides information on products.

In addition, the information platform provides news on higher-ranking topics. What do we understand by the term ‘towns worth living in’? Why are more and more cities embracing cyclists? Why is the haphazard parking of bikes becoming such a pressing issue? Why do few towns manage to provide a standard townscape? Is it any wonder that public spaces are neglected wherever there are no refuse bins? Answers to these and other questions can be found at

If the website develops as a forum and information platform then these and other topics could lead to exciting and stimulating discussions.
Rasti GmbH is the publisher for bigpublic. This distributer of urban furniture would like to heighten awareness of all topics concerning urban developments.
Anyone can find out more on, leave comments and discuss their experiences. After a brief check of written comments on, these contributions will then be released by the editorial department.

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