Family Flocks at Farley Fox

eibe's new 'generationless' park attracts a horde of visitors to its opening day.

Family Flocks at Farley Fox

But that's not what makes eibe's latest installation really stand out. Placed strategically amidst the myriad of children's adventure play equipment is a novel range of adult's exercise gear, designed specifically to encourage families to spend more time at leisure.

While the kids burn off their own energy careening down the large slide and racing round different wooden features, parents and even grandparents can keep themselves occupied on a variety of aerobic apparatus - ideal for getting fit as the children have fun!

Children’s entertainers joined about 400 people for fun and games after the park was officially declared open by Salisbury MP John Glen and the day was a massive hit with local residents according to Lucy Rickman, of the Farley Fox Play Park Committee,

“The opening at the end of March surpassed our expectations – it was amazing. It’s great to hear the sound of children playing again.”

The Farley Fox Play Park Committee was given a £49,999 grant by the Big Lottery Fund’s community spaces programme in August last year to transform the old play area. Friends of the former Farley All Saints primary school also donated £14,500 to the project, which was left over from fundraising attempts when the school was threatened with closure in 2004. Thousands of pounds were raised by the community to try to save the school but when it closed in 2005 despite their efforts, they were determined to use the money on young people in the village.
David Wallis, eibe's playspace consultant, says the park will offer play opportunities and recreation for many years to come and has been designed to be accessible for all users.
John Glen summed up the unique nature of the family-oriented project.

"I was honoured to be asked to declare the new Farley Fox playground officially open. There was an excellent turnout to enjoy the launch and festivities. The culmination of years of effort by the community, it is a superb facility that I am sure will enrich the lives of many young people and some older ones with the adult fitness equipment that is also included’’.


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