Spielplatznet.de – Germany’s largest playground catalogue

Spring is fast approaching and the first few days of sunshine make you want to go outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Spielplatznet.de – Germany’s largest playground catalogue

It offers users the chance to look for playgrounds interactively or add them to the playground database. With a few clicks of a button, you can obtain a description or reviews of the playgrounds or categorise them. Additionally, you can also attach photos to entries.

Spielplatznet.de is like a playground–wiki with an emphasis on public playgrounds, but a vast number of adventure playgrounds, water playgrounds and football areas as well as indoor and recreation parks has also been added. Altogether there are now over 6,600 play venues available on it (as at February 2011) and new ones are being added every day. In particular, the playgrounds of bigger cities, such as Cologne, Berlin, Hanover or Frankfurt am Main are now listed on Spielplatznet.de with extensive details.

So that you don’t lose track, you can use a search form using place names and other possibilities to filter down options. A clear map is visible at all times during the search showing playgrounds which are already available. Besides using GoogleMaps as the roadmap or satellite image, the person looking for playgrounds can also look at the map using Openstreetmap or Bing Birdsview (where available). So the user quickly gets an overview of which playgrounds are available within the desired location.

Once a playground is found, you can calculate the route to it with the click of a button and print it out, enabling you to also find playgrounds that are hidden down side streets. For those for whom the website is not enough on its own, there is also the option to export the playgrounds onto a TomTom satellite navigation device. It is really interesting to drive through the area with the SatNav and see where all the playgrounds are at the same time.

You can find more information and also many great playgrounds at: http://www.spielplatznet.de

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