High quality cable and naturally grown timber posts make play trails safe and stylish

Huck Seiltechnik GmbH is one of the leading European manufacturers of top quality cable-based playground equipment.

High quality cable and naturally grown timber posts make play trails safe and stylish

The result is a highly stable, robust and resistant product. Each strand is covered by a roughly 6 mm-thick layer of superior quality polyester yarn. In comparison with other synthetic materials, polyester is not only exceptionally abrasion-proof, but is also remarkably colour-fast and resistant to the effects of UV. Thanks to the exclusive Huck production technique, the steel core and polyester covering are closely bonded together.

A transparent external coating provides for additional anti-abrasion protection and ensures that the resultant equipment is particularly durable. Huck conducts regular abrasion testing of its cable using equipment specifically developed for this purpose and the results demonstrate that they achieve a consistently excellent abrasion-proof finish. The abrasion test involves passing an abrasive body back and forth across the cable surface until it penetrates to the cable core. In order to fix its cables to the equipment, Huck uses, among other things, ties made from high quality plastic materials. These have a smooth surface without any sharp corners or edges, ensuring they do not cause injury during play. Thanks to the forward-thinking construction design, individual components and even small cable sections can be readily replaced on-site.

Playground ropeways – the coming trend

Using the wide range of individual elements supplied by Huck, a whole play world of ropeways can be constructed. Their ‘Vario Parcours’ set, for example, consists of swinging and hanging elements, a wobbly bridge, a rubber hammock and climbing net. The ‘Fun-Parcours’ product series has been specially designed to promote psychomotor development in young children; playing on the equipment requires them to use their coordination and sense of balance and the resultant improvements are internalised.
In addition to the versions of its products that employ galvanized steel posts, Huck has this year included in its range products that use posts made of robinia hardwood whose naturally irregular forms provide its play equipment with a particularly original appearance. These are particularly pleasant to the touch and are guaranteed to be splinter-free!

Quality and safety across the whole range

These innovative products are all constructed to the traditional Huck quality specifications which have established the reputation of this manufacturer with its more than 30 years’ experience of climbing net production. All components conform to EU safety guidelines and the stipulations of the TÜV accreditation body. Huck always places its main stress on ensuring the safety and functionality of its products. In view of the 15-year guarantee on the rust-proofing of steel post systems and five-year guarantee on all other materials, playground designers and operators can be certain they have made the correct choice when they select products by Huck.

Text and image: Huck Seiltechnik GmbH

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