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About P&L

The idea of creating a forum for exercise is not new. With Playground+Landscape, a connection was created for the first time between the elements of play and sport. A forum for exercise, sport and recreation and the public sector.

The forum P+L survives on communication regarding this topic, which has never been more of current interest than today. Catchwords: Lack of exercise by children. Multi-generation playgrounds …

In the beginning was the magazine - and this was then followed by many further ideas and projects which were implemented one at a time. Above all, P+L is a team of motivated people, who within their different sectors, are all part of this forum. But even more important are you, our readers, who concern yourselves with the topics presented in P+L. Our forum can only survive with you. For this reason you are warmly welcomed and invited to take a hand in this forum for old and young, large and small, for you and us. We, the team, look forward to meeting you!

Thomas R. Müller: Executive Partner, Editor in Chief

Tobias Thierjung: Editor Sports & Leisure Facilities, Marketing, Event Management

Jennifer Weng: Graphic

Alexander Getsis: Student Assistant Event Managment and Editorial Staff

Christa Tautz: Accounting

Leander Mehl: Student Assitant Social Media


The forum P+L is a communication and information platform for everyone who concerns themselves with the topics of exercise, recreational and sport facilities and popular sport.

Playground is a term which is becoming increasingly blurred. Today, it can still be clearly defined, but today’s playground is already out of date by tomorrow. The demographic development of society in Europe shows that popular sport and recreational facilities are merging steadily and that generations are coming to require mutual exercise places. The requirements on such an environment to be correspondingly and well planned, are also steadily increasing.

P+L occupies itself with this topic: What are the recreation and sport locations of today and tomorrow? Already today, different generations are looking for exercise and meeting points. Fitness studios, aerial rope courses and indoor facilities are all indications of this development. The social responsibility of creating this kind of facilities in non-commercial organisations, is a core topic of P+L.

Readers of P+L are planners of public facilities, urban planners, landscape architects,
mayors / community decision-makers and public gardens and parks departments, garden landscapers, associations …

Examples of P+L topics are planning and construction case studies as well as experience reports from applications in public and commercial installations.
But P+L is also a market, providing contacts for planners and industry alike.
Reports from economic and political environments, standards and legislation as well as current equipment developments and trade news are all contents of P+L.

But we are only as good as you make us, which is why we are inviting you to take part in the P+L forum, let us share your experience and send us your comments.

P+L is also an excellent advertising platform for all companies with an interest in gaining and maintaining contact to planners and purchasers of playground and recreational equipment, and who wish to communicate their knowledge in an efficient and target-oriented way.

With our magazine we reach a few thousand decision-makers throughout the world, and transfer your information into their hands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have queries regarding P+L:
Tel.: +49 (0) 228/68 84 06 - 10
Email: info@playground-landscape.com