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times of densification – playground planning in the narrowest of spaces!

Is there enough space available in our cities for green and play areas?

Infill granules in the spotlight: the future of artificial turf sports facilities

There has been a great deal of commotion recently about a planned EU-wide ban on artificial turf infill granules.

Save the play spaces – a plea for the preservation of play spaces in times of densification

Conditions for playing and exercise in the city are becoming increasingly worse.

Playground planning and inner-city redensification

The phenomenon of 'redensification' is an age-old approach to the solution of the problem of city growth.

Ride a rocket to the Milky Way: “Distant Galaxies” in Berlin’s Wedding neighbourhood

Playground redevelopment in Berlin Wedding - on a vacant lot.

Diversified play and climbing worlds at the 8th State Horticultural Show in Saxony

From concept to creation: planning, construction and planting of the 27-acre site in and around the town of Frankenberg in Saxony have been on-going for the past four years.

Sport and redensification – how inner-city exercise spaces can be retained in the future

Forecasts for the future are always easy to make and are rarely subsequently checked for their accuracy.

Adventurous play among the walls of a ruin

The ruins of a 150-year-old structure in Basel are home to a low level rope course for younger and older children.

Get up on the roof! Creating urban play spaces in times of redensification.

The 21st century is already the century of urbanisation. More than half of the world's population is already living in cities – in 2050 it is expected to be
more than two-thirds.

18.08.2019 - Diversified play and climbing worlds at the 8th State Horticultural Show in Saxony

From concept to creation: planning, construction and planting of the 27-acre site in and around the town of Frankenberg in Saxony have been on-going for the past four years.

18.08.2019 - Great prospects (for play) all around

The whole of Wittstock/Dosse in Brandenburg is surrounded and permeated by the State Horticultural Show.

18.08.2019 - Infill granules in the spotlight: the future of artificial turf sports facilities

There has been a great deal of commotion recently about a planned EU-wide ban on artificial turf infill granules.

18.08.2019 - Save the play spaces – a plea for the preservation of play spaces in times of densification

Conditions for playing and exercise in the city are becoming increasingly worse.

18.08.2019 - Improving the quality of play areas in Gropiusstadt, a growing district of Berlin

A multi-stage participation process for children and youngsters of Gropiusstadt, a district of Berlin

18.08.2019 - Adventurous play among the walls of a ruin

The ruins of a 150-year-old structure in Basel are home to a low level rope course for younger and older children.

18.06.2019 - Special playing experience in the Sea Zoo in Bremerhaven

The small but nice Sea Zoo by in Bremerhaven is situated directly next to the Weser dike with a view to the Weser delta from where the water flows directly into the North Sea. The Sea Zoo in Bremerhaven, which...

18.06.2019 - Flying houses over Southern Münsterland

In Western Germany, almost every child knows the Ketteler Hof, which is a leisure park situated between the Ruhr Area and Münsterland. No wonder, because on an area of 115,000 sqm...

18.06.2019 - From this summer, it will be possible to enjoy the thrills on Germany's most up-to-date pump track near Bamberg

The small community of Litzendorf led by its mayor, Wolfgang Möhrlein, had long had the desire to install a new leisure attraction. Over months and years, various proposals had been...

18.06.2019 - 'Bewegungsplan 2019' – plenty of innovations and information all around contemporary playground and exercise spaces

The now seventh 'Bewegungsplan' seminar organised by Playground@Landscape was held in Fulda in Hessen on 2 and 3 April 2019. Again, more than 170 participants came and used the opportunity to attend the interesting and informative...

18.06.2019 - Osnabrück Zoo: Climbing and sliding alongside lions, tigers & other creatures

Visitors can tell they are approaching the four playgrounds on the 23.5-hectare site of Osnabrück Zoo by the gleeful shrieks and the sounds of children's laughter. These imaginative playgrounds are every...

18.06.2019 - Attractive playgrounds and sports facilities at the national garden show BUGA Heilbronn

At Heilbronn/Neckar the national garden show is presenting itself on an area of 40 hectares as a driving force of urban development planning. For the first time, the garden show with its diverse offerings also includes...

18.06.2019 - Saarbrücken skatepark - an area for Olympic demands?

In summer 2020, skateboarding will debut as an Olympic sport at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. There, 40 men and 40 women from all over the world will be vying for gold, silver and bronze medals in the categories...

18.06.2019 - Discover the exotic wildlife and experience adventures at the Rostock Zoo

The Rostock Zoo provides a home for 4,200 animals of 430 different species. The animal biodiversity ranges from little meerkats and tiny pygmy marmosets, penguins and snow leopards to imposing polar bears...

18.06.2019 - What is a pump track? And what is the appropriate strategy to deal with a related project?

There are both private and public pump tracks. They are specially designed circuits for all kinds of cycles and other forms of wheeled equipment. The technique used to master a pump track ‒ the so-called 'pumping' ‒ occurs...

18.04.2019 - didacta 2019: larger, more international and digital than ever before – including the ‘schools as exercise spaces’ project

This was the largest and most international didacta education trade fair of all time – everyone was pleased with the outcome when this year's event in Cologne concluded on 23 February 2019.

18.04.2019 - Climbing in the city - planning options

Climbing has been a very popular sport for many years and, thanks to the construction of climbing halls and forests, can now also be practiced outside of mountain areas by city dwellers.

18.04.2019 - A playground designed with the input of the neighbourhood in Bochum

The children's playground in Bochum, Heinrich Gustav Straße / corner of Wittekindstraße is among the projects supported by the federal government, the state of NRW and Bochum city council as part of the Social City programme in the Werne Langendreer- Alter Bahnof (WLAB) urban renewal area.

18.04.2019 - An intriguing and challenging playground with a big appeal

With about 60,000 apartments in its portfolio, the Berlin HOWOGE housing association is one of the ten major landlords in Germany.

18.04.2019 - AnkerCustomised play worlds

Based in Klosters in Switzerland, the planning consultants Planungsbüro Wegmüller have considerable experience when it comes to designing creative themed playgrounds.

18.04.2019 - Upgrading of the Pepermölenbek playground

What exactly is a 'playground'?
The senate of the City of Hamburg places considerable emphasis on the attractiveness of the local playgrounds.

18.04.2019 - Games and Sports in the village of Krumbach in Bregenz Forest

After about 15 years the central playground of Krumbach, a little village in Bregenz Forest, had become obsolete. Hence the playground was restructured in the context of a pilot project when the playground and open space concept was designed in autumn 2017.

18.04.2019 - Sport facility surfacings in comparison – what is suitable where?

Sports grounds need to be such that they enable users to practice their preferred form of sport with enjoyment and comfort.

18.04.2019 - Discover the colourful world of Christrosenweg - (*Christmas Rose Road) in Cologne

No matter if a trip to the moon, a jeep safari, an excursion to the old castle ruin or just walking along beautiful plant areas: here in the outdoor area of the Christmas Rose Road in Cologne everything becomes possible.

18.04.2019 - Park Gustave & Léonard Hentsch in Genf

Parc Gustave & Léonard Hentsch: The park project is based on an idea designed by the landscape architects Hüsler & Associés. It reflects the aim of uniting people from different social backgrounds at a well-functioning public space suitable for numerous purposes.

18.04.2019 - The “Fritschiwiese” in Zurich – a lively and popular neighbourhood park

A look at the history of the neighbourhood: in the second half of the 19th century, Aussersihl, a separate municipality located west of the city of Zurich (on the other side of the Sihl River) experienced a substantial increase in population due to industrialisation and railway construction.

18.04.2019 - Steinstraße Playground: a Small Green Space with a Big Impact

Groß-Gerau lies south of Frankfurt and has a population of about 25,000. It is home to many children and adolescents who play a role in the urban development.

18.04.2019 - Polygonia – A Mosaic of Stories

The regeneration of the central playground on Schollweg in Hanover-Mühlenberg is a pilot project of the “Socially Integrative City” urban development funding programme and will give impetus to further measures planned.

18.04.2019 - "The old bakery” (Zur Alten Bäckerei) is the new playground of Leipzig-Großzschocher

In the past: a private garden area of a mill owner. Now: a wild savage property. In future: a unique children's play forest.

18.02.2019 - In the digital age exercising playfully is indispensable!

As the first school in Bavaria the primary and secondary school of Thalmässing which is situated in the Roth district of Central Franconia in Germany has been awarded the Jakob Muth Prize in 2016, which is based on an initiative of the German government in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation and the German UNESCO Commission. ...

18.02.2019 - The "School Fitness" initiative as a contribution to promoting health and physical activity at schools

Health promotion at school- Health prevention and promotion play an increasingly important role also in the context of education. ...

18.02.2019 - Physical control in the schoolyard

Report about the construction of a Calisthenics centre at the Aloisiuskolleg: a climbing, playing and training facility. These days, simple control of one's body is no longer self-evident among children and youngsters. ...

18.02.2019 - The barrier-free outdoor facilities of Steinwald School Everything out of the ordinary

The out-dated and not barrier-free outdoor facilities of Steinwald School in Berlin for children with special needs have been completely reformed and adapted to the specific needs of its students.

18.02.2019 - Moving break in Singapore

Celebrate Your Roots – Discover Your Wings is the motto of the German European School in Singapore (GESS). ...

18.02.2019 - Orange and green in harmony - Fall protection and sports flooring at the Realschule Unterschleißheim

The building diary on the Therese-Giehse-Realschule website praises the school’s new building replacing the old as “more beautiful, colourful and modern” than the existing building.

18.02.2019 - "Your schoolyard" - a German federal initiative which aims at redesigning schoolyards. Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-School in the German city of Wiesbaden inaugurates its schoolyard of the future.

Where until now there was only a grey asphalt surface, there is now a diverse mosaic of activity areas, such as a jackstraw made of tree trunks, a tree house and a climbing scaffold all of which invite children to frolicking around and balancing. In addition, the roundabout with several benches and tables offers enough space for get-togethers and games. In addition, various shrubs and trees can be found in between.

18.02.2019 - Kickabout areas and small-scale pitches – enjoying sport "around the corner"

They're where legends are born. Everyone is familiar with the small, often completely enclosed sports courts that were typically built at the heart of housing estates and where football and basketball can be played in a very tight space

18.02.2019 - Making school playgrounds fit for purpose – problems and practical advice

In the 2018 issue 1 of Playground@Landscape, the topic of school playgrounds as exercise environments was extensively dealt with.

18.02.2019 - Redesigning the schoolyard into a new classroom building

The schoolyard of primary school "Am Reesenbüttel" in the City of Ahrensburg will be redesigned.

05.12.2018 - Jump to it – increasing safety in trampoline parks by means of regulation

Children and youngsters rushing here and there, screams of pleasure, high spirits and laughter ‒ as soon as a trampoline park opens its gates, it takes no time at all until the visitors arrive.

05.12.2018 - DIN EN 1177:2018 Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing – Test Methods for Determining Impact Attenuation

Fall protection surfaces vary in terms of cost, minimum installation thickness and cleaning and care requirements. It should be noted that the most important property of these surfaces is the safety-related shock absorption. This is the surface's ability to reduce the impact energy that occurs when a child falls from a piece of play equipment. It prevents a critical, even life-threatening, injury.

05.12.2018 - Winter-proof sports facilities - remaining active during the cold months of the year

It often arrives more quickly than expected - the first frost. Although winter days are significantly milder as a result of climate warming, winter hasn't disappeared completely. But the severity of the season varies significantly by region. Whilst in some areas large volumes of snow are completely normal, elsewhere conditions are simply cold and frosty.

05.12.2018 - From a roller sports facility to a skatepark - The evolution of DIN EN 14974

The establishment of safety standards in the field of roller sports has been a long and fraught process: when the DIN standard for roller sports facilities - at this time still under DIN 33943 – was published in 1995, roller sports had just experienced their first boom. Unlike other sports such as football and tennis, for which there had been clear requirements and safety regulations due to their history, popularity and status as mass-participation activities, roller sports were truly in their infancy at this time with regard to sports facility safety requirements.

05.12.2018 - Let the water flow! In playgrounds? Safety guaranteed? For sure!

Everybody knows the reservations of operators, landscape architects and, finally, parents. Yes, water entails risks. However, ultimately there are standards and regulations that govern the use and handling of water as a potential play element.

05.12.2018 - For one in three families physical activity is something they don’t give enough importance

The "2018 AOK Family Study" shows an increasing trend towards far too less physical activity in families. "Regarding sports and healthy eating habits among children and youngsters, it is the communities which play a key", says Dr. Gerd Landsberg, Managing Director of DStGB, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities. Both an intelligent traffic and road planning as well as a good sports infrastructure can make a significant contribution to promoting physical activity.

05.12.2018 - DIN 18034 "Playgrounds and Open Play Spaces" - What to expect from the newly revised DIN 18034

DIN 18034 9/2012 "Playgrounds and Open Play Spaces" is now being revised, mainly as a result of the regular review and revision process for standardisation.

05.12.2018 - Are we over-regulating our playgrounds? Are health and safety rules taking the play out of playgrounds?

Back in the early 1960s, there were rough estimates that something like 10 to 20 fatal accidents among children occurred in Germany annually on playgrounds or open spaces used for playing.

05.12.2018 - IAAPA Hosts Record-Breaking Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam

Hosted by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), Euro Attractions Show (EAS) 2018 was one for the record books. It took place 25-27 September 2018, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, in the Netherlands and set new EAS records for the number of exhibiting companies (570), the size of the exhibit floor (15,000 square meters), and for the total number of participants (15,800).

19.10.2018 - The water playground in the Archaeological Park in Xanten

In 2005, Rhineland Regional Council (LVR) decided to add a water playground to the existing play area within Xanten's Archaeological Park, an attraction designed to give visitors an impression of what the former Roman settlement of Colonia Ulpia Traiana located here was like. ...

19.10.2018 - Magical place takes you back in time to a bygone era

The children’s playground “Nürnburger Wall” (Nürnburg rampart) was redesigned along the theme “East Frisian chieftains”, paying homage to East Frisia’s history. On the one hand, this theme did justice to the historic site of the Nürnburg rampart, and on the other hand, it offered the opportunity to create a unique, very individual facility with a high play value and an equally high information potential. ...

19.10.2018 - The Ohrn water playground in Öhringen

In addition to the provisions made for the 2016 State Horticultural Show that was held in the town of Öhringen in Baden-Württemberg, the town had long been considering upgrading its urban open spaces and park facilities. ...

19.10.2018 - The water world with a water playground

The new water playground at Norikusbucht Cove on the southern banks of Wöhrder See Lake in Nuremberg is the most important ‘attraction’ in this section of the area of the park besides the new swimming bay and the movement parcours and was created when this 1970s park was renovated and redesigned.

19.10.2018 - Artificial turf pitches – when does the surface need replacing?

Artificial turf in the sports field sector continues to boom. The high number of hours of use, weather resistance and competition between clubs are all reasons for a further increase in the number of artificial turf pitches being installed. ...

19.10.2018 - The water playground in Müntepark – A meeting place for all generations

A framework plan was created as early as 2013 for the town planning of the central district around Müntepark in the town of Diepholz. One important objective of the proposed measures was the development and opening of the park into the district and improved access. ...

19.10.2018 - GaLaBau-Fair 2018 – Four inspiring trade fair days in Nuremberg’s full halls

After four communicative trade fair days, the 23rd Gala Bau Trade Fair in Nuremberg ended with a new visitor record. For the first time ever, 72,005 trade visitors were welcomed, which is 12.3 percent more than in 2016 (64,138 trade visitors).
Event Director Stefan Dittrich is more than satisfied and summarised: „The atmosphere was simply marvellous.“...

19.10.2018 - Water-based fun and cooling-off for children of all age groups in Vienna

During the warmer days in Vienna, many parents and their children look for alternative ways to cool off that don't require them to visit a pool. Vienna's water playgrounds offer ideal venues at which to spend a playful afternoon in the refreshing chill of water. ...

19.10.2018 - Community sports planning – how many sports fields are enough?

Almost all sporLangtextts authorities have the aim of achieving a the most varied and widely positioned range of sports facilities of highest possible quality in their own community. This naturally, in accord with the means at hand, existing sports clubs and the area available. But the growing number of sports and sporting trends does not make this planning any easier and the demands of the various clubs are a further additional factor. ...

19.10.2018 - Water playgrounds - wet play value

Playing wherever the shoes and shirts get wet, regardless of whether in puddles or at the beach, is and will remain a favourite game. But why? Is it that water has such a strong fascination for children because of its many faces and facets? ...

19.10.2018 - Water games – which standards need to be followed and how can costs be saved

Many planners and also municipalities shy away from using water on playgrounds. They believe the technology is too complex, operation too elaborate and the costs too high. However, the (playful) handling of water is one of the most elementary experiences that people can have. This is one of the reasons why designs with water are some of the most fascinating outdoor elements. At the same time, the planning process must address not only the design issues but also the technical requirements as well as hazards and calculable risks. This article will provide some fundamental pointers and advice for planning water playgrounds or water elements on playgrounds. ...

19.10.2018 - Water as the defining element

One of the most prominent features of the State Horticultural Show held in Bamberg in 2012 was the fish ladder constructed in an old arm of the River Regnitz. In order to bring visitors and more especially children closer to this newly created habitat, two of the five play areas constructed for the show were designated as 'water playgrounds' and located close to the fish ladder and old river arm. ...

16.08.2018 - Urban space, participation and parkour - from limited youth project in Gütersloh to largest parkour park in Germany

Have you already heard the term 'parkour'? Or have you perhaps in the past encountered one of its self-assured but unassuming practitioners? Defying gravity, they seem to exhibit supernatural powers as they playfully run up the walls of houses...

16.08.2018 - Fire-brigade themed playground offers climbing experiences for various age groups

Planning motif and basic concept for Heidelberg "Fire Brigade" children's playground

16.08.2018 - How do children grow up healthy?

The aim is that children should grow up healthy, and do not just sit in front of their game consoles. But, what actually belongs to growing up healthy and how could this aim be achieved?

15.06.2018 - Playgrounds at leisure parks

Let's face it: The origin of even the most modern leisure parks goes back to the music hall, to public festivals on the village square where once or twice a year carousels and swing boats were built up and, maybe, also a shooting gallery...

15.06.2018 - FORT FUN L.A.B.S indoor playground – the venue for laughter, animation, exercise and play

The FORT FUN adventure park near Bestwig in Southeast Germany opened its new FORT FUN L.A.B.S. indoor attraction in the 2016 season

15.06.2018 - Health risks at the sports ground? – A closer look at use of SBR granules

SBR granules used in artificial turf pitches have been subject to criticism for some time now. This is mainly due to the potentially carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which they contain. Awareness of...

15.06.2018 - Grizzly Adventure - the new leisure environment

Discover the Grizzly Mountain! Experience a lot of water fun in the Grizzly Bay! Plunge into the depth with the Rocky Rafting!

15.06.2018 - Bewegungsplan-Plenum 2018 – Creative planning and design geared to the target group

When April arrives planners, builders and those responsible for the upkeep of play and leisure facilities can look forward to attending the Bewegungsplan ("Exercise Plan")-Plenum in Fulda. This year the sixth edition of this popular event...

15.06.2018 - Come along and get fit as a chimp! At Baden-Württemberg’s “Children’s Gymnastics Worlds”

The “children’s gymnastics worlds” of Baden-Württemberg’s Children’s Gymnastics Foundation were created to encourage the very young to take real pleasure in movement. And at the Wilhelma in Stuttgart they have succeeded in doing just that for six years now, while the youngest visitors...

15.06.2018 - The Playmobil FunPark – An inclusive playground for all the senses

In 2017 the park, themed around the Playmobil world of toys, received nigh on 900,000 visitors in just one year, setting a new record. The constantly rising number of visitors shows...

13.04.2018 - A jungle in the midst of the desert wasteland

On a length of a total of approximately 75 metres a jungle-like ropes course meanders from the playground area through the ancient trees of the outdoor pool bathing lawn up to the historic tribune. The outdoor swimming pool of Osnabrück has indeed a lot to offer to both old and young.

13.04.2018 - Osnabrück Sports Facilities Days 2018 – Planning and maintaining sports facilities for the future

The Osnabrück Sports Facilities Days took place in July of last year. For this year's edition, organisers chose a date in spring. It was a great event that attracted some 130 participants to the City of Peace – despite very wintry conditions. For the third time,...

13.04.2018 - Exercise in the fresh air

The Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Centre in Liechtenstein's Gamprin is now an attraction richer. The new activity trail with its versatile pieces of fitness equipment offers something for everyone

13.04.2018 - Space flight meets urban green area

The redevelopment of the Parc Kaltreis in Luxembourg has been implemented in close collaboration with its users and the local residents. Their needs and wishes were included in the respective design planning.

15.02.2018 - Schoolyards as spaces for education - Seven criteria of implementation

"These days the German word Hof (yard in English) - in a construction-related context - does not have a good sound. We associate it with the idea of desolate wasteland. However, this has not always been the case. There were times when the house yard was the centre...

15.02.2018 - Disabled-accessible playground redesign in Hoyerswerda

Hoyerswerda special school for the disabled (Bautzen, Saxony)

15.02.2018 - Noise protection for sports facilities – Guidelines and implementation

Sport is of outstanding socio-political importance and holds a position of great significance. Unfortunately, noise from sporting events is usually caused during the periods when quiet is generally expected and as such, causes conflict with neighbours.

08.12.2017 - Stiftung Sparda-Bank Hannover foundation sponsors playgrounds in public spaces, schools and kindergartens

Since 2016, the foundation has made €150,000 available for the construction of fantasy play parks.

08.12.2017 - 45 million euros for playing and physical activity

One project, 19 parks, 1,550 days of "alla hopp!" end up in the city of Mörlenbach. In September 2017, Mörlenbach celebrated the opening of its own alla hopp! play park which was the last one of a total of 19 parks that have been opened to the public in the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region within the past 28 months.

08.12.2017 - Top figures for FSB

The trade fair duo comprising of FSB and aquanale registered around 26,600 trade visitors - a high level of internationality, good visitor quality, exciting specialised congresses

16.10.2017 - New space for activities can transform urban life

In Denmark urban spaces are becoming drivers of change that can enhance the quality of life, make more people physically active...

16.10.2017 - Important aspects regarding the design of playgrounds on school yards

This article presents empirically-based aspects which should be considered when designing playgrounds with permanently installed devices. They are...

16.10.2017 - Designing exercise-friendly schoolyards

Physical activity is very important for the overall development of children and adolescents. The relevance of movement is increasingly discussed in the context of learning and success in school...

16.10.2017 - Our schools need exercise

Prof. Dr Ingo Froböse was interviewed by the trade magazine Playground@Landscape.
Ingo Froböse is a university professor...

16.10.2017 - The AOK exercise island

Working in collaboration with the operator Olympiapark München GmbH, the Bavarian branch of the German health insurance provider AOK has opened a new 'exercise island' in Munich's Olympiapark.

16.10.2017 - Plenty of sports in one place

A wide range of sports on offer is welcomed in many places and for this reason, in many cities and communities a large number of sporting possibilities are available...

20.08.2017 - Nature and health – the importance of parks in the urbanised future

Our health and our well-being are determined by the extent to which nature forms part of our surroundings.

20.08.2017 - ''Is exercise healthier outdoors?'' The sports science view of sports and exercise in parks and urban spaces

Major parts of the human sensory system and physical motor skills are not sufficiently or are inappropriately utilised by those living in urban environments...

20.08.2017 - Care of sports fields – optimal maintenance of artificial turf pitches

Artificial turf pitches can be subjected to intensive use throughout the year. To ensure that the technical sport properties are maintained,...

20.08.2017 - "Green Clay" – How clay courts can quickly become natural grass pitches

Clay courts are to the greatest possible extent obsolete. Although held in high regard by communities and sports facility operators due their nearly unlimited life...

20.08.2017 - Osnabruck Sports Facility Days: Diversified innovation concerning sports facilities

Sport and exercise has a major significance for health and wellbeing of every individual, for social cooperation and the life approach in our communities. To satisfy the requirements of this situation...

20.08.2017 - Why the Germans have stopped having children

Children = no money, no freedom, no career (?)

20.08.2017 - How to benefit from urban spaces - An innovative playground concept

Playground concept for the historic city of Reutlingen

20.08.2017 - Robber Hotzenplotz, Zwackelmann the sorcerer and other magical play pals

Author Otfried Preußler would have been delighted. A special themed playground with figures taken from his children's books in Ergolding in Lower Bavaria.

20.08.2017 - South Park in San Francisco, California (USA)

South Park is San Francisco’s oldest public park and is situated in the heart of the South of Market area of the town. An English-style walk garden serves as a template of the park created in 1865....

20.08.2017 - Zukunft Stadt @GRÜNBAUBERLIN: Inclusive playgrounds and exceptional street furniture

Two years after its successful premiere, over 100 participants gathered on the Messe Berlin exhibition grounds for the latest edition of "Zukunft Stadt@GRÜNBAU BERLIN." The forum...

19.06.2017 - Playgrounds and play equipment as marketing tools

Playgrounds and marketing? At first glance, these two terms seem to have nothing to do with each other. After all, playgrounds...

19.06.2017 - Exotic travel ‒ play spaces at the IGA Berlin

The 'Gardens of the World' leisure park will this year be playing host to the IGA ‒ the International Garden Festival. Even when the IGA is not here...

19.06.2017 - 'Bewegungsplan 2017' – sustainable playground planning; a subject of major interest

This year's 'Bewegungsplan' seminar organised by the publishers Playground + Landscape was held on 4 and 5 April 2017 in the...

19.06.2017 - More visitors and fun in the Berlin Zoo

Animal Park and Zoo Director Andreas Knieriem inaugurates new water playground and fairy tale forest and is meanwhile back in the black.

19.06.2017 - Fantastic play options that provide the ideal destination for a family day out

For the past 6 years, the playground equipment manufacturer Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte has been collaborating with Karls Tourismus GmbH, their aim being to develop unique attractions for the Karls Erlebnisdörfer leisure park chain. This partnership has seen the creation of unique play landscapes based on inventive themes. This means a visit to one of the amusement parks becomes an unforgettable experience.

19.06.2017 - Three-storey climbing tower in the shopping mall-based Famplayland

A gigantic shopping mall named Central Festival EastVille opened in eastern Bangkok in late 2015. The intention of the operators was to put in place a shopping centre providing attractions that go beyond...

19.06.2017 - Exercise with a difference – trend sports in public areas

Above all during periods of good weather it can be seen in parks, green areas and public places: The interest in trend sports...

19.06.2017 - Playground devices as a tourist attraction

The times are obviously long past when playground devices could only be found in municipal contexts. In the meantime many other operators outside the public sector discovered for themselves considerable potential in the market of playground devices and in giving...

19.06.2017 - Water - the central theme of Captune World in Istanbul

The Capitol Shopping Center was opened in 1993 as the first shopping mall in the Asian side of Istanbul in Turkey. The six-storied building with its total floor area of 73,000 m² is...

19.06.2017 - Ketteler Hof leisure park: 'Around the world through play' in the new indoor play centre

Germany's family-run Ketteler Hof leisure park, the grounds of which extend to nearly 30 acres, is sited between the urbanised area of the Ruhr district and the more rural province of Münsterland...

19.06.2017 - The 'Maison de Pitoufeu' - the world of volcanoes for kids

The French Vulcania theme park is located in Saint-Ours-les-Roches in the Auvergne in the centre of a 30 km chain of scores of various types of dormant volcanic features that now provide a most unusual landscape.

19.06.2017 - Borkum opens new Thalassic fitness course

The urban landscape of Borkum has once again changed: The former "Schiffchenteich", a pond for children to launch their toy boats, and for many years a meeting place located between the beach, tidal island and tennis court-island - was filled in and replaced by some metal and timber constructions which at first glance are eye-catching and rather bizarre.

19.06.2017 - Beach Volleyball on 13 courts in Munich

For the first time in the history of beach volleyball, the student world championships 2018 will be held at the Technical University of Munich. A new beach sport infrastructure with 13 beach volleyball pits was recently completed for this 9th...

19.06.2017 - Zoological adventure playground in Bochum's zoo and fossil centre – A special kind of fun

Climb like a monkey, balance like a coati, glide like a snake and slide like a penguin - these and other forms of activities can be enjoyed by children in the 'zoological adventure...

19.06.2017 - Playgrounds are "must-haves" for the European Children's Hotel Group

The European Children's Hotel group consists of approximately 50 family-friendly hotels in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Italy and Portugal. Regardless of whether in the Alps, at the lakeside or at the sea, - all the hotels of the member companies are situated in paradisiacal and peaceful areas. Since its foundation in 1988, the European Children's Hotel group has established itself as a strong and highly competent brand and plays an important pioneer and trend-setter role in the child-friendly hotel business.

15.06.2017 - Cities as habitats of the future

The creation of exercise spaces and attractive open areas in cities and towns is a subject that is being increasingly covered in the media and specialist publications and is now focussed on in public debate....

18.04.2017 - The Dominoes project

Theleisureway was fortunate enough to be invited by our client in Alcobendas, Madrid, to bring our experience and know-how to the table with the objective of creating a vertical play area for children.

18.04.2017 - "Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen und dem tiefen, weiten Meer…."

Hardly anyone who grew up in Germany in the 1970s and 1980s can fail to recognise the words above - "An island with two mountains in the deep, wide sea...".They are...

18.04.2017 - Power to the children!?

The Commission for the Promotion of Children’s Interests (“KiKo”) exists since 1988. It is a subcommittee of the Committee for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens...

18.04.2017 - A city in movement – strategic approaches for the development of a sport and exercise-friendly life environment

A major-sized sport club with more than 5000 members and located in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany, has opened its doors to non-members and created an attractive motoric and exercise course without one cent of subsidy from...

18.04.2017 - Stadium Hemsbach – A new sports landscape with an artificial turf pitch is being created

The sports facilities at Hemsbach, Germany, were originally a natural grass pitch with a cinder circumference running track, clay and grass surfaces as well as a further clay pitch and a full size natural grass pitch. A section...

18.04.2017 - A dream comes true ‐ a playground in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg

Dreams transport us into other worlds and allow us to escape the everyday. Perhaps what we are doing when we dream is forge plans for the future. But it is not often that the opportunity to make a dream come true is offered - although in this case...

18.04.2017 - A miniature wooden play landscape concealed among prefabricated houses

A playground with a river-based theme - from mountain stream to lake - in the south of Dresden

18.04.2017 - Kindergartens - flexible movement areas for girls and boys

Three girls are shouting: "We are going for a ride!" while they are already galloping into the bushes. In the meantime two boys and one girl who are holding each other's hands come running out of the shrubs of the west side. Two of them...

18.04.2017 - Thematic playground modelled on a historical example

Recently the City of Plettenberg inaugurated the "Plettenberger Kleinbahn" (former local railway of Plettenberg) for children, a thematic playground modelled on the historical cab-forward steam engine.

18.04.2017 - FV Steinmauern sets itself apart from competitors with a cork filling

New artificial turf pitch convinces with optimal ball play and rolling behaviour

18.04.2017 - A concrete landscape that conjures smiles on faces

The Takufeld BMX bike park: ramps, curbs, ledges and more around the 'salad bowl' in Cologne.

18.04.2017 - Climbing as in the Palatine Forest

A challenge for everyone – alla hopp (alley oop!) in Deidesheim

20.02.2017 - Parents of children at German day care centres want harmonised standards across the country

The majority of parents in Germany would like to see the imposition of binding quality standards for all child day care centres in the country. This has emerged from a survey of more than 4400 parents undertaken on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation. At the same time, the German children's rights organisation, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk, is also urging the authorities to ensure that all child day care centres provide outdoor play facilities.

20.02.2017 - Fun and movement in a safe playing against the backdrop of a spectacular scenery

Every year, the unique fjord scenery of Norway attracts many active holiday tourists like a magnet. These tourists do not want to lie on overcrowded beaches or drink cheap red wine out of big buckets. They are nature lovers and want to do their body, mind and spirit something good. They enjoy spending their holidays with their families and like to be outside in the fresh air!

20.02.2017 - Summiteer: playground area plucked out of the air

The regional natural recreation area of the Stockhorn mountain offers both unique experiences – and a playground area.

20.02.2017 - An international comparison of playgrounds

An insider's view of the play culture of other countries and a comparison with the market in Germany.

20.02.2017 - It feels like playing in Africa

It feels like playing in Africa; without putting too much emphasis on decorative elements; a playground connected to the new barrier-free footbridge which is leading through the terrain.Three areas which should arouse children's interest. This is only a rough sketch on the basis of which ZooParc de Beauval wants to develop a new playground area.

20.02.2017 - FSB 2017 will showcase recent developments in the amenity area, sport and pool facility sectors

Playground@Landscape interviews Arne Petersen, Divisional Head of the Cologne trade fair event organisation

20.02.2017 - From the concrete elephant to the first theme playground in Sibiu

A beautiful play castle was built in 2016 in Sibiu. Sibiu (Hermannstadt) is one of the most important ethnic German cities of Transylvania (also known as Siebenbürgen).

20.02.2017 - Welcome to Amazonia

Gaze casually across at Bolton’s Market Place Shopping Centre near Manchester in the North of England and you may be excused for being somewhat sceptical about what lies lurking beneath its mega mix of stores, restaurants and retail outlets...

20.02.2017 - A very special indoor playground

On 22 June, the Geoparc de Percé in Canada's Quebec opened its new indoor play area to the public. This features...

20.02.2017 - Facing challenges - How children explore and experience their environment

Children are always looking for new challenges. Instead of just walking on a wide pavement, they find it much more exciting to balance on the narrow kerb. And although it takes a lot of physical strength to climb that wall, it is also a triumphant feeling to manage doing it...

15.12.2016 - Living and doing sport in a city - on reconciliation of interests between sport development and noise protection

Living and sport are significant elements of urbanity and quality of life in our cities. They are uses which supplement each other and which must be possible in locations near each other. After publication of the Leipzig Charta...

15.12.2016 - 6th sportinfra realized – Focus on sustainability

This year's sportinfra took place at the premises of the Hessian regional sports association on November 16 – 17, 2016. This sixth event in the two-day trade conference series was held under the motto "Ways towards sustainable sports facilities and exercise areas – cooperation, financing, modernising."...

15.12.2016 - Noise protection ? – Recognising the socio-political importance of sport

Why reform of the sports facility noise directive is urgently necessary, how associations are campaigning for this and which steps are now necessary.

15.12.2016 - Changes and updates to EN 1176

An interview with Andreas Strupp (Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wood Technology, Department of Quality Assurance, Product Safety and Standards at eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, FLL/BSFH accredited playground inspector per DIN SPEC 79161, Chairman of the Standards Committee NA Sport 112-07-01 AA 'Playground equipment')

15.12.2016 - Law and play: product liability and organizational responsibility

Playground equipment manufacturers bear great responsibility for the safety of their products. Violations of the specific manufacturers’ duties may not only result in serious consequences for children, but also in considerable product liability risks....

15.12.2016 - About the important role of challenges and risks - Children need challenging playing areas to promote their development

In the classical sense of the term, the expression movement is often associated with sports and physical fitness. Nevertheless, the significance of the word movement includes much more than this. If movement is practised in a playful, self-determined...

15.12.2016 - The requirements for the safety of network playground equipment

Whenever the subject of safety comes up, the emotions come into play. Sentiments such as fear, trust and the willingness to face up to risk determine the extent of security that each individual will feel to be appropriate in given circumstances...

15.12.2016 - Largest Euro Attractions Show Hosts A Record- Breaking 12,600 Attractions Professionals in Barcelona

A record-number of European attractions industry professionals gathered at Euro Attractions Show (EAS) 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, over the past three days (20-22 September) to discover the latest developments in the leisure and attractions industry...

15.12.2016 - Poisonous plants on playgrounds

It is important to be able to experience nature. We need to be able to allow our children to discover through their own senses how things taste, smell and feel. And there is nothing that children enjoy more than playing outdoors in a natural...

15.12.2016 - Changes for German child day care centres ‒ the regulations of public sector accident insurers

Child day care centres provide facilities for teaching and the socialisation of children at quite different stages of development across a relatively wide age range. In Germany, they come in the form of crèches for children aged less...

15.10.2016 - Artificial turf, hybrid turf or natural grass? – Finding the right surface for the sports ground

Conversion of sports fields and football pitches in particular is a very current trend. Following the many conversions in the last years and the modern sports fields created in this way, the clubs involved have been able as a rule to generate many new members and to become better positioned in the sport...

15.10.2016 - Playing and moving at a refugee camp in Berlin

Playing promotes education and helps children to develop their personality and to overcome socio-cultural limitations.

15.10.2016 - Who is talking when and to whom? And, above all, how?

Children are always playing and, above all, they are playing everywhere. That is why they do not only need typical playground areas, but also open spaces in nature and in the city to develop and get some exercise...

15.10.2016 - GaLaBau-Fair 2016 – Once again increasing quality

After four successful days, the twenty-second GaLaBau-Fair held in Nuremberg ended on 17 September. More than 64,000 professional visitors attended the exhibition to inform themselves about products and trends related to urban green planning, landscaping...

15.10.2016 - Five yards for Austria's Bundesgymnasium* Zehnergasse *(Bundesgymnasium = public grammar school)

Schoolyards serve as sports and leisure centre to the benefit of the entire district. The extension of Bundesgymnasium Zehnergasse in Wiener Neustadt, a project carried through by GABU Heindl Architecture - A school in motion

15.10.2016 - "Sitting endangers your health" On the health risks of the sedentary lifestyle

"Is sitting a lethal activity?" was the title of an article that appeared in the New York Times on 14 April 2011. Its subject was the result of a re-analysis of data collected during a cancer prevention study; the purpose...

15.10.2016 - Playing and exercise areas from the development teacher's perspective

In order to build playgrounds which are not simply good but more or less perfect and particularly suitable for children, it is important to reflect on these three questions:
Why do human beings move at all? Why do they often do that in a playful way? And what should development-assisting playing areas look like, if they are to cater for this natural behaviour?

15.10.2016 - The Sport and Leisure-time Park Rems

Since 2012, Schorndorf – also called Daimler City as it is the birth place of Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the petrol engine, is building a sporting facility to satisfy the most modern demands. Covering an area of around 100.000 m², the Sport Park Rems will offer a range of sport and leisure-time activities...

15.10.2016 - Stylised Nature

Geneva, Switzerland, Chandieu district. In this district this year the well-known firm of architects, Atelier Bonnet is constructing a large complex with nursery school, school, sports hall and swimming pool. The modern, high-end architecture is implanted into the green belt of public parks...

15.10.2016 - When break-time means exercise

The design of school playgrounds has undergone a revolution in recent years.
As a result of German standard DIN 18.031 on hygiene in school construction that was in force to 1981, school playgrounds throughout Germany became monotonous grey concreted areas embellished with a few plant beds...

15.10.2016 - Movement and action site on Droryplatz – an outstanding schoolyard-playground in Berlin Neukölln

At the start of the summer the big day finally arrived: after rebuilding work lasting several months the new playground on Droryplatz in Berlin's Neukölln district was officially opened at a summer festival. During school hours the playground is used by the children of the Löwenzahn school while in the afternoon it is accessible as a central, official facility for children from the neighbourhood. A crèche and two day nurseries also benefit as they are in the immediate vicinity of the remodelled Droryplatz.

15.10.2016 - Granulate filler – Impulse generator on an artificial turf pitch

Playing fields with artificial turf continue to gain popularity. Decisive for the quality of an artificial turf playing surface are not only the yarns used, treatment of the surface and correct installation, but also the loose components such as sand and granulate fillers...

19.08.2016 - How green should our cities be? And to what extent do we need to cater for physical exercise?

Notes on the topic of 'Exercise and green spaces as part of urban development concepts' in Nuremberg.

19.08.2016 - Green oasis with Celtic-themed playground

One objective of the project for the renovation and redesign of the municipal park in Erding in Bavaria was to provide for a sensitive, eco-friendly approach to the preservation of the existing stock of trees while adapting the site to the needs of the local residents....

19.08.2016 - Ways of involving local communities in the active planning of public spaces

Public consultation is a phrase that is on everyone's lips because it is considered to be a factor that essentially determines the success of undertakings - although this insight has only really prevailed in Germany since certain major construction projects triggered large scale public protests. And yet, this strategy...

19.08.2016 - Does every local community need an outdoor fitness park?

The arguments for and against – more for than against or less for and more against? A discussion with Steffen Strasser (Head of the Exercise Park Group BSFH) and Professor Robin Kähler (dvs e.V.).

19.08.2016 - Impacts on and Effects of the Vorarlberg Playground Law

Six years ago in the Austrian Federal State of Vorarlberg, the playground law came into effect. It’s time to have a closer look at the effects this law has had.

19.08.2016 - KGSt Sports Facilities Comparison Report – Support for sustainable sport facility management

Since 2012, member towns in the nationwide German intercommunal performance comparison circle for sports facilities have exchanged key figures and experience involved with the construction and operation of community sport centres. Together with the advisory office KGSt...

15.06.2016 - Frankfurt’s most relaxing green area

The Hafenpark in the east end of Frankfurt marks the end of the green promenade that stretches along the bank of the Main River, and the start of the green belt. For the city of Frankfurt it represents the people’s park of the 21st century.

15.06.2016 - Improved design of outside areas and playgrounds to improve educational promotion

What does the pedagogical-spatial design of the outside area of a nursery school and of playgrounds have in common with the evolution of mankind? The clear response of a scientist is: simply everything!

15.06.2016 - Back on the rails again!

'Schnaufi' is the name borne by a steam locomotive constructed over 100 years ago that found a home in the Engelsberger Hof playground in Solingen in 1971. This former Puffing Billy has since provided generations of children...

15.06.2016 - Fun forest in the city

She puts her foot on the knot that is tied to the post, gets ready and climbs off into the maze of blue posts with knots.
Her backpack is on the rubber hill, she was actually on her way home from work...

15.06.2016 - The 2016 movement study by Techniker Krankenkasse: about physically active and inactive people

The Federal Republic of Germany is split: half of the population is not practising any sports at all. This is the main conclusion of the 2016 study: "Get moving, Germany!" presented by Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) in Berlin.

15.06.2016 - Local sport group and local authority collaborate on fitness trail

Cottbus is a town in Germany located on the River Spree to the south west of Berlin. It already possessed a much frequented jogging track that runs along the bank of the river. With the...

15.06.2016 - A basic right to exercise?

"From sport to sportivity" is a trend identified in a survey undertaken by the German future research institute 'zukunfts|institut' (source: "Sportivity, Die Zukunft des Sports - Zukunftsinstitut GmbH, May 2014; p.8). The institute claims in its report: "In future...

15.06.2016 - A climbing tower for Öhringen

This year the State Garden Show takes place in Öhringen. In addition to numerous events the show got one special attraction. On April 13th, the...

15.06.2016 - Climbing in the shadows of the blast furnaces

The Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord in Meiderich and its fixtures has become a unique, fascinating leisure-time adventure space for young and old. All that remained when the industrial works were closed down in...

15.06.2016 - Park with motor skills exercise trail

Following a two-year construction phase, the Europa playground in the 'Park am Buschkrug' in Berlin was opened by district mayor Franziska Giffey and Thomas Blesing of the local building authority. Around the periphery of this green space runs a motor skills exercise trail.

15.06.2016 - A landscape park as sports park

The venue with its play and skateboard facilities in Bremen's Überseepark is an Eldorado for young people seeking exercise.

15.06.2016 - Calisthenics Parks – The renaissance of chin-up bars

Some of us will remember the "fitness trails" created in the 1970s. Based on the so-called "keep fit" action, communities installed outdoor fitness studios open to the general public and located at the edge of town, in local recreation areas or city parks and woods.

15.06.2016 - From sport to sportivity: the right to exercise

In future, the priority won't be to break records but to develop a new day-to-day lifestyle - the new buzzword in this context is 'sportivity'. A survey undertaken by German's trend research body the Zukunftsinstitut provides insight into what the future will be like.

15.06.2016 - "Bewegungsplan" Plenum 2016 – Great interest in "moving" urban development

On April 12th and 13th 2016, the trade journal Playground@Landscape organised the fourth "Bewegungsplan" (movement plan) Plenum in Fulda, Germany. More than 180 participants from cities and communities, landscape architecture...

15.04.2016 - On the power of free space planning

An application for a garden show and its implications

15.04.2016 - Outstanding primary school with sports surfaces: colourful features in "pea green"

A newly completed primary school in Munich's new "Arnulfpark" district applies a modern educational concept that is reflected in the layout of the building. The four study groups range across all ages, each one being identified by its own...

15.04.2016 - New approaches in the design and use of exercise-friendly schoolyards

BSW is the leading manufacturer of sports and play surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. In cooperation with well-known civil engineering and landscape architects, the company has equipped imaginative and innovative facilities with its floorings. Based on this, in an interview...

15.04.2016 - A skate park with the necessary 'flow' in Oberhausen

As part of its Emscherkunst 2013 art project, the German water management association Emschergenossenschaft commissioned the construction of a youth centre in Oberhausen-Holten called Play_Land.

15.04.2016 - Sport in the schoolyard – exercise options for children and young people

They may have once been grey and dismal, but today's school playgrounds are both colourful and activity-friendly. In addition to being able to enjoy the fresh air here, school pupils will now find age-appropriate sport and exercise opportunities in their playground. And all this activity is not just there to provide diversion and recreation during the school day: sport and exercise are also important factors when it comes to ensuring children and young people stay healthy. It is thus essential to make sure that the outdoor facilities of every school provide a varied repertoire of exercise options.

15.04.2016 - bautec / Grünbau Berlin 2016 provides fresh momentum

The organisers of bautec 2016 and Grünbau Berlin can look back on a highly successful four days. 35,000 visitors were able to find out about innovative products and services and the very latest industry developments from 500 exhibitors from 17 countries. Both exhibitors and trade visitors expressed their satisfaction with the fair.

15.04.2016 - Promoting participation and involving stakeholders

Collaboration with the Joan-Miró school. When planning playgrounds and schoolyards in particular, it is always advisable to extensively consult with the later 'users' ‒ the children themselves. Adults very quickly lose sight of what is really necessary for fun

15.04.2016 - A special playground: The Erich Kästner-Schule in Oelde

The LWL School for children with learning difficulties in Oelde, with its funding priority of physical and motor development, is the central learning and development hub for circa 180 children and young adults with a physical disability or multiple disabilities. The new school building, part of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) (landscape federation for Westphalia-Lippe) received special recognition at the German playground awards because the school grounds are not accessible to the public.

15.04.2016 - Investment in a problem district – eight new sites for the white estate in Neukölln

The white estate is situated in the north of the Berlin Neukölln district. More than 4,000 people live here, over 60% of whom receive welfare benefits, and over 70% have a migrant background. A large proportion of the children are affected by child poverty.

15.04.2016 - Breathing new life into the neighbourhood

Giesenberg play area in Wichlinghausen, a district of Wuppertal, has been given a complete overhaul. The landscape architect responsible for redesigning the area is Mattis Ricken. Mattis works for the city of Wuppertal and has been supervising the project from the very beginning.

15.04.2016 - The aspern+Seestadt Wien places emphasis on play

aspern - the Seestadt Wien: this 'lake town' project extending to over 590 acres that is being undertaken in the dynamic Aspern district of Vienna is one of the largest urban development programmes in Europe.

19.02.2016 - Playing at dizzying heights in Poing Wildlife Park

Unusual large-scale multiplay unit opened in a privately-run park near Munich

19.02.2016 - Irrland: the amusement park for the whole family

Irrland or 'maze land': a farm-adventure oasis where it is the everyday that gets lost. The maize labyrinth is just one of the many attractions of this family-run enterprise.

19.02.2016 - Water playground as a marketing tool

One of the most popular attractions on the Industrial Heritage Trail in Germany's Ruhr area is the Waltrop Henrichenburg boat lift, one of the eight sites comprising the Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Heritage. Even those for whom technology is a closed book are fascinated by the system. The boat lift dating to the turn of the last century is also a favourite destination for children.

19.02.2016 - Everything that puts a smile on a child's face

Sliding, swinging, climbing ‒ there is nothing children enjoy more than romping and playing. In addition to allowing these little unruly spirits to indulge in physical exercise and train their coordination abilities through play, Germany's largest theme park also provides them with amusement in a wide diversity of forms: there are a remarkable nine different playgrounds in the Europa-Park just waiting to be explored. All have been designed with a passion for detail and with one primary objective: to make children happy.

19.02.2016 - Osnabrück Zoo: an expedition through the world of animals with four adventure playgrounds

Osnabrück Zoo is home to some 3700 animals, so every young visitor is assured of encountering their favourite while, at the same time, they can also skylark around and climb like monkeys as much as they want. This is because on its 23.5 hectare site, Osnabrück Zoo also offers four large adventure playgrounds.

19.02.2016 - A sport cooperative

ParkSport – a concept designed to promote sport and urban development

19.02.2016 - Exciting car chases in the Playmobil FunPark

A new attraction was opened last year in the Playmobil FunPark – a police station. Its miniature version has been part of the Playmobil range since 1974. This has now been realised in life-sized form on a 2600 m² site.

19.02.2016 - Green is good for you

Our well-being is enhanced by natural surroundings. There are many studies that have shown that green spaces are associated with health-promoting effects. Yet planners and lawmakers all...

19.02.2016 - Playground inspections: extravagant and unnecessary requirements?

For more than 30 years, generally recognised provisions that apply to technical products, such as the standards relevant to playgrounds, have been in place. But who decides how the relevant requirements are to be applied? What do the operators of playgrounds and leisure facilities need to do? Is there anyone who will explain to them what is required of them as operators? Why is it necessary at all for operators to undertake inspections, maintenance and repair work? Recent developments and some examples.

19.02.2016 - What does the play of elderly people tell about children’s play?

In 2014, a senior playground opened in LaMarque, Texas. As a “motion wellness system”, it targeted the exercise of older residents. For this purpose, components...

19.02.2016 - Local authority funding for sport – What must? What should? What can?

Local authority funding remains the largest and most important source of support for nearly all sports clubs and leisure sport associations. Despite this fact, in many places there is hardly sufficient funding to make optimal support of local sport possible. Which obligations do communities have with regard to sport? And what possible alternatives exist when there are no sufficient funds available to finance sport?

19.02.2016 - Givskud Zoo invests in its future ‒ in the form of a new playground

Givskud Zoo and Safari Park in Denmark was opened in 1969 and has become an important attraction for tourists from near and far. In 2010, the zoo registered nearly 280,000 visitors passing through its gates.

14.12.2015 - Penguin-themed restaurant as a wellness oasis for tenants

“Our product is the feeling of being at home!” states the WIS Housing Association in Spreewald (WIS Wohnungsbaugesellschaft im Spreewald m.b.H)

14.12.2015 - Home is more than four walls

Good, safe and affordable accommodation in desirable districts with functioning infrastructure is a key factor in life quality. An interview with the president of GdW Bundesverband deutscher Wohnungs- und Immobilienunternehmen e. V. (the German Federal Association for Housing and Real Estate Companies), Axel Gedaschko.

14.12.2015 - The family-friendly neighbourhood puts children centre stage

Striking a balance between work and family life is essential for the economic development of a region. The aim is to encourage young families to settle on a long-term basis and to attract new ones...

14.12.2015 - "We want to offer children something"

Wohnbauwerk im Berchtesgadener Land GmbH responds to demographic change in its housing complexes.

14.12.2015 - Modernisation of the Brentanobad stadium in Frankfurt, Germany

Along with the two major arenas where the home games of the German premier league teams Eintracht and FSV Frankfurt are carried out, the German city of Frankfurt am Main also has a further stadium...

14.12.2015 - Residential environment: meeting place, recreation area ‒ part of a sense of home

Today the concept of quality of life encompasses much more than the classification of living space according to quality, quantity or location. It's also, or perhaps above all, about adjacent areas, quality of milieu, the opportunities afforded by the area around the actual residential complex. The surrounding environment mirrors the local society. It is not just "any" urban space but a meeting place, a recreation area and part of a sense of home.

14.12.2015 - Beautiful living – residential construction discovers residential surroundings

With "Wohntrends 2030" GdW (Federal association of German housing and real estate companies) has produced another future study for the housing sector. As one of the seven most important living trends, the topic of "Fit in the Future" was addressed in some detail. Maintaining health and thereby physical fitness is shifting into focus as a point of interest.

14.12.2015 - More than just somewhere to live

Home does not simply begin and end at the front door. In fact, much of what happens outside our own four walls helps us to feel comfortable with where we live, such as our encounters with others,...

14.12.2015 - "Fit for the future"

The slogan for the renovation of playgrounds for Stadt und Land Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft mbH Berlin

14.12.2015 - FSB 2015: New halls – an upturn in fortunes?

Confirmation of FSB's status as the leading international meeting place: seven per cent visitor growth. 26,600 visitors from 117 countries in Cologne. A strong international presence and good visitor quality. And what are local authority decision-makers doing?

14.12.2015 - Densely constructed areas – and playable

Residential construction in Austria is regulated by regional laws in the individual Federal states. There is a uniform regulation here which stipulates...

14.12.2015 - Enhanced life quality in municipal housing

Social housing has a long tradition in Vienna and its history is inextricably entwined with the history of the city and its residents. The city regards it as its duty to meet the need for living space that is affordable and, above all, life-enhancing.

15.10.2015 - The exercise-friendly town

Regular sport helps stave off illnesses, promotes individual wellbeing, helps relieve stress, improves attitude towards life and quality of life. Public exercise areas are the foundation of being able to provide citizens with accessible and free exercise options locally. Uwe Lübking from the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) discusses the subject in this interview.

15.10.2015 - Aventura – The Play Mountain

It has a shaky start at the foot of the Bromberg (old stone quarry). A large entrance net leads into a treehouse-like tower – and that’s just the beginning, the beginning of what is probably Europe’s longest public space climbing facility. At 168 m long, a succession of wildly different tunnels and bridges, balance play elements and rubber mats snake their way through various towers towards the top of the mountain.

15.10.2015 - Playground above the rooftops of Hamburg

Adults and children in the Fröbel nursery "Im Wandsbeker Quarree" were delighted with the finished rooftop playground: Space to play, run riot, climb, balance and discover. Plane-spotting or looking at the shapes of the clouds is just as much fun for children – like spending the morning break in the open air.

15.10.2015 - The long-wave line in view

Lively garden show in Mühlacker. Playground passes its first test.

15.10.2015 - Monuments Square Berlin – the playground

The Monuments Square forms an attractive passageway from the city area to the green network of paths that make up the Schöneberger loop. The new city square is situated right next to the locomotive depot of the Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology) and fits in, taking into account the historical role it once played as part of the railway network.

15.10.2015 - Play and sport in Sotchi Olympic Park

Thoughts on the future viability of children's playgrounds

15.10.2015 - Community sport policies– current challenges and problems

In many places, sport policy does not have a particularly good reputation. Instead of creating sensible sporting infrastructure and optimally promoting sport, it is often said that focus in many regions is limited to administration of sports facilities and defence of perpetually limited funds.

15.10.2015 - FSB 2015: Greater focus on municipalities

FSB is a meeting point for municipal decision-makers, urban planners and landscape architects /Many solutions for amenity areas, public pool and sports facilities

15.10.2015 - Physical activity plays a significant role in brain development

The health benefits of physical activity have long been known and are also now widely recognised. Yet increases in sedentary lifestyles mean we are becoming less and less active across the lifespan.

15.10.2015 - "Sports clubs – ideal partners for outdoor sport and exercise facilities?"

First a quick review: For more than 45 years, the mascot 'TRIMMY' has represented exercise. At that time, at the start of the 1970s, the German sports association (Deutsche Sportbund, DSB), the predecessor of today's German Olympic Sports Confederation (Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes, DOSB)...

15.10.2015 - Aspects of fall protection surfacing

One of the most important factors when constructing a new playground is to ensure that the correct surfacing is used. The first thing is to make sure that the fall protection surfacing does what it is meant to do and thus conforms to the requirements of the German version of standard EN 1176 part 1.

15.10.2015 - Keep play areas legally sustainable

In recent decades there have been ongoing discussions regarding the planning of play areas – But all of the resultant developments neglected to address one particular aspect of play area planning for a long time: The correct assessment of play areas in development plans.

15.10.2015 - The school playground in the neighbourhood – a place for all generations?

School playgrounds are important places for exercising and meeting up for children and teenagers – ideally outside school hours, too. But what role does the school playground play as a place of exercise for all generations?

15.10.2015 - To play is to live

Imagine a city where work is done from the vision, that life should be all about playing – not only for children and young people but also for adults and elderly.

15.10.2015 - Sport in the open air: Fitness and exercise trail in Cologne green belt

Play and sport outdoors, fitness and multi-generational exercise are becoming increasingly more important. The leisure time value of public green areas is rising and demand is growing. Cologne has recognised this.

15.08.2015 - Campus for Education, Sport and Culture

Promptly, in the academic year 2014/15, the first classes of the new school Gymnasium Grünwald were able to take on ownership of their “School of the Future”. The educational establishment also fulfils future demands thanks to its architectural and pedagogical concept, which is distinctly different from the traditional building and teaching methods of the past decade.

15.08.2015 - Dumbbells are a thing of the past – Calisthenics: the trendy street workout sport

Calisthenics is a blend of endurance, power and general body control. It is impressive to watch and incredibly energy-sapping. The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kalos, which means "beauty", and sthenos, meaning "strength", and describes this hot new sport very well.

15.08.2015 - Something is going on in Austria

These days, fitness parks are no longer considered a rarity. Manufacturers of all kinds of fitness equipment systems have established themselves in this market and are offering a wide range of options, tailor-made concepts and customised solutions to both, decision makers and users.

15.08.2015 - Obstacle course: live out something a bit different

The sport, parkour, is defined as “efficient, fast and elegant movement through mostly urban areas without the support of aids”. It is the athlete’s (also referred to as “traceur” in technical terms) goal, within the bounds of his or her abilities, to use the structural or natural surroundings as creatively and interactively as possible

15.08.2015 - Certified Greenkeeper / agronomist for outdoor sports facilities

The third group of participants of the further education course "Certified Greenkeeper / Agronomist for outdoor sports facilities" has graduated from the DEULA Rheinland.

15.08.2015 - A skate park for Bremerhaven!

When Bremerhaven's mayor, Melf Grantz, and the head of municipal planning, Dr. Jeanne-Marie Ehbauer, cut the site ribbon on December 6, 2014, the moment had finally come for which the approximately 50 children and youths present had for months been waiting. They could now use the new skateboard and BMX park.

15.08.2015 - Pump track – the sports and playground for cyclists

Bikepark in Zürich is the flagship for public bike facilities. In terms of its size, the numerous combined elements, its central location and its budget, Bikepark surpasses all facilities that have been built before. The heart of the park is the pump track, where anyone can try out this sport.

15.08.2015 - Fitness facilities in the urban environment

In every town, in every community, they're out and about: fitness junkies, joggers, cyclists and Nordic walkers, all yearning for movement, physical fitness and spiritual diversion and driven by the urge to remain fit and healthy in old age. But do such people also use other sports and fitness offerings in the public sphere?

15.08.2015 - Urban rope landscapes in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen children have a completely different meaning. This is demonstrated by all the parks and play areas there. It is one of the most children-friendly towns in the world. Elsewhere families prefer to move to surrounding areas, whereas here many young parents stick to living in town. Plenty of variety is offered. Swimming pools, beaches, spacious areas for prams and buggies on trains and buses, and even the famous Christiania bikes ensure that children from the metropolis aren’t left out.

15.08.2015 - Care of an artificial turf sports pitch – Rules to be observed

The advance of the artificial turf sports pitch is very much in full swing. In many places old pitches are being transformed into artificial turfs or new stadiums are being built. As the artificial turf is deemed as low-maintenance, this means that it is unfortunately cared for all too infrequently.

10.06.2015 - Inclusion at the playground ‒ A thrilling challenge

There's nothing Robin loves better than playing on a swing. But he cannot manage to get onto a normal swing in a normal playground. That's because the bright and bubbly seven-year-old is wheelchair-bound owing to a mobility impairment...

10.06.2015 - Young people and exercise – an urban play world in Maggie Daley Park in Chicago

In the very heart of Chicago, overlooked by the downtown skyscrapers, a generously proportioned recreational facility has been created on a 20-acre site named Maggie Daley Park. Since its completion in late 2014, the park has become a distinctive feature of the city and has proved...

10.06.2015 - Bewegungsplan Plenum 2015 – Great interest in future perspectives for public leisure areas and playgrounds

On April 28 and 29, 2015, publishers Playground + Landscape were able to welcome more than 120 participants to the third exercise plan plenum held at the Maritim Hotel, Schlossgarten, Fulda in Germany. Their objective was to discuss the future perspectives for public leisure areas and playgrounds.

10.06.2015 - It is normal to be different

Creation of a playground which promotes the individual development of different children.

10.06.2015 - Barrier-free construction

According to Germany's Federal Statistics Office, 7 million people with a serious disability live in the country, equivalent to about 8.9% of the total population. The majority of them are aged over 55, and almost a third have even passed the age of 75. Against the backdrop...

10.06.2015 - Inclusion in public playgrounds

What exactly do we mean by inclusion? Plenty of people have heard the word. What is behind it? And what does inclusion mean for each of us personally? And what does it mean for the playground?

10.06.2015 - The Inclusive Playground – A Rewarding Challenge

Many people read these words thinking of a child in a wheelchair. It immediately follows that a playground surrounded by sand, with many high edges and without ramps, is simply inaccessible to such a child –and if suitable play...

10.06.2015 - Barrier-free playgrounds and open spaces for play

All children have the right to play in particular in open spaces. The new DIN 18034 (09.2012) Playgrounds and Open Spaces for Play has specified this explicitly for all public facilities.
Consequently the much-discussed topic of inclusion, in other words the definite...

10.06.2015 - Financing sport facility construction – make use of all possibilities!

The problems are well known by many communities and sport clubs: Existing sports facilities are out-dated and require renovation work while the state coffers have no funds available. How can construction of new facilities or renovation of the old ones still be possible? There are various possibilities for financing this kind of project...

10.06.2015 - The 'Lizardland' adventure playground in Rathenow

A gigantic lizard, partly buried in the old Kiekeberg quarry, a 32-metre slide that leads to a 'clutch of eggs' with water playground, 'skin scales' that serve as climbing pedestals on a south-facing slope - all discreetly integrated in the natural surroundings and supplemented by a picnic site...

10.06.2015 - High-Tech Synthetic Turf for the TuS Frammersbach

The German company, Trofil Sportbodensysteme GmbH & Co. KG, was recently able to finalise a project of a very special kind for the German first league football club TuS Frammersbach in the Franconia Region. Around 7,000 square metres of synthetic turf ...

10.06.2015 - Lush green with a pleasant look and feel

Compared with natural grass, modern synthetic turf systems distinguish themselves in part due to their cost-effectiveness. Durable and easy to clean, they can be played on all year round. In order to further improve their appearance, feel and wear ...

10.06.2015 - Barrier-free planning and building for public transport and open spaces DIN 18040-3

The publication of DIN 18040-3 for public transport and open spaces in December 2014 completed the DIN 18040 series of standards.

15.04.2015 - A meeting place for all generations where there is always something happening

The Münsterplatz was originally designed as a straightforward children's playground. Extensive impact attenuation sites filled with sand, various forms of climbing equipment and well-tended flower beds formed its main features. Surrounded by substantial vegetation...

15.04.2015 - A good combination of play, fun and safety

Sport and play are no longer just leisure-time activities. Fact is that in the context of daily school life, physical activity plays an increasingly important role as contrast to the intellectual stress. This concept is wholly supported by the private school St. George’s School in Duisburg, Germany...

15.04.2015 - The lip Park in Hamm puts special impetus by equipment , fall protection and design

The western part of Hamm boasts a new highlight – an extraordinary landscape park encompassing three urban districts was created on the former mining areas. The core area is the 42 ha area of the abandoned Franz shaft, which was turned into a disabled-accessible municipal park with special attractions...

15.04.2015 - Youth into town – Skate park in Werdau

Skate parks to improve leisure-time options for young people work in small towns, too are sustainable, and are accepted when politics, users and citizens are all involved. Teenagers can, albeit often unconventionally but not utopian by any means, provide stimuli for urban development.

15.04.2015 - Necessity of the use of shock-absorbing surfacing materials for various outdoor and indoor applications

We know from crash tests that the severity of an injury does not always correlate with the maximum strain at the measuring point, hence for example with the impact-induced acceleration of the head. In order to be able to describe...

15.04.2015 - Listening to the Children and taking their ideas seriously

The Colleggarten is an inner-city park in northern Nuremberg. There was a great deal of discontent with the municipal plans. In the end, solutions were found, however –...

15.04.2015 - Urban development for and with children and young people

Many of us would scarcely call the chaotic metropolitan Berlin of the 1920s described by Erich Kästner in his famous children's novel, "Emil and the Detectives", as a world fit for children to live in. Nonetheless, the protagonists of the novel, a group of children and youths, succeed in making precisely such urban space their own...

15.04.2015 - Durable hybrid base layer improves play on natural grass pitches

A natural turf pitch is considered the ideal playing surface for football, but this kind of pitch is often used well above its limits. A hybrid base layer is a helpful solution as this "reinforcement" for the grass base layer helps to reduce damage caused during play, to maintain a level surface, improves shear resistance and increases the duration of use.

15.04.2015 - Hybrid base layer and hybrid sports turf – an alternative for community sports facilities?

In many communities and club locations there is only one question to be answered with regard to the optimal surface for an own football pitch: Artificial or natural turf? Opinions are often very similar – ...

15.04.2015 - Individual planning as standard

In the north of Berlin in Freiheitsweg in the district of Reinickendorf there is a new climbing structure, which leaves no room for boredom. In the last year an area of more than 1500 m² alongside the Füchse Berlin Club sports ground has been turned into a theme park for all generations

15.04.2015 - Dense urban structure with varied public spaces

After being released from military ownership in the 1990s, the 39.5 hectare area of land that was the Waldmann-Stetten barracks became available for development as a new residential quarter...

15.04.2015 - The 'Salierplatz' playable name apparatus

There are once-in-a-lifetime projects that a landscape architect never forgets. A new job lands on your desk, complex construction work is commenced and, if all ends happily, there is a grand inauguration ceremony on completion...

15.04.2015 - Appelhoff: A Quarter on the Move

Two new multigenerational play and recreational areas liven up a quarter characterized by apartment complexes.

15.02.2015 - Outdoor activities and children under three years of age – the great unknown

Young children are now increasingly being provided with care during the day at nursery schools and crèches and are spending more time away from their homes. Their future development is determined by the exercise they get. This means that outdoor activity spaces in crèches, daycare centres and kindergartens need to be appropriately designed.

15.02.2015 - Collective community planning and organisation for sport and exercise

Do we have too many or not enough sports facilities? How can we make our sports clubs future-oriented? How can we bring schools and clubs together with regard to day schools? How should promotion of sport be organised in future?

15.02.2015 - Tradition and progress that benefit the environment

eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of children's playground equipment and furniture, has set itself the objective of helping children to develop normally, grow up in a positive fashion and come to understand their environment.

15.02.2015 - Outdoor exercise paradise in Norway

It was in 2012 that Even Aarethun first heard of the Motorikpark™ concept; he was inspired and decided to introduce the idea to Norway.

15.02.2015 - Masterplan for Play and Movement

The instrumental anchoring of the promotion of movement using the City of Mülheim an der Ruhr as an example.

15.02.2015 - Sport Development Planning: Compulsory or freestyle?

Does Community X still need the sports hall at a school which is to be closed due to a drop in numbers of students? Is construction of a fifth artificial turf pitch in Community Y really a good investment? ...

15.02.2015 - “Pushing, pulling, jumping and balancing”

“Sport for anyone and at any time” is the underlying principle that has been implemented in Paderborn's biggest multifunctional sports centre.

15.02.2015 - Right to play

The German Children's Fund (DKHW) was established on 17 February 1972 by entrepreneurs and business people in Munich. The aim of the association was to improve playgrounds in Germany. What is the situation like today? An interview with the playground spokesperson from the DKHW, Claudia Neumann.

15.01.2015 - Surprising leisure opportunities in an unusual location

In Lindlar in the Oberbergisches Land, the :metabolon project is an innovative learning and adventure landscape for the whole family. The "transparent landfill" – an educational experience destination.

19.12.2014 - From urban jungle to school playground

To cope with its growing number of pupils, the primary school of the German School in Lisbon opened a new building in spring 2008 and for head Thomas Strobl it quickly became obvious that the children required an attractive play area. So he turned to the Spacenet Inventors from Corocord.

19.12.2014 - Design primer for sustainable schoolyards

Sustainable development is a terribly overstretched term and is often used in a way that warps its meaning. The Gestaltungsfibel "Nachhaltiger Schulhof"1 (design primer for sustainable schoolyards) hopes to make a contribution to meaningful use as part of future-orientated sustainable development and future-orientated education for sustainable development.

19.12.2014 - To promote the development potential of children it is necessary to design challenging activity venues

Living conditions and thus also the spaces available for exercise by growing children have changed out of all recognition.

19.12.2014 - Schoolyard becomes play landscape

Noses pressed flat against the construction site fence? Children only staring at the playground? Perhaps pulling the fence posts apart and secretly creeping in to already try out the play area? The long wait finally came to an end on 7 March 2013. The playground at the Schillerschule in Öhringen was opened.

19.12.2014 - A feast for all the senses: working together to create a near-natural and activity-friendly school and play yard

'Learning together' is the motto of the GGS Herrenhauser municipal primary school in Mettmann near Düsseldorf in Germany.

19.12.2014 - The activity-friendly school playground − more important now than ever

Schoolyards and playgrounds are back in the news. Ignored for many years by urban planners, the introduction of all-day schooling in Germany has revived the discussion on how the recreational areas in our schools should be designed.

19.12.2014 - Open spaces as learning environments

Traditional playgrounds and open spaces on preschool and school premises can be designed to create multiple opportunities to develop children’s social, motor and cognitive skills. This is particularly important owing to the increased amount of time some children spend at full day schools and in order to facilitate greater inclusiveness among children.

19.12.2014 - The role of physical activity in the prevention of disorders and the improvement of health

Exercise, play and sport are essential for the healthy overall development of children (see summary in Graf et al., 2014, Lees & Hopkins, 2013). These not only help with the acquirement of motor skills and abilities but also have specific effects on health (blood pressure, lipid levels, bone structure etc.), emotional, psychosocial and cognitive aspects.

19.12.2014 - Living, learning and playing together in the school yard

The Beatrix School is a primary school with 275 pupils located in Rotterdam's Pendrecht district. It was originally a Protestant faith-based school but, just like the surrounding area, the Beatrix School has since become a multicultural melting pot in which at least 30 different nationalities rub shoulders with each other.

19.12.2014 - Movement-friendly schoolyards – A hallmark of the Groß-Gerau district

Some of those who are older still know the schoolyard as a place with trees, shrubs, trails leading to hidden spots, an adjoining school garden and a sports ground. This may still have been the case in the 1960s.

05.11.2014 - Where the wind blows!

In the “Windland” themed children’s park in Alsheim and on the “Hunsrück Wind Trail”, two projects conceived by the wind farm developer ABO Wind, visitors can discover how wind is transformed into clean energy.

05.11.2014 - Play is what our world is for!

Impressions and thoughts on the occasion of the 2014 Conference of the International Play Association in Istanbul

05.11.2014 - Cities and local authorities get their residents up and running – exercise trails in public areas

The Association of German Playground Equipment and Leisure Facility Manufacturers (BSFH - Bundesverband für Spielplatzgeräte- und Freizeitanlagen-Hersteller e.V.) is publishing a corresponding brochure in collaboration with the Association of German Cities and Local Authorities (Deutsche Städte- und Gemeindebund).

05.11.2014 - Forms of legal protection against plagiarism

Every year, commercial organisations in Germany lose millions as a result of plagiarism, in other words, because of the marketing of forged copies or unauthorised reproductions of their products. In 2012 alone, the customs authorities confiscated items to the value of some €130 million because they represented possible violations of commercial rights . The need to provide legal protection of their products is thus becoming increasingly important for companies. This article is intended to provide an overview of the various forms of intellectual property rights and the strategies that can be adopted to prevent plagiarism.

05.11.2014 - After GaLaBau is before FSB

New Hall Concept for 2015: FSB and aquanale are moving to Cologne's North Halls.

05.11.2014 - Rovio and Holiday Club Resorts open large Outdoor Angry Birds Activity Park

The largest Angry Birds Activity Park to date has been opened on the holiday island of Gran Canaria. Stretching over more than 5,000m², it is the fourth and largest park to result from the partnership between Rovio and one of the leading providers of holiday and travel services, Holiday Club Resorts. The Lappset Group delivered and planned the park in conjunction with its customer.

05.11.2014 - EPDM mulch surfacing for a “green classroom”

Meller Melos GmbH donated an EPDM surface covering to the IGS Melle school complex in Spring. The centrepiece of the installation, which bears the name “green classroom” within the larger school complex, is a sheltered, circular spot underneath the shade of some trees, and which has been covered with EPDM mulch material.

05.11.2014 - Spotlight on mass sport – More exercise for everyone!?

When asked how he had reached such an old age, the previous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is said to have answered: "No Sport!" From a scientific point of view it isn't surprising that there is no well-founded proof of this quote from a man who was a passionate athlete in his young years. The reason for this alleged statement is therefore debateable, but it is sure that "couch potatoes" of any age group make use of it as an excuse for not undertaking any bodily exercise. Churchill lived to be 91 years old – even today a good age – but the reason probably wasn't that he abstained from sport.

05.11.2014 - GaLaBau 2014: Leading green trade fair more successful than ever

The 21st GaLaBau in Nuremberg drew to a close on 20 September with three records being broken: around 66,500
professional visitors (2012: 61,860) came along to find out about products and trends in "green" landscaping, construction
and maintenance. An increase in attendance of over 7 percent. 2,000 more guests from abroad alone visited the fair.
The two segments of the trade fair, Deutsche Golfplatztage (German Golf Course Days) and PLAYGROUND attracted
lively interest. In 13 fair halls, more than ever previously, 1,321 exhibitors (2012: 1,155), 23 percent of them from
outside Germany, promoted their goods and services.

05.11.2014 - New green turf for the SV Schwanenberg

Athletes inspired by Trofil Sportsbodensysteme GmbH's new artificial turf pitch

05.11.2014 - St. Sebastian: from a Church to a Day-care Centre

In Münster, St. Sebastian offers an alternative to the demolition of a former church.

22.08.2014 - The continuing applicability of prior provisions and current safety requirements for playgrounds

It is common practice to include stipulations in new laws and contracts to ensure that certain legal requirements that were already in place prior to the introduction of the new legislation or revision of a contract can continue to apply in unchanged form.

22.08.2014 - Safety in the playground - to what extent is it necessary and appropriate?

Playgrounds are important to children as places where they can exercise as much as they need and give their imagination and creativity free rein during play with others.

22.08.2014 - Artificial turf surfaces: Environmental compatibility as per DIN 18035

In the past, environmental compatibility of artificial turf surfaces was tested according to the two DIN standards, DIN V 18035-6:2004 or DIN V 18035-7:2002. Both standards were withdrawn following a directive from the European commission which applied in particular to the highly contested DIN SPEC 18035-7:2011. The sole valid standard applying to artificial turf surfaces is EN 15330-1:2013.

22.08.2014 - Playful Diversity in Ravensberger Park

A one-hectare green space in Bielefeld’s Ravensberger Park was redesigned as a part of the integrated urban development concept "Northern City Limits", a program that contributes to the sustainable improvement and stabilization of the surrounding quarter.

22.08.2014 - Trend-setting at local government level: Rotterdam standard for outdoor play areas

Rotterdam aims to be an attractive city to live in, especially for families. Facilities for children and opportunities to play outside are a prerequisite for this. In the City Vision that Rotterdam established in 2007, one of the spearheads is more space for children to play and participate in sports in order to encourage them to get more exercise.

22.08.2014 - Risk management for outdoor sports facilities

To date, for outdoor sports facilities no comprehensive inspections have been carried out with regard to user safety. Accordingly, in the case of accidents caused by, for example, falling goal posts, floodlight masts or faulty ball nets, compensation can be claimed according to German legislation § 823 BGB. Based on this, the Science to Business GmbH company of the University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck in cooperation with the Intergreen AG have developed a safety management concept which is state of the art and supports management and operators of outdoor sports facilities.

20.06.2014 - A sports meeting point for all ages

The movement trails in Darmstadt and Hanau: An evaluation after two years of operation

20.06.2014 - alla hopp! – New initiative of the Dietmar Hopp Foundation

“alla hopp!” is the name of the new and so far biggest promotional campaign of the Dietmar Hopp Foundation. It is intended to get young and old really interested in movement. With that in mind, the foundation is donating 18 movement and meeting facilities for the entire metropolitan region. The municipalities of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region had until 30 September 2013 to apply online for an alla hopp! facility. alla hopp! is a unique concept, developed together with experts, for movement and meeting in the region. All generations will enjoy free access the facilities at no charge. There they will be able to experience different forms of movement, keep fit and relax in whatever way they want to.

20.06.2014 - Multi-Generational Exercise Course in the Viernheim Family Sports Park

An example of cooperative sports development planning in councils.

20.06.2014 - The Naked Heart Foundation

The Naked Heart Foundation is a children’s charity set up by philanthropist and top model Natalia Vodianova in 2004. Their mission is to ensure that every child has the two things they need for a happy, fulfilling childhood – a loving family and a safe and stimulating place to play. Theysupport families raising children with special needs and build inclusive play facilities across Russia.

20.06.2014 - Exercise promotes important cerebral functions and accelerates thought processes

Physical activity is also good for the brain: it was announced at the 21st World Congress of Neurology held in Vienna that research undertaken by the LADIS study group has shown that exercise helps speed up cogitation and stimulates other important cerebral activities. Sadly though, it seems that memory is not improved by physical training.

20.06.2014 - DIN EN 15330-1:2013 – Protection function for synthetic turf surfaces

Development of a modern synthetic turf system for the purpose of use as a pitch for hockey, football and rugby, requires a complex interaction of different elements is required. For sport surfaces, the sport and protection functions as well as the technical functions are defined by materials testing as per DIN EN 15330-1.

20.06.2014 - Injury Risk: Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

Years ago, many players, coaches and trainer felt that playing or training on artificial turf lead to more injuries. This was true for soccer as well as other sports like American football, field hockey and lacrosse. Recent advances in technology have lead to “third generation” artificial turf that can be found on many public fields and in some professional stadia. But, the debate continues. Does playing or training on turf raise injury risk? Over the past several years, several studies have compared injury rates on turf and grass for several sports. Recently, we compiled the research on soccer and, using a meta-analysis attempted to determine if there is increase risk of injury on turf. We found that playing or training on turf does not raise the potential for acute injury. However, changes in the style of play and/or player perception of turf may affect injury risk.

20.06.2014 - New outdoor gyms in Sweden

Crossfit, street workout, outdoor gym or just body exercise in the outdoors, you name it! Lappset Sweden has installed several new outdoor gym & fitness parks equipped with Lappset’s novelties. In Stockholm, in the city of Strängnäs and also in Eskilstuna – not far away from the Swedish Capital – new gym parks have been opened.

20.06.2014 - Movement trail in public space

The Federal Association of Playground Equipment and Leisure Facilities Manufacturers (BSFH) has established a new committee: “Movement trail in public space”

15.04.2014 - Skate and Chill out on the Vienna Gürtel

The redesign of the middle island on a heavy-traffic city street creates recreational space for young people in a densely developed area. A functional landscape was created with the participation of the Vienna street skating scene. Impressively designed green spaces for play and relaxation bring the concept of a city boulevard back to life under modern-day conditions. Tens of thousands of road users daily watch the facility and its users: Emil-Maurer-Platz Park

15.04.2014 - Innovation for sports surfaces

As confirmed by both test results and users, the all-weather syntex-ground surface manufactured by the company Dold Sportflächen GmbH is a safe, easy to maintain and financially interesting alternative to conventional synthetic turf and clay playing surfaces.

15.02.2014 - An attraction for Büsum residents and holidaymakers

The Health and Tourism Service has invested in a site that appeals to Büsum residents and holidaymakers of all ages.

15.02.2014 - Sports field renovation: Synthetic or natural grass?

Classical clay pitches are a dying race and nobody is really sad. An increasing number of sports clubs, cities and communities are renovating their sports facilities turning all-weather surfaces into new synthetic turf or natural grass pitches. The advantages of these measures are clear: Along with greatly increased playing time, a significantly reduced danger of injury and better drainage possibilities are major factors for installation of a turf pitch. The question remains, which kind of pitch is recommended. In many locations synthetic turf pitches are installed although natural grass also has several advantages. There are a large number of factors to be taken into account for or the right choice of playing surface.

15.02.2014 - Say no to playgrounds becoming building sites!

A number of authorities are removing children's play areas so they can sell the space on as building plots. These authorities should therefore also be removing the "family-friendly authority" concept from their brochures.

20.12.2013 - Why is space for play so important?

It is while playing that individuals feel free of restrictions; during play, they have much more liberty to act spontaneously.

20.12.2013 - FSB 2014 demonstrates an international focus

Six hundred and twenty-two vendors from 44 countries exhibited the entire range of innovations, products and services from the sectors amenity areas, sports and pool facilities at FSB, the international exhibition for amenity areas, sports and pool facilities, across an exhibition area of 67,000 square metres.

19.12.2013 - School facilities as exercise spaces for shared learning

The term 'inclusive education' as used within the debate on forms of inclusive schooling acknowledges the natural right of those involved to be provided with the same level of access to all forms of education at school.

19.12.2013 - Together we will not be lonely

Redesign of the playground of the Wilhelm Gentz primary school in Neuruppin. Pilot school participating in the inclusive education project of the State of Brandenburg.

19.12.2013 - Bruising OK – but not lacerations... (Part 2)

As a playground operator, how does one make sure that one doesn't unintentionally violate the regulations when selecting an external inspector? And how can operators ensure that they actually get the services that they have paid for?

16.10.2013 - Demographic transition in urban development and sport

Demographic transition is the current topic of a great number of research and modelling projects. It is also a hot topic in the media and among the public. One of the underlying reasons is the fact that the topic has social relevance to every individual.

16.10.2013 - A modern city of sport – sports, exercise and play in Cologne

Cologne is a city that has a history reaching back 2000 years and a unique, in-imitable personality infused with a diversity and vitality manifested in many different ways in local business, culture and tourism and generally across a broad spectrum of its public life.

16.10.2013 - Playing fields for everyone – how an old club field was given a new lease of life

In the face of changing sport requirements and a dynamic demographic development, sports associations are coming up against the challenge of having to provide their members with attractive sport and exercise possibilities outside of the classical club repertoire. Especially sports clubs with their own facilities can create opportunities here as the example of the sport and culture communities Botnang in Stuttgart illustrates.

16.10.2013 - Magdeburg – movement on the Elbe

The new playground by the city’s look-out tower was planned with the aim of creating a movement area with transregional significance.

16.10.2013 - Football over the rooftops of Berlin

A racy time schedule for realisation of the synthetic turf pitch.

16.10.2013 - FSB 2013 - Stronger focus on municipalities

The meeting point for municipal decision-makers, planners and landscape architects. Numerous offers for open spaces, swimming baths and sports facilities.

08.08.2013 - FEPI - NEW BEGINNINGS.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Lappset , Hags, Legnolandia and the Association of Play Industries (API).

08.08.2013 - Activity trail or rollator parking spaces?

According to Media Control’s spring survey, 79% of Germans want to do outdoor sport. And: the number of older people is increasing rapidly the world over.

08.08.2013 - Artificial turf technology – A visit to Morton Extrusionstechnik factory in the Odenwald

The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region is one of the most populated and revenue-rich regions in Germany; Morton Extrusionstechnik GmbH (MET for short), one of Europe's largest manufacturers of monofilaments, has also been based there in Abtsteinach since 2008.

08.08.2013 - Scherz e.V. creates sports facilities and activity areas

The lack of physical activity by children and young people has become a serious problem not only for families but for society as a whole.

08.08.2013 - Europe’s largest motor activities park

It means that coordination and motor skills can now be honed out of doors.

12.06.2013 - Kinderhilfestiftung e.V. and the Corporation of Frankfurt am Main finance the Tabaluga playground.

On to the seesaw, ready, steady, go! After comprehensive structural renovation work the children's charity, the Kinderhilfestiftung e.V. handed over the newly designed Tabaluga playground in the Heinrich-Kraft-Park in Fechenheim to the Frankfurt Municipal Corporation on 21st September 2012.

12.06.2013 - From the arena to sport and leisure facilities for everyone

Sports fields in Germany are usually characterised by the requirements of school and club teams and, as a rule, are usually focussed towards competitive sport.

12.06.2013 - Debt-free municipality – Bigger budget for playgrounds and sports grounds

The federal capital had celebrated its newly gained freedom from debt five years earlier in September 2007 with free beer and sausages for its citizens. Back then, the “debt clock” in the historic city hall stood at zero for the first time. Following Dresden, Düsseldorf was thus the second German city to be in the black.

12.06.2013 - 23-metre high slide tower made possible by various sponsors

And what an attraction it is! Park Director Peter Milsch and Mayor André Kuper were delighted with the Dalben tower combination by playground equipment manufacturer Kaiser & Kühne, which was opened at the beginning of the 2012 summer holidays:

10.04.2013 - Landscape designers plan Kita (child care facility) playground

Their central targets are the construction of playgrounds for the under 3's, and improved training and quality of the carers.

09.04.2013 - TSG-GuFiT: Realisation of a Vision

15 years ago we dreamed – we that is six to eight "young madcaps"

09.04.2013 - How child-friendly is Europe?

Slowly but surely, there has been a decrease in the birth rate in Europe.

09.04.2013 - Promoting development outdoors - the Steilshooper Allee day care centre in Hamburg

Landscape architects design development opportunities for children.

27.02.2013 - Themed playgrounds in Vienna: Planning is everything

When playgrounds are being planned, renovated and redesigned, the users (young people, children) are integrated in the planning process by means of participation projects, so that their interests can be taken into consideration and included.

27.02.2013 - Rainbow strip in Helene Deutsch Park

In a hidden little park in Vienna, colourful module furniture is at once a key element and a space divider, furniture and play equipment.

27.02.2013 - Structural change in sport

Usually, however, the main focus of attention is the over-ageing of society. How should the younger generations carry the weight of the older ones? How can the health system help shoulder this burden?

27.02.2013 - More in the community funds?

The NRW local authorities are to receive circa € 8.7 billion from the state coffers in 2013.

27.02.2013 - Playgrounds - when money is a problem

One of your first ports of calls might well be your bank, who will be happy to explain their various loan options to you. However, who can you consult if you need advice on how to obtain funding for playgrounds?

Individual loan agreements at optimal rates?

04.12.2012 - Housing association invests in playground

The technical managing director of the Stuttgart Wohnungs- und Städtebaugesellschaft (SWSG) [Living and Urban Development Association], Helmuth Caesar, is firmly convinced that: “The island settlement should become a more attractive place for families with children. To this end, it needs a playground with wonderful playground equipment.”

04.12.2012 - Adventure playground at Phoenix-See city lake

At today‘s Phoenix-See city lake in Dortmund where once stood the former steel works, Phoenix Ost, an area measuring 94 hectares – the re-natured river Emscher is now flowing again and you will find a lake measuring 24 hectares. Housing developments have been being built around the lake since 2011.

04.12.2012 - Sawn up and sprayed

We define vandalism as destructive fury or the strong desire to destroy. “We encounter modern vandalism in the form of shattered shop windows, slashed underground seats, punctured car tyres, torn-out phone cables or as graffiti.

04.12.2012 - “LIGA PRO is the only goal which satisfies all football regulations”: Hanno Zwickl, ERHARD SPORT, on the globally innovative goal designed by him, the football goal LIGA PRO

“The first time that I thought, ‘We have to change something here’ was in 2008 when the German player Miroslav Klose broke his nose after sliding into the ground frame of the goal. He was not the only one to suffer personally because of this injury, but his whole team was at a disadvantage as the player missed several games.

04.12.2012 - Euro Attractions Show 2012 a Big Success

The three-day event is owned and produced by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

04.12.2012 - Play and communication areas for different requirements

A new, customised playground has arisen from an existing playground and separate football field including a former commercial area: The Schinkestrasse - Maybachufer playground, Berlin Neukölln.

18.10.2012 - Child’s play makes you clever

They need to be exercise spaces that provide for free and unlimited physical activities and a wide range of play and game options. This is the conclusion of Prof. Dr. Renate Zimmer, who claims that “child’s play makes you clever”.

18.10.2012 - GaLaBau is still the sector’s leading trade fair – but … !?

But: are there signs that GaLaBau’s importance to the German market is on the wane? Why are some of the top manufacturers staying away? How can the site be further improved?

18.10.2012 - Hamburg society builds playgrounds in crisis areas

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the French oceanographer, once said that “playing is one activity that can’t be taken seriously enough.” The work of the voluntary society alma terra is based upon the same principles. The name of the society translates as ‘bountiful earth’.

18.10.2012 - Better than its reputation – A plea for dirt

These dirt pitches should be treated with more acceptance - not least in the face of increasingly limited community finances – as they have a rightful place in existence and under given circumstances, are a sensible alternative.

17.10.2012 - School playgrounds – schoolyards as public playgrounds

Where can children play in a densely populated town these days anyway?
School playgrounds are generally the only resources that can even be considered as public play areas. The grounds that would be used for play areas – if at all – are expensive and hard to come by, yet there are already alternatives available, which are completely free.

17.10.2012 - Design opens up countless possibilities

1. Playground@Landscape: In English and French design means "creation" or "conception", whereas the Italian disegno (English: drawing, sculpture) has the stronger meaning of a process to be tested, like the Spanish diseño.

08.08.2012 - Green oasis and private paradise

Playground@Landscape: Turnover of the GaLaBau in 2011 has increased by nearly 500 million Euros. You have taken over the position from Hanns-Jürgen Redeker at a point when the association is doing well. What would you like to improve, change, initiate?
BGL-President August Forster: At the moment a positive general feeling exists throughout the whole "green" sector, which is very pleasing. The association for garden, landscape and sport facility construction (BGL) intends to make use of this mood in order to further develop the trade.

08.08.2012 - The blossoming of London’s potholes

‘Pothole gardening’, one form of guerrilla gardening, first took root in Oxford. It was Pete Dungey who here first came up with the idea of using potholes as tiny guerrilla gardens both as a protest against the appalling state of Britain’s roads and to subvert familiar perceptions of what a street should look like. “If we were to fill every pothole in Britain with plants, our roads would be an absolute sea of blooms”, claims Dungey, who works as a typographic designer. The condition of London’s roads is no better. The video producer, social media specialist and serial blogger Steve Wheen thus adopted Dungey’s concept and has been working hard at filling London’s potholes with his own unique horticultural-based creations.

08.08.2012 - Give teenagers (green) play areas

This was a success with the outdoor space at Michaelshof in Hepsisau close to Weilheim/unter Teck. The company KuKuk (in German: Kunst Kultur Konzeption (meaning Art Culture Conception)) from Stuttgart was responsible for the planning and implementation of the outdoor space. Starting with the initial discussion with those responsible for the provision of educational aids and a planning workshop with 19 school pupils from grades 7 and 8 to a five-day project week, the ideas and wishes of teenagers were taken seriously and these teenagers were given the right to voice their own opinions and were able to help out with the construction themselves.

08.08.2012 - GaLaBau trade fair continues to expand

Even larger, even more attractive – this is how GaLaBau, Europe’s leading trade fair for the development and design of gardens, landscapes, sports fields, and playgrounds, is presenting itself in its anniversary year. GaLaBau will take place for the 20th time already from 12 to 15 September 2012. The two subsidiary exhibitions, the PLAYGROUND and Deutsche Golfplatztage (German Golf Course Days) expert sections, have also been prettified and will offer new programme points. More than 1,100 exhibitors and 60,000 specialist visitors are expected to attend the triplet fairs GaLaBau, PLAYGROUND and Deutsche Golfplatztage.

08.08.2012 - IAKS-Seminar "Plastics and synthetic turf surfaces for sport and leisure facilities" at Königsbrunn, Germany, June 20/21, 2012

The objective of the event was to provide in-depth answers to discussion topics such as: "Which construction methods are most suitable for which uses? How are fibres, plastics and granules manufactured and what is their influence on use? It is always very interesting to hear about innovations in the trade based on examples and presentations.

12.06.2012 - Save the date

Euro Attractions Show (EAS) 2012 – Europe’s largest conference and trade show for the €8.6 billion leisure and attractions industry.

12.06.2012 - Sport facility or independent exercising location?

Intergenerational fitness or trim trails are currently a topic of much general interest in the media, at conferences and in public meetings in order to allow the public at large, decision-makers and planners to form their own opinions.

12.06.2012 - Playground with soul

Child-oriented, close to nature, generation-spanning.

12.06.2012 - Community constable significantly reduces anti-social behaviour through play projects

The MUGA was officially opened on 3 April by PC Banks and Yvette Cooper MP as the second phase of the Knottingley Community Partnership Project.

12.06.2012 - When committed citizens make it happen

"The volunteers have done outstanding work in maintaining the park." says Kimberly Baker, a member of the current “Friends of Pineview Park" association.

16.04.2012 - Why not encourage the various generations to play together?

Everywhere in the German-speaking world, the accepted policy for several years has been to promote the construction of so-called multigenerational parks. There is now a multiplicity of relevant suppliers and a wide range of exercise equipment designed for the needs of young adults, the middle-aged and especially for adults over the age of 50 years.

16.04.2012 - Commentary on the standard DIN SPEC (pre-standard) 18035-7 "Artificial turf areas"

In October 2011, the German standards institute (Deutsche Institut für Normung, DIN) published the document DIN SPEC (pre-standard) 18035-7, "Artificial turf areas" and designated it the successor to DIN V 18035-7:2002.

16.04.2012 - Not "cheap" but "inexpensive"

"The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better."

12.03.2012 - Motion Plan – Plenary Session 2012: Enjoyment – Learning – Playing – Exercise … in public places

Be part of our series of lectures, take part in the organisation of discussions, make new contacts and keep your finger on the pulse of the times!

12.03.2012 - Playgrounds need committed volunteers

Many areas of public and social life would hardly exist anymore without volunteers. And without committed volunteers, some playgrounds would no longer be what they once were.

12.03.2012 - A piece of Africa in Dresden

A new giraffe and zebra enclosure has been built at Dresden Zoo. The design was chosen to bring across the animals' origins in a playful way

12.03.2012 - Exercise and mobility in the urban environment 2020

And he keeps a diary in which he records what he encounters when he cycles through large conurbations such as New York, Istanbul and Berlin.

29.02.2012 - Sustainable construction of sports facilities

In reality, however, sustainability is a combination of ecology, economics and sociology and means nothing less than to maintain these components in a regenerable way over a lasting period of time in order to counteract negative changes.

15.12.2011 - New 100% recyclable artificial football pitch for SV Schaffhausen

Swiss club SV Schaffhausen (SVS), have completed the installation of the new Bühlplatz artificial pitch and will deliver real benefits for technically gifted players.

15.12.2011 - Pilot project within the framework of the Hessian sustainability strategy

On 1 June 2011, the Hessian State Government joined forces with the town of Hanau, the regional sports association, the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, Darmstadt College, as well as RheinMain College, as participating project partners, to open a fitness trail for senior citizens in the Hanau Palace Gardens.

11.10.2011 - Sparkling with a zest for life

On the area of the old Oberlaa Thermal Space centre, the new thermal spring - in addition to high quality spa facilities - will offer about 4,000 m² of water surface, 3,000 m² of sauna areas and a 6,000 m² area of comprehensive health facilities. And a water playground.

17.08.2011 - Family Flocks at Farley Fox

Plunging slides, an enormous Bird's Nest Swing, a skate ramp and challenging trim trails are just some of the brand new fun features at the Farley Fox Park, which opened last week in Farley, east of Salisbury.

17.08.2011 - Meet your new personal trainer

Developed in conjunction with Youth Sport Direct, there are eight different
Training Buddies, each designed to help you perfect a specific exercise technique,
such as tricep dips, sit ups and lunges.

17.08.2011 - – Germany’s largest playground catalogue

But where are the nicest playgrounds in Germany? The website can provide an answer to this question. was created in 2008 and is a collection of playgrounds compiled by users that is free to use.

17.08.2011 - Plenty of winners through protection/conservation of resources and climate protection - TSV 1895 Zornheim e.V. boldly follows new paths

Water, heating, electricity - these are all major causes of environmental pollution and so the club examined its financial resources carefully and carried out a seven year trial. The result is now obvious. Expenditure for electricity fuel oil fell drastically. By exercising a great deal of care and entrepreneurial spirit, the club is even creating future income from sales of energy.

17.08.2011 - Koblenz transformed - National Garden Show 2011

Playground@Landscape: Hello Mr. Faas, first question: Is the Koblenz National Garden Show 2011 “working”?

17.08.2011 - “Families on the Move: Parents displace role model function"

. For this purpose, the market research institute iconKIDS&YOUTH, on behalf of peb, questioned a total of 716 mothers of children aged from six to twelve years old. The results of the survey clearly show: The knowledge is certainly there – but implementing it is proving difficult!

20.06.2011 - Gymnastics club "Turngemeinde 1861 e.V." in Mainz, Germany, takes an environmentally friendly road

The 252 solar modules, made by the company Schott AG, have been in operation feeding electricity into the national network since April 2010.

20.06.2011 - Mülheim an der Ruhr: A sports jungle

The Hofackerstraße children's playground was designed in September 2008 as part of a "planning workshop" of this type and the results were then presented to the residents, representatives of the parents and to representatives from politics and administration. The children unanimously chose “Sports Jungle" as the motto for the playground.

20.06.2011 - Promoting Children’s Physical Activity – Practical Guidelines for European Municipalities

The aim of this work is to present a practical implementation of comprehensive theoretical knowledge and scientific analyses of health-oriented promotion of physical activity on a local basis. The guidelines shall be made available to municipalities and interested institutions.

20.06.2011 - The acrobatic art of locomotion in the city

Parkour can be defined as the acrobatic art of locomotion in the urban area of cities. Its obstacles are walls, facades, garages and cars, all of which are to be overcome elegantly and effectively.

20.06.2011 - Saving in the playground?

"Close your theatres, amalgamate register offices or complete towns!" was the provocative suggestion of Jürgen Büssow, the Düsseldorf District President to the hard-up Ruhr District communes in an interview in the daily newspaper WAZ.

20.06.2011 - Stuttgart: Lauchäcker "Into the Garden" Playground

Citizen participation in the playground - not only in Stuttgart 21.

20.06.2011 - Dresden: Woodland playground Kleinzschachwitz

Something New on the Eastern Front: The Regional office, associations and the then Green Spaces Office jointly came up with the first ideas for an adventure playground.

20.06.2011 - “Gemma raus!” – Let’s go outside!

Health-promoting hands-on activities for older women and men in fitness parks .

20.06.2011 - Basle: Erlenmattpark II – paradise for children

The first stage of the construction of the 58,000 m2-park has now been completed; an area of 33,000 m2 is occupied by newly planted trees and shrubs, a unique playground, a large fountain and a host of sports and play facilities.

15.04.2011 - More green in public areas

How towns and local authorities can help create positive vibes is something local authority leaders can experience at the Public11 trade fair on 12 and 13 April in the Trade Fair Düsseldorf.

15.04.2011 - Plain and simple ........ wood?

“We have realised a playground over the past year in the newly built spa and wellness centre “Lido Locarno” in collaboration with the company "Moro & Moro".

15.04.2011 - Bumps yes – cuts no!? The playground expert’s here

Over the last few years many playground operators have become aware of the risks of injury – notably from publicised reports of accidents which have occurred – and have provided corresponding training for those employees responsible for safety monitoring. Despite this, in many cases annual inspections are still tendered for and carried out by so-called “expert playground inspectors”, whose qualifications seem more than dubious. Often, this kind of inspection, carried out by unqualified personnel, leads to drawn-out discussions. But what qualifications are really required for “experts” on playgrounds and playground equipment?

17.02.2011 - “Why Play?”

Children are growing up in a rapidly changing world characterized by higher and tougher standards of learning.

16.02.2011 - The Federal Horticultural Show Koblenz 2011 (BUGA 2011) will be opened punctually on 15 April 2011 – despite the flooding

For the second time in the past year, the Federal Horticultural Show Koblenz 2011 has come within an inch of flooding.

16.02.2011 - Qualification for playground inspectors

by Bertold Tempel, TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH

Have we learned from the past?

16.02.2011 - The trend towards rope

Rope play equipment and space nets create movement for a lively playground. A trend in the trade for playground equipment and recreational facilities.

16.02.2011 - An informative IAKS seminar in Göttingen, Germany

IAKS seminar “Synthetic surfaces and turf pitches” was a great success.

16.02.2011 - Cost-benefit comparison natural grass – synthetic turf

By Eric Hardman, Head of Sports facilities, Sports and Education Department, City of Basel, Switzerland

15.02.2011 - Is there a trend towards rope play equipment?

There are hardly any manufacturers any more who dare to enter the market without offering rope elements. Some even take things one step further by offering not just “play equipment with ropes” but real “rope play equipment”, i.e. such equipment with which the rope is the essential or even only play element. In particular the three-dimensional net structures, as they are called, have to be mentioned.

15.02.2011 - The desert lives – in Munich‘s “Theresienhöhe” district

It is a place with strong characteristics. Since June 2010 the new leisure area at Theresienhöhe in Munich’s Schwanthalerhöhe district has been inviting children, teenagers and adults to play and have fun.

15.02.2011 - Exercise is not just exercise

by Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e. V. (Federal Association for the Development of Posture and Exercise)

15.02.2011 - Griesheim – the first playable town in Germany

Children have retreated from public space as they have fewer and fewer opportunities for outdoor play. Children have gradually been deprived of their liberty without conviction.

03.01.2011 - Garden festivals give you the edge

Hanover: Expert workshop in a bid to make the future development of garden festivals a success for Lower Saxony’s local authorities.

03.01.2011 - Berliner Seilfabrik goes USA

The Berliner Seilfabrik Company, which originates from a factory for the manufacture of elevator ropes founded in Berlin, Germany in 1865, has now opened a new subsidiary in the USA at Greenville, South Carolina and has further strengthened its position in the American market.

28.12.2010 - The family-friendly sports field – a flash in the pan or evergreen?

by Dipl.- Sportwiss. Maren Reyer, Institut für Kooperative Planung und Sportentwicklung GbR

28.12.2010 - Active kids – clever kids: it’s the open space that matters

The “Bewegte Schule” (“School in motion”) also caters for the individual needs of pupils for exercise by offering a wide range of extracurricular activities. For as Prof. Renate Zimmer likes to point out: romping around makes children clever!

28.12.2010 - Innovative adhesives for bonding artificial turf

Conipur 106: Significantly more efficient than conventional products. Much less moisture sensitive. Can also be used under extreme climate conditions.

28.12.2010 - The blue track in Berlin has a little sister in Jena

After 17 years of use, the old running track in the “Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld” stadium at Jena had reached the end of the road. From now on, a new Regupol synthetic running track, manufactured and installed by the BSW GmbH, will provide the new training facilities for athletes at Jena.

28.12.2010 - The Commission for Observing Children’s Needs

An interview with Eckhard Pols, President of the Children’s Commission in the German Bundestag.

22.11.2010 - Municipalities sound alarm - companies rally round

Local authorities in Germany frequently lack the resources to construct new playgrounds and to maintain those already in existence. Commercial enterprises have decided that they have a duty to provide help.

22.11.2010 - The TURF and GRASS EXPO 2010

The TURF and GRASS EXPO 2010: 8. - 9. Dezember 2010, Amsterdam

19.11.2010 - More focus on early childhood education in Germany

The early childhood education state monitor internet portal Ländermonitor Frühkindliche Bildungssysteme 2010 reports widely differing rates of investment by individual Germany states - more and more 1- and 2-year-olds are attending day care centres

19.11.2010 - BAT’s Foundation for Future Studies publishes new survey of patterns of recreational behaviour in Germany

Everyday life in difficult times: more leisure time spent at home; TV, family and indolence dominate.

19.11.2010 - Author collective: more colour for ‘white areas’

Munich 2009: Brochure published by the ‘Spielraumkommission der LH München’, 56 pages

19.11.2010 - Second round of competition with "Mission Olympic"

Five active NRW towns want to reach the final

06.10.2010 - More than 60,000 trade visitors at GaLaBau 2010

The 4-day GaLaBau exhibition with its PLAYGROUND and Deutsche Golfplatztage segments finished in Nürnberg on Saturday, 18September 2010, with more than 60,000 trade visitors once again.

25.08.2010 - Green spaces for the general public

Interview with Hanns-Jürgen Redeker, President of the German Association for Garden, Landscaping and Sport Facilities (Bundesverbandes Garten-, Land-schafts- und Sportplatzbau e. V., BGL) regarding the topic “Greenery”.

18.08.2010 - Kulmbach invests in green spaces and playgrounds

Play is not just for children. Open-air exercise facilities have thus been created in public green spaces throughout Germany that - as ‘multigenerational playgrounds’ - have their attractions for young and old.

18.08.2010 - On the future of outdoor play

by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Milchert, Dean of Studies at the Department of Agricultural Architecture, deputy dean, deputy spokesman for landscape planning courses (University of Osnabrück).

18.08.2010 - PlayFair 2010

The UK’s national playground and safety surface event PlayFair took place at the end of June at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry. Supported by the Association of Play Industries, this two day trade event has been hailed as the best to date.

18.08.2010 - International trade fair for the design, construction and maintenance of green spaces

GaLaBau is back again in 2010. A visit to the exhibition in Nürnberg from 15–18 September is a firm entry in the diaries of experts in the green sector. Landscape gardeners, landscape architects and decision-makers from local authority parks departments source information on new products and trends at the four-day international Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces, which takes place every two years.

18.08.2010 - More than just a synthetic turf pitch

by Markus Illgas, Alfred Ulenberg & Partner (landscape architects AKNW/bdla).
Project report about the development scheme for the sport facilities Hegestrasse in Gladbeck, Germany:

18.08.2010 - The TURF and GRASS EXPO 2010

Are you looking at the option of artificial turf? Are you confused with all the aspects and potential options? Do you want to find out the facts on technical, sports participation, community development, financials, medical, player development, best practice, standards and competition regulations?

18.08.2010 - New light athletic projects in the USA

Polytan has completed several prestige projects in the USA – the leading nation for light athletics. Polytan installed top quality running tracks at Texas University for the “Youth Olympic Selection Trials”, at the University of Tennessee for the “South Eastern Conference Championships” and finally, at the University of Indiana for the “Big Ten Conference” meeting.

11.06.2010 - Individual sport pleasure at schools and in public parks

The sport equipment supplier Kübler Sport from Backnang in Germany, offers a flexible and relatively inexpensive sport facilities providing numerous possibilities for sport enthusiasts.

11.06.2010 - Turf pitches for FIFA Football World Cup 2010™

For the first time in history, a FIFA World Cup™ will be played on grass pitches which are reinforced with artificial grass.

10.06.2010 - Playfix Indoor: Safety in indoor playgrounds

The seamless safety flooring Playfix Indoor made by BSW GmbH, a manufacturer of sports and leisure floors located in Bad Berleburg/ Germany, was installed on the indoor playground of the newly opened Rathausgalerie shopping centre in Leverkusen.

10.06.2010 - Five new Timberplay sites enhance Boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham will soon be alive with the delighted screams of children as they enjoy the wealth of new play opportunities provided by five Timberplay playgrounds.

10.06.2010 - Snug… Born in the USA

Snug, Sutcliffe Play’s innovative and unique loose parts play equipment has made the journey across the Atlantic to be part of the Chicago Children’s Museum’s (CCM) newest exhibit, Move, which opened February 12 and runs through to May 16, 2010.