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TSG-GuFiT: Realisation of a Vision

– The way to the "Health and Fitness Group" (Gesundheits- und Fitness-TREFF, GuFiT) of the German sports club TSG 1881 Sprockhövel e.V.


(at that time all about 40 years old), who believed that the sports club TSG Sprockhövel should move with the times and change, a club with a constant number of around 3000 members for many years, which had celebrated its 100-years anniversary around 15 years earlier. In addition, in the 1970s, several divisions (tennis, badminton, dance, coronary sport) had been newly founded and active youth work outside of sport carried out. But then … it went quiet within the club.

The "Impulse Group" (as the reformer / dreamers called themselves) wanted to implement health-oriented exercise courses, trend sports – and perhaps even cultural offers and create the club's own fitness studio. Revolution!
After five years all attempts at implementing change had failed – and the Impulse Group dissolved – some members went their own way and founded their own clubs, others relocated to Southern Germany.

Some years later the "Dreamers" were asked if they could take an active part in the redevelopment of the club, a "Club Development Consultation" was carried out and a concept for development of the club drawn up. Three meetings with external consultants, many discussions and much patience was required – until in 2005 two "Madcaps" became members of the board, a mission statement was formulated (as a contribution to the competition "The Sustainable Sports Club" organised by the regional sports association of North Rhine Westphalia and the RWE – a major German energy supplier previously called Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk AG), a new logo created and approved!

In 2006 the club celebrated its 125 anniversary – with 12.5 jubilee events including a TSC Birthday Gala, publication of a History of the TSG and a new look for the TSGinfo (and its editors). In 2007 a “Sport and Leisure Centre” was planned and designed, examined and changed, dreamed and awoken. The dream of a major sport and exercise centre - with an outdoor swimming pool – could not be realised, but the concepts and plans for the GuFit were finalised.

2008 started with a change to the statutes of the TSG and a basic reform of financial contributions, costs and financial planning for new construction of the clubs own sport facilities (alternatives for location and organisation were discarded one after the other). This resulted in requests to the new sport promotion programme of the NRW region, building permit planning, many discussions and negotiations with politicians, banks, architects, heads of department and members. This was followed by implementation planning, the new foundation of the department “Health and Fitness” in December 2008 and the ground-breaking ceremony for the GuFit in the sports stadium “Baumhof”!

2009: Construction of the GuFiT with much work carried out by club members (in particular the footballers) and by (voluntary) “opportunity work” in cooperation with the secondary modern school as partner to the work team. The planned construction budget was € 670,000.-; building costs approx. € 808,000.- and an additional club contribution more than € 200,000.-. The GuFit was opened on October 1, 2009 and suffered a difficult initial period. In the meantime we have 650 (satisfied) users. The TSG now offers different forms of health-oriented exercise and has more than 3500 members.

Our construction concept
Based on the criteria of the AGENDA 21: social, ecological and economic

 Major share of club contribution and identification
 High building quality
 Optimal energy standards(< 15 kWh/m²a to PLUS Standard)
 Can be dismantled to a great extent
 Flexible interior design
 Pleasant atmosphere
 To a large extent using building materials with a positive eco-balance
 Lowest possible operating and secondary costs

Our interior design and the costs

GuFiT covers the room requirements of the TSG Sprockhövel for sustainable development of the club in the fields of “health” and “sports facilities”. The design of the changing rooms corresponds to the standards of the football association at NRW league level.

Room sizes:
• Exercise room: 119.50m²
• Gerätetraining (KraFit): 209.00m²
• Changing rooms: 310.00m²
• Administration offices TSG: 33.50m²
• Meeting room: 20.40m²
• Communication/Bistro: 28.80m²
• Technology: 10.60m²

• Useable area: 731.80m²
• Total area GuFiT: 752.80m²

Construction costs incl. planning: 648,000.00€
Price/m²: 861.90 €
Equipment/fittings: 160,000.00 €
Price/m² incl. equipment/fittings 1029.50 €


The sports club: Turn- und SportGemeinschaft 1881 Sprockhövel e.V.

With around 3500 members, the TSG is one of the oldest and largest sport clubs in Sprockhövel and the surrounding Ennepe-Ruhr region.
In the period from December 2009 until December 2010 it was possible to recruit 500 new members.
19 different kinds of sport are played in 12 departments.
At the end of 2010, 650 users/members were organised in the new department “Health and Fitness” with a high level of satisfaction according to a systematic survey.

Our location

At the centre of Niedersprockhövels, in the Baumhof stadium and in the neighbourhood of the outdoor swimming pool. Only a few minutes from the town centre and – a great advantage – with parking space in front of the door.

Mission statement

The TSG mission statement was developed in 2005:
• All club members can play their chosen sport under up-to-date conditions
• Exercise, games and sports are offered in the categories performance, competition, leisure and health-oriented
• All (12,000) inhabitants of (Nieder-)Sprockhövel can keep fit, exercise and play sports under up-to-date conditions
• Through suitable measures, the TSG makes exercise, games, sport, health and children and youth welfare work possible.
• The traditions of the club are honoured (cultural events are carried out)

Requirements and Vision

GuFiT deckt den Raumbedarf der TSG Sprockhövel für die zukunftsfähige Entwicklung des Vereins in den Bereichen „Gesundheit“ und „Sportplatz“ ab - mit der Gestaltung der Umkleiden erfüllen wir die Norm des Fußballverbandes für die NRW-Liga.

To be continued

Foto: TSG Sprockhövel

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