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Quantensprung 2010 (Quantum Leap 2010)

Groundbreaking project of the Sports club “Würzburg SB DJK” awarded.


Approximately 140 clubs applied. The five competition winners have now been made public. One of the successful projects is the Würzburg SB DJK Centre for Adventure Sports and Injury Prevention “Zentrum für Erlebnissport und Bewegungsprävention” (ZEB).

The aim of the ZEB is, among other things, the development of adventure-oriented exercise and sports programmes for children and young people. Under the guidance of Astrid Hutka, Manager of the Würzburg SB DJK exercise department, and Helmut Diener, Academic Director of the institute for Sports Science of the University of Würzburg, the ZEB offers preventive and adventure-themed courses and develops innovative exercise concepts. The resultant findings are making their way to school sports lessons and into the training of sports educationists and fitness instructors.

The range on offer by the ZEB is based on the “multi-dimensional exercise concept” put forth by Hartmut Baumann and Helmut Diener, which requires a holistic-oriented exercise package for recreational sport, performance sport and general fitness. As a result of this concept, the Würzburg SB DJK sports hall, in close collaboration with Rothenburg ob der Tauber-based renowned sports equipment supplier Erhard Sport, a leading manufacturer and supplier in the sports equipment industry, was designed as an “action-packed sports hall”: The special assembly of the exercise equipment for the construction of an exercise landscape, a versatile and usable ceiling construction – to possibly be used for sky-walking under the hall roof – and special wall fastenings for Slackline and abseiling, making many new forms of exercise possible.

Weekly “adventure sports” courses and injury prevention practice sessions for children with behavioural issues prove just how innovative the possibilities are for the “action-packed sports hall”, as do “Exercise Adventure” action days, which children, young people and parents alike regularly flock to Würzburg to experience.

Jochen Koeppl, Director of Erhard Sport International, is delighted with the project’s success: “We would like to congratulate Mr. Diener and his team on their victory at ‘Quantum Leap 2010’. The realisation of the ‘action-packed sports hall’ once again proves the innovation strength of Erhard Sport as the leading outfitter of sports complexes in Germany.” With more than 10,000 individual items to choose from, Erhard Sport is truly a market leader in this sector. In particular, the planning and outfitting of sports halls and sports complexes worldwide is one of the company’s core competences.

More information at: www.djk-turnen.de and www.sy-nodi.de

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