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Durable hybrid base layer improves play on natural grass pitches


A natural turf pitch is considered the ideal playing surface for football, but this kind of pitch is often used well above its limits. A hybrid base layer is a helpful solution as this "reinforcement" for the grass base layer helps to reduce damage caused during play, to maintain a level surface, improves shear resistance and increases the duration of use. The hybrid grass base course syntex®-green made by the Dold Sportflächen GmbH satisfies all these requirements and is the only hybrid grass base course with "2-phase technology". It differs from other grass base courses through the addition of non-degradable reinforcing elements.

The 2-phase technology: Even without the mineral components, the synthetic fibres guarantee an immediate effect in the first phase through the development of a synthetically created, stable network of roots during the growth phase. In phase 2, the grass roots grow in the flat fleece flake pieces. This permanently increases the shear resistance and resilience of the grass base layer and the fleece pieces, as solid and yet soft components, provide a certain degree of elasticity. This permanent elasticity counteracts compaction and has a positive effect on the oxygen content of the soil. In addition, the fleece pieces are inert and do not rot providing syntex®-green with healthy water dynamics. Addition of DiatoPor™ (made of the skeletons of diatoms) for example, can further increase the water storage effect. This means that the grass roots are well supplied with water even in dry periods and the grass base layer is more stable as it can regenerate itself even after hard use. The result is a shear-resistant, vital grass base layer, which is wear-resistant and able to regenerate.

The hybrid base layer also offers several advantages to the natural turf it is laid under. Along with the above-mentioned benefits including better water dynamics, greater permeation of water, better load-bearing capacity, shorter regeneration time, a good distribution of the roots and greater vitality of the turf. It can be used over the area of a whole pitch or limited to the goalmouths or centre strip.

The syntex®-green concept creates a sturdy, highly shear-resistant natural turf with short regeneration phases and provides better playing quality and above all, a significantly longer period of use. More information can be found under www.dold-sport.de


Statement from the German Dr. Lung institute for applied grass research (Institut Dr. Lung Für angewandte Rasenforschung):

"The hybrid system syntex®-green is an interesting hybrid system with regard to the stability and water capacity of the grass base layer because the fine fibres have an effect similar to natural growth in the ground. This is caused by micro-organisms which either bond earth particles together or surround them with fungus hyphae, holding them together in this way. It would appear that the fine synthetic fibres have a similar effect to the fungus hyphae as a pure, sandy base layer quickly falls apart without these fibres, but forms a relatively compact and dimensionally stable structure when they are present. Furthermore, the cavity volume of the added fleece pieces ensures increased water capacity of the base turf layer. As the pore sizes of the fleece pieces are generally medium-sized and large, the water contained in them is readily accessible for the grass roots. Some further tests will be necessary to clarify and explain all the phenomena already observed in connection with this hybrid system syntex®-green."


Photo: DOLD Sportflächen

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