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Something is going on in Austria


These days, fitness parks are no longer considered a rarity. Manufacturers of all kinds of fitness equipment systems have established themselves in this market and are offering a wide range of options, tailor-made concepts and customised solutions to both, decision makers and users. Nevertheless, the fitness systems must be adapted to their environment and surroundings and their entire usage concept. As a result of cooperation between different providers of fitness offerings, synergy effects arise, which is to the benefit of the fitness projects as a whole. One very successful cross border example of such cooperation is the partnership between playfit® and Runnersfun®, an Austrian company.

Since 2013, they have realised several joint projects. While always taking into account the intensive demographic change, playfit® and Runnersfun® provide a wide range of modular fitness offerings for communities and municipalities, tourism associations, schools, companies and also for hospitals, wellness and rehabilitation centres. Always with the aim to keep people fit and to evoke their enthusiasm for fitness. When it comes to product design and development, it is not only the latest scientific findings relating to sports that are relevant but all the more the necessity to find ways to reduce the emotional access barriers which evidently block the way to fitness for more than 80% of the population.


Krumpendorf – “bathtub” of the Germans

Krumpendorf is just a few minutes away from Klagenfurt on Wörthersee, the regional capital, and provides perfect conditions for both living and relaxation and fitness. Not only because of its unspoiled nature and modern infrastructure but also due to the multitude of possibilities for excursions and sports activities such as water sports, cycling, tennis, golf, running, trekking in the town itself but also alongside the lake and within the immediate vicinity, this innovative community has established itself as an extremely popular meeting place for all sports and culture lovers.


Krumpendorf: Decelerating fitness arena

Apart from their classic sports programs, Runnersfun® designed in 2010 running and walking facilities consisting of five (running) routes measuring a total length of 40 km and created, by doing so, another place for people – both locals and visitors to the community – to meet, relax and get motivated to keep fit.

At the time, Runnersfun® assumed responsibility for every aspect of the project, from analysing the regional requirements, the positioning concept, in cooperating with regional experts when choosing the routes, defining the GPS measurements, the marking, communication and motivation concepts up to the finished mounting of the installation.

The substantial steps into the final design are based on the following key indicators: Incorporating the advantages of this region's nature, already existing structures and the needs of the local population. Today, the walking and running course has been operating successfully for as long as five years. It is incredibly popular, which has come as a surprise to everybody.


In 2013, the community started to think about what else could be done to live up to the standard of calling oneself "fitness arena", and which additional fitness offerings should be provided. So Runnersfun® was entrusted with the conception of additional fitness offerings. As a consequence two additional modules were created: The Outdoor Fitness and Vital Park and the Yolates Path.


A cross-generational offer independent of individual fitness levels

On the occasion of a local event called "Kärntner Seen-Fitness", the Krumpendorf fitness arena, located next to the bathing beach, was inaugurated in a festive ceremony in May 2014.

The three modules - the running and walking course, the Fitness & Vital Park, and the Yolates Path - are arranged in such a way that noise pollution and mutual interference can be excluded. Besides, a continuous development of both style and extent of each installation is possible at any time and guarantees the sustainability of the installation as a whole.

On a surface of about 800 square metres, the Outdoor Fitness and Vital Park with its eight beautifully designed playfit® fitness devices is offering free exercise and training possibilities which improve circulation, strengthen co-ordination, vitality and fitness. Everybody can control the intensity of their training themselves in order to avoid under or overload.

Along the Yolatespfad, which is located in a forest area and has a length of approximately 1,000 metres, ten training stations are offering fitness and relaxation exercises which help to get a better knowledge of one’s own body, to find its core and to become more relaxed about the challenges of daily life. Selected elements of Yoga, Pilates, Far Eastern exercises and meditation are the basis.

The multifunctional fitness arena promotes motivation and happiness through its compact range of fitness, relaxation and coordination elements or strengthening exercises for fitness-orientated clients, but offers also moderate exercises for children and young people, for beginners and untrained as well as older people.

The Krumpendorf fitness arena is a "space for adventure and experience" and a meeting point for different generations. For the community it represents important aspects, such as social responsibility, quality of life and securing the location for the future.

Since the summer of 2014, the fitness arena has been integrated into the fit and fun program of Parkbad Krumpendorf and offers a daily activity program free of charge for all visitors to the Parkbad. The activities range from Nordic walking meetings to circle trainings in the Fitness & Vital Park.


Projects of the next generation already in progress

Right from the start, their success has been overwhelming, but not yet sufficient for Runnersfun® and playfit®. Hence, the two companies have taken the opportunity and conducted intense interviews and investigations on site. On the basis of these findings, they have already started with the design of next-generation fitness equipment. It is certainly no secret when we let you know that the first joint projects in Germany are already in progress.


Photo: Runnersfun Consulting GmbH


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