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29.04.2010 - Ausgabe: 1/2010

The innovative hockey pitch


A further benefit for the customer is the production of all Polytan products in our own manufacturing plant. We also provide the complete range of construction site services from installation of the elastic layers through to laying of the surface by our own installation team. In this way, Polytan provides integrated quality control from the raw materials to the finished surface.

Competence and know-how in sport

The product range and services supplied by Polytan are fine-tuned to suit the specific requirements of different sports and uses. The customer is able to choose the ideal product to suit his requirements. Product care and maintenance in the different applications provide an ideal benefit-cost ratio.

Numerous approvals according to the standards of all decisive national and international sport associations, such as the FIFA, IAAF, UEFA and FIH, characterise these playing surfaces. With the largest number of installed surfaces according to the FIFA Recommended 2 Star certification, a quality concept introduced by the FIFA in 2005, Polytan has taken on a clear leadership role.
This sustainable success is an expression of the strict quality policy and customer-orientation of Polytan and it ensures users the best properties in long-term use.

Innovative product development – MegaTurf CoolPlus

The combination of these company strategies create additional customer benefits as, for example, innovative developments can be more rapidly implemented as new products. Some developments are available only from Polytan as sole supplier. An example of this is the authentic structuring of 100% Polytan PE filaments.

This aspect also applies to the new Polytan hockey turf MegaTurf CoolPlus which is a mono-filament turf system with special Polytan PE formulation. Despite the monofilament system, no directional effect is visible or perceptible on the surface of the turf - an important property for professional hockey sport. The closed surface and improved elasticity ensure uniform rolling of the ball. This top product stands out due to its optimal wear protection and soft handle. The Polytan CoolPlus technology uses UV reflecting pigments for less warming of the system which also reduces water consumption. The pigments are permanently integrated in the fibre system and ensure a sustained effect. The new Polytan hockey turf is naturally approved with the FIH Global certification.

Together with the tried and trusted Polytan construction system, both professionals and ambitious amateurs are provided with a hockey turf system for the best features of play, longest working life and optimal economy.

Continual development work for this target group, an integrated production from the fibres to the turf and quality assurance from installation by company employees, make focussed improvements on the existing turf systems possible. Polytan is taking a leading role in the field of artificial turf with clear focus on the respective kinds of sport in each case and the possibilities of a full liner. The variety of certified installations and stadium surfaces makes this very clear in an impressive manner. This provides stadium authorities with security to invest in a long-lasting and reliable system, as well as giving the players themselves the feeling of playing on an optimal artificial turf.

Photos: Polytan

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