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The Sport and Leisure-time Park Rems


Since 2012, Schorndorf – also called Daimler City as it is the birth place of Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the petrol engine, is building a sporting facility to satisfy the most modern demands. Covering an area of around 100.000 m², the Sport Park Rems will offer a range of sport and leisure-time activities to quicken the heart of every exercise fan. By the start of the Remstal Gartenschau in 2019, the city of Shorndorf and the sports association Sportgemeinschaft Schorndorf 1846 e.V. are intending to invest around 20 million Euros in this project.

Already today, the existing sport part offers a wide range of activities including football, basketball and volleyball pitches. Along with these ball sports, cyclists have a bike park at their disposal and since the opening of the AOK Arena last year, football players can also make use of a roofed 30 x 15 m open-air high quality artificial turf pitch. The Ulrich-Schatz-Sport Club Centre was also opened last year by the Sportgemeinschaft Schorndorf 1846 e.V. More than 1.000 m² of attractive fitness and cardio-circular training equipment as well as wellness and relaxation rooms await fitness enthusiasts and friends of health and amateur sports. The programme also includes a restaurant and a beer garden.

It is intended to make this attractive offer even more attractive and so the ageing stadium infrastructure is due for renovation as well as construction of a new spectator grandstand to satisfy current field and track athletics and competition regulations. The natural woodchip Finnenbahn running track will receive more than a lick of paint making jogging, walking and exercise possible all year round at this floodlit, 1.6 Km course around the sport park facilities. A further centrepiece of the Sportpark Rems will be a children's centre focussing on sporting activities. Start of the construction of this six-class kindergarten for up to 110 children is planned for August 1, 2017. Possible participation of the German Alpine Club is also being discussed with initial ideas for installation of a bouldering and climbing hall also underway.

"In the coming years, the Sportpark Rems will become a pulsing centre of Schorndorf and a magnet for visitors during the Remstal Gartenschau in 2019", states Schorndorf's mayor Edgar Hemmerich.

Following expansion of the Sportpark Rems, the public sport and leisure-time activity offer of the city of Schorndorf will also be expanded to cover a "McArena" open-air sports field. McArena is the trademark name of a hybrid solution of sports field and sports hall. Thanks to a generous roof it can be used all year round and guarantees perfect playing conditions for football. This will represent a real upgrading of the sporting capacity and create a training opportunity independent of weather conditions, in the fresh air and natural surroundings.

The modern artificial turf pitch measuring 30m x 15m has a surrounding perimeter and net system so the ball always stays in play. The new pitch has been in use since October 2015 and has enjoyed great degree of popularity with athletes of all ages and performance class. The varied uses possible include football, volleyball, sport courses, fitness, health and exercise courses and form a sustainable extension of the sport and leisure-time activities available to the population of Schorndorf. Along with purely sporting activities, the open-air hall is also ideally suited for events, parties or celebrations. A modular cover can be laid on the artificial turf and in a very short time, the sports field becomes an event hall.

As Edgar Hemmerich says regarding this multi-use concept for the new open-air hall, "Sport, exercise and health are an important factor in the quality of life of our citizens. It makes me very happy that with the opening of the McArena, a very attractive sports location, and above all open to everyone, has been created."

Text and photo: Nicole Amolsch (Stadt Rems) und Matthias Prinz

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