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GaLaBau-Fair 2016 – Once again increasing quality


After four successful days, the twenty-second GaLaBau-Fair held in Nuremberg ended on 17 September. More than 64,000 professional visitors attended the exhibition to inform themselves about products and trends related to urban green planning, landscaping, gardening and green maintenance. One in four exhibitors was an international company. The increase in international attendance was approximately 10 per cent compared to the previous event.  Ten per cent of the visitors came from abroad to stay in late summer Nuremberg.

GaLaBau Department Manager, Mr. Stefan Dittrich, is clearly satisfied and says, "The atmosphere during the GaLaBau-Fair was simply marvellous: full halls and intensive interaction and sales dialogues.  Once again, the GaLaBau-Fair has kept its promise as a meeting point of the green sector."

As a promotional supporter of the GaLaBau-Fair, the Federal Association of Horticulture, Landscaping & Sports Facilities Construction is very happy about the very good mood amongst exhibitors and numerous visitors on all four days of the fair. "GaLaBau-Fair has by far exceeded all our expectations. Again, it has become evident that for those representing the green sector Nuremberg is exactly the right place to meet. It is especially at this fair where professional visitors and journalists from Germany and abroad can get comprehensive information about the latest developments and innovations in the gardening and landscaping sector and where they have the opportunity to convince themselves of the know-how and performance capability of this sector", says Ursula Heinen-Esser, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Horticulture, Landscaping & Sports Facilities Construction (BGL). Now we are all interested in the results of the post-event assessment provided by the exhibitors and visitors. Though one thing is certain: the event was a complete success for us as a sector association“, added Ms. Heinen-Esser.


The quality level of visitors has further increased

Almost 60 per cent of the visitors hold a management position in their respective company as is shown by the preliminary results of the visitors’ survey conducted by an independent marketing research institute. The number of decision-makers increased to more than 82 per cent. Most of the visitors came from specialised companies of the landscaping and open space construction sectors. Visitors from competent authorities, public sector bodies, Garden and Cemetery Administration and power tools retailers were also well represented. In addition to that, design professionals and architects had also come to Nuremberg.
The 1,321 fair exhibitors came from 37 different countries. Apart from Germany, they came from the Netherlands (58), Italy (58), Austria (35), France (28), Belgium (18), Britain (12), Poland (12) and Switzerland (11).



Tilo Eichinger (eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG and Senior Chairperson of the BSFH (Federal Association of Manufacturers of Playground Equipment and Leisure Facilities, e.V.):

„In general, our expectations were mostly fulfilled. The eibe fair stand was extremely well sought throughout the whole fair so that we may draw a positive balance. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to see some more communal decision-makers in the future. Unfortunately, this time we have not met many architects. And although we have seen a clearly positive trend regarding the number of professional visitors from abroad, it would be desirable to see even more of them next time, with the emphasis being on more visitors instead of more exhibitors from abroad. The exhibition infrastructure itself is very good: service, friendliness and helpfulness of the fair staff, the very good condition of the buildings etc. are important highlights worth mentioning. The movement course topic, taken up by BSFH, has become an important trend of increasing popularity in our industry. As usual, our “special area” was very large and we would like to thank all companies involved in furnishing and equipping the BSFH fair stand. Compared to the previous event, the promotional communication related to playgrounds was better in 2014 than it was this year. Due to the fact that BSFH is a member of the Advisory Board of the GaLaBau-Fair, we will as usual submit our improvement suggestions both to the fair management and to BGL.

Finally we would like to thank Nuremberg Fair for the excellent organisation. All in all, it was a very successful event! We from eibe are proud of having been part of this year’s GaLaBau-Fair.”


Daniel Mall (Eurotramp Trampoline - Kurt Hack GmbH)

In our opinion, GaLaBau-Fair 2016 was a great success. For us, GaLaBau continues to be the leading trade fair in the playground sector. It was very pleasing to see so much international diversity. There were visitors from more than 30 different countries who visited our fair stand. Apart from the acquisition of new sales partners, GaLaBau also provides the great opportunity to meet well-known partners and colleagues from our distributor network and discuss with them about concepts and strategies. From our point of view, Saturday was the day we saw fewer visitors. We think one should perhaps consider reducing the fair duration to three days, at least for the playground sector. The numerous positive contacts and the feedback of the visitors have encouraged us to come back again in two years for the GaLaBau-Fair 2018."


Claus Spiegelbauer (Kraiburg Relastec GmbH & Co. KG):

"The location is good. The organisation is good. It is comfortable to exhibit here. There was a high level of internationality. We ourselves were particularly happy about the fact that the number of professionals from all over Germany who come to GaLaBau is steadily growing. The interactive products we presented at our stand received great attention. Nevertheless, we have one critical comment. International exhibitors are welcome at GaLaBau-Fair, but if they exhibit here, they should also comply with the European standards and regulations. Competition is okay, but with equal conditions for everybody who is coming to the show. We think that the Project Managers of GaLaBau should be more critical when selecting the exhibitors. With regard to the fair duration, the fourth day should be cancelled as the quality level of visitors on Saturdays is not very valuable."


Gerhard Dietrich (Bermüller & Co. GmbH)

GaLaBau 2016 went really well for us. Our fair stand is both a platform for presentations, for the acquisition of new customers and to maintain our well-known contacts and networks. During the four days of the exhibition in Nuremberg, we can meet all our business partners from the playground sector at one central location. Hence, we benefit from the GaLaBau-Fair as an in-house exhibition for an intensive personal contact with our customers."


Eric Kunegel (Husson International, S.A.):

Since 1998, we have presented our product range at the GaLaBau-Fair. This time, we noted that fewer exhibitors from our industry participated, particularly a smaller number of German manufacturers. Nevertheless, the contact with the municipalities is still interesting for us, because, in addition to keeping in contact with existing customers, it is of great value to us. During this year's GaLaBau-Fair, some more prospective customers from abroad visited our stand.

My improvement suggestion is that GaLaBau 2018 should be of a maximum duration of three days for the playground sector (Hall 1), without Saturday!"


Albrecht Rieger (BSW GmbH):

"Particularly in view of our excellent order situation, we looked forward to this year's GaLaBau-Fair, and have not been disappointed. Compared to the previous event in 2014, we registered fewer visitors at our stand, but the quality of contacts and the demand for our products were extremely high. This time, many gardening companies and landscapers were missing in Nuremberg. We suppose that this is due to the postponed building season because of this year’s late summer. Nevertheless, numerous architects visited our stand, which was very important to us. In general, we felt that the number of visitors has increased which must be owed to the great efforts of the Nuremberg Trade Fair Management. However, we will still have to analyse our visitor statistics to gain clarity.

The combination of architects, communal decision-makers and gardening and landscaping companies visiting our stand, was just perfect. Apart from talking to well- known visitors, we were able to make some new contacts with representatives of almost all interesting areas. We were very happy about their positive feedback. Particularly the Fall Protection Hill at our stand and the playfix structure surfaces M as well as our safety slabs FXM, which are of the same material, were particularly well received.

We would very much appreciate if GaLaBau-Fair attracted some more exhibitors from the playground equipment sector. Because this is our target group. But we don't know whether or not Nuremberg Fair is able to manage this. However, we have no critical comments at all. Everything was fine."


Holger Aukam (espas GmbH)

„An important aspect for espas was the opportunity to make many new international contacts with prospective clients and partners from Norway, Portugal, Israel, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Romania and Lithuania. The fair was a great success for us. The quality level of the visitors was very high. At other fairs we have often observed that people just pass the stands to get some catalogues. We are very excited about our success. However, it would, in future, be advisable to win over some campsite operators as a new target group of the GaLaBau-Fair. For espas, this year was the most successful exhibition since we first participated. In 2018, we will definitely be here again!"


Uli Paulig (Ulrich Paulig & Co merry go round TM OHG):

"Our expectations on the GaLaBau-Fair 2016 were mostly fulfilled. During the first three fair days our stand was very well visited. We were able to make many new contacts. Our three conceptual thematic focuses, namely game concepts, inclusion and motor skills, were very well selected. There has also been considerable international interest. Nevertheless, we would have hoped to be visited by some more landscape architects.

We got some very positive reactions regarding our presentation about "sports and movement in parks" during the BSFH special show. And also, we consider the BSFH practice forum to be a great enrichment. In view of future events, it should definitely be developed further.

On Saturday, the event was not very satisfactory. Hall 1 seemed to be just the fifth wheel on the wagon compared to other better visited exhibition halls. Besides, the parking space concept should be urgently revised. In short, GaLaBau 2016 was a good forum for our industry, even though one or two of the so-called "big players" were notably absent.


Michael Philipp (Obra Design Ing. Philipp GmbH & Co. KG):

"Our expectations have only been partially fulfilled. It was without doubt positive that many international stakeholders visited the fair. Nevertheless, the number of our contacts has decreased. And from our subjective point of view, this also applies to the entire Exhibition Hall 1. It is especially the architects and representatives of the municipalities who were missing. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that some of the well-known companies of the play equipment production sector are no longer coming to GaLaBau-Fair. Our request to Nuremberg Fair is, on the one hand, to reduce the duration of the fair, by either cancelling Wednesday or Saturday and, on the other hand, to postpone the starting time from 9:00 to 10:00 hrs. Besides, Hall 1 is in inadequate condition and no longer up-to-date (no daylight!). Nuremberg Fair should either consider a new building or the relocation of the play equipment industry to one of the more modern halls."


Mario Ladu (Sylofa GmbH):

We were pleased to find that during the first three days we talked predominantly to interested professional visitors and were able to gain some new contacts. Not only the presence of Asian companies and a number of companies from outside the industry was noticeable, but also the absence of some well-known European play equipment manufacturers. It would be important to choose another exhibition hall in order to upgrade the playground area at the GaLaBau-Fair (through-passage hall). Due to our mostly positive experience, we may well consider attending the GaLaBau-Fair in 2018."


Wolfgang Heuermann (Concrete Rudolph GmbH):

After many years without any exhibition presence it was interesting for us to see whether trade fairs in general would be a promising marketing tool for us.

We have made many new contacts at our stand and got some positive feedback in connection with our exhibition bench "Boomer" near the middle entrance. In addition, it was nice to talk to clients we only knew from phone calls. We would be pleased to receive many inquiries and could imagine to come back again in two years."


Klaus-Peter Gust, SIK Holzgestaltungs GmbH:

We had many good contacts at our stand (approximately 250), both from Germany and abroad. However, we have not made many new contacts. The landscape architects and communal decision-makers we talked to, were mainly well-known partners from the Nuremberg region. Generally, our expectations were met. As a matter of fact, we did not have very high expectations on the fair. It would be interesting if Nuremberg Fair managed to attract some more visitors from various different regions in Germany to fill the gap between the regional and international professional visitors. I myself was particularly pleased by the beaming children's faces on Saturday. We consider this to be a confirmation of our efforts and that we are on the right path."


Mario Hampel ESF Emsland Spiel- und Freitgeräte GmbH & Co. KG:

It is especially the GaLaBau-Fair where to make contacts and talk about playing areas and playgrounds both on a national and international level. Particularly the first two days were well attended by interesting visitors from all over the world as well as by planners and municipal representatives. Well-known partners were just as important as some new prospective customers from public offices and municipalities. On Friday afternoon and on Saturday we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the happy children's laughter, but did not have many business contacts.


Cornelia Duckert (Berliner Seilfabrik GmbH & Co):

"This year again, GaLaBau has been a major success for us. We had many contacts, especially with representatives from municipal administrations, city councils and parks departments, but also with campsite operators and hotel managers. The visitors particularly favoured our new product line “Woodville”. The combination of timber and steel, which - according to the Berlin design language - represents a special solution for "constructive wood preservation", has convinced in particular the landscape architects and designers.

Of course, we have taken the opportunity of the GaLaBau-Fair to invite our sales partners from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to join a meeting, which was organised in cooperation with the Nuremberg Fair so that they could have a look behind the scenes and inform themselves about our new products. In addition, many international partners and customers visited our stand. In the evenings, we all went together to the Old Town Festival and took this opportunity to exchange views and experience.

On Friday, we offered the customers a Fair Dialogue with Franz Danner from the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV Süd) on the topic "Games and Risks" and with Peter Schraml from the company Massstab Mensch on "Inclusive Playgrounds". Planners and municipal representatives took this opportunity to talk to each other. For this event, the Nuremberg Fair catering service had prepared a delicious breakfast which helped everybody to feel comfortable at our fair stand. The specialist lecture by Martin Gasse from Gasse I Schumacher I Schramm Paderborn on "Aventura Medebach" during the practice forum rounded off our GaLaBau performance.

At our stand we offered the following exhibition campaigns to our visitors: the award of a Sky Swing, the typical Berlin curried sausages and the sweet "Berliner", a kind of typical Berlin pastry.

In general, we had the impression that the exhibition hall was not so frequented as in 2014. Important well-known manufacturers had smaller stands with only few attractions and fewer novelties for their customers. In general, more efforts are needed to raise the attractiveness for the visitors, especially in the playground exhibition area.

To sum up, for us the GaLaBau-Fair 2016 was once again a very positive and intensive event."


Please note the date

After having enjoyed the after show delights, such as "Haxn" and "Nuremberg Sausages" as well as the Old Town Festival, please note the date for the next GaLaBau-Fair, which will be held in Nuremberg from 12 to 15 September 2018.


Picture: Nuremberg Fair


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