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A skatepark near the waves of the Baltic Sea

By Ralf Maier, Maier Landschaftsarchitektur/ Betonlandschaften

© maier Landschaftsarchitektur

The town of Scharbeutz is on the Baltic Sea between Timmendorfer Strand and the island of Fehmarn. It is situated in a unique landscape, with the sea lapping against the land and the wind whistling through the big bluestem. The shape and colours of the breakwaters of the Baltic Sea were incorporated into the design of the waterside promenade in Scharbeutz.

For safety reasons an existing skatepark constructed from wood and steel ramps was dismantled.

The skatepark at the "Sailingpoint" was then completely replanned and rebuilt in summer/autumn of 2019.

On account of its position in the dunes on the beach the skatepark was designed as an abstract ship that is stranded between the dunes.

The design of the new skatepark also blends smoothly into the existing space of the beach promenade and the various existing leisure offerings.

The skatepark was built on site from in-situ concrete. After it has been applied the surface of the concrete is smoothed several times by hand. This construction method allows for the creation of individual forms and elements. Concrete applied in this way also has ideal rolling characteristics for skateboarding and ensures a long lifetime and minimal maintenance. Concrete ramps are also significantly less noisy than wooden ramps.

In this skatepark ochre-coloured concrete was also used to reflect the tone of the surrounding sand dunes. The conformation of the transition, banks and ramps in this colour conveys the impression of wave movements. The various levels of the skatepark are bordered by the dunes and form a gentle transition to the existing topography.

There is a very good view of the skatepark from the promenade, which runs above it, and its terraced seating is ideal for whiling away the time and watching events in the park. The result is a unique facility which attracts visitors from beyond the local region.

Skateparks are for everyone!

This is our guiding principle as the landscape architects at Maier Landschaftsarchitektur/concrete landscapes. As public exercise spaces and sports facilities skateparks should be accessible to as many user groups as possible. They should be equally attractive to skateboarders, BMXers, scooter riders, inline skaters, mountainbikers and many other action sports enthusiasts as well as young people and adults of various ability levels. Achieving this blend is the goal of our planning and it is something we also successfully accomplished in Scharbeutz.

Inclusion is a highly-regarded and much-discussed principle of our coexistence as a society. In this way we help to break down barriers between users by designing each facility in such a way that it is multi-purpose. Each form of sport is practiced differently and therefore makes different demands of a skatepark. However, the basic self-conception of the various disciplines is very similar.

This is because exercise and creative appropriation of the existing space form the basis of these types of sport.

The new plans were drawn up in several workshops und participatory events together with young people and practitioners of the various types of sport from the surrounding area. It this way the actual needs of the users are fulfilled and their personal sense of identification with the skatepark is heightened.

In this way the positive perception of the local communities can be positively influenced and vandalism addressed.

The skatepark has three different zones: jumpline, skatepool and skateplaza areas.

Dividing it up in this way avoid conflicts between the various user groups.

 Jumpline: in the northern area is a jumpline which is mainly used by BMXers, scooter riders and inline skaters. The access ramp/element is based on a ship's stern.

Skatepool: the skatepool divides the plaza area from the jumpline: This element blends into the topography of the beach through the organic shape of the kidney bowl (an element which owes its name to it's kidney bean-like shape). The dimensioning of its depth from 140 to 180 cm makes it ideal for all types of sport.

Skateplaza: in the southern area is the so-called "Plaza". This type of facility denotes the areas that are based on a public square.

This area is equally useful for skateboarders, BMXers, scooter riders and inline skaters. The character of a town square is further emphasised by the fact that access is via the seating wall.


Cost of construction: approx EUR 360,000

Construction period: July 2019 - end of September 2019 (11 weeks)

Area: Concrete surfaces approx. 950 m²

Greenspaces: approx. 650 m²

Contractor: Scharbeutz council

Tourism Service

Am Bürgerhaus 2

23683 Scharbeutz


Planning: Maier Landschaftsarchitektur/ concrete landscapes

Rösratherstraße 769

51107 Cologne

Tel.: 0221/1395905

Internets: www.maierlandschaftsarchitektur.de und www.betonlandschaften.de


Executing specialist company: Maximilian Häring Skateparkbau

Nusselstraße 37

81245 Munich

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