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A clear win


The synthetic turf was convincing! “The Polytan turf is the only right product for our requirements and needs!”, stated the clubs’ management.

Until the final decision for a synthetic pitch was taken, both clubs had drawn up and gone through a detailed and challenging qualification programme. After synthetic turf had been approved for use in the top French league in 2009, both of these clubs put on a sprint to invest in a new synthetic pitch as both were convinced of the economic advantages of a synthetic turf pitch: Nancy was planning to build a roofed stadium while the natural grass pitch of FC Lorient was in such a bad state that they were in danger of games needing to be postponed with the resulting loss of regular income from television rights and ticket sales.

FIFA quality concept

Main approval condition for use of a synthetic turf pitch in the French Ligue 1 is the approval of the synthetic turf used according to the FIFA recommended 2 star standard. With more than 50 FIFA recommended 2 star certifications and another 59 re-certifications for professional football according to this standard, Polytan already had a decisive tactical lead. More important that results on paper, however, were the personal impression of the trainers and players of both teams when they visited clubs in other professional leagues where synthetic turf pitches from different manufacturers had already been installed. A special role was played here by the Polytan football pitch at the Stade de Suisse in Bern, Switzerland, as well as the LigaTurf RS+ CoolPlus turf installed in Salzburg, Austria. Here, players, trainers and investors had the opportunity of experiencing a first league game and then inspecting the pitch itself where they were convinced by the quality of the Polytan system. The crucial factor for their final decision, along with the numerous LigaTurf RS+ pitches already installed in Europe, was the successful Polytan installation system.

Precise installation by Polytan teams

The sustainable Polytan installation system with its durable functioning elastic layer, professional quality football turf and high-quality rubber granulates, was completely convincing for both teams. Following installation of the bonded base layer, the elastic layer was installed with state-of-the-art high-capacity equipment which, in good weather conditions, can lay the whole playing field in a very short time with a durable, in situ elastic layer. This elastic layer ensures constant shock-absorbing behaviour which prevents deformation and, more importantly, injury to the players. These values remain constant throughout the operating life of the turf system, even under widely differing weather conditions. On top of the elastic layer, the Polytan LigaTurf RS+ was then laid in precise installation work. A well-coordinated team laid the playing surface and applied the lines and other markings. This football pitch is equipped with the latest CoolPlus technology. One feature of this is that heating-up of the turf is significantly reduced.

As a last step the professional turf was filled with sand and rubber granulates. The BionPro filler granulate used is a new, highly elastic granulate, especially developed to suit the playing requirements of professional football pitches.

A sustainable installation method, proven constant values for player protection, convincing playing properties and continuity in further development work were the final deciding factors in favour of the Polytan LigaTurf RS+ football turf. Installation work was carried out at high speed in both stadiums. The Polytan installation supervisors ensured that the time schedules were kept to so that the new pitches in both stadiums were ready in time for the opening of the new season at the beginning of August. Both stadiums were awarded the FIFA Recommended 2 Star certification without query by a FIFA-approved laboratory. Nothing now remains in the way of these two clubs for a successful season in the French Ligue 1.


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