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16.04.2012 - Ausgabe: 2/2012

The Spacenet Inventors breathe life into the world of rope play equipment

Corocord Raumnetz GmbH was born in 1971, when the company’s founder, the Berlin-based architect and rope net pioneer Conrad Roland, came up with his idea for the first Play Spacenet.


Corocord constantly revisits Conrad Roland‘s original ideas to create an ever more fascinating world of rope play equipment. The enthusiastic team at the company's Berlin Spacenet workshop is constantly reinventing rope play equipment, driven by joy and imagination and a responsibility to create good constructions. The Berlin-based rope specialists regularly build spectacular play equipment and are able to bring unique projects to fruition. But of equal importance to the team are the carefully considered details at the heart of all Corocord products. Premium-quality materials, individual connection technology and uniformly high standards for each individual product: these are the maxims of the company which are reflected in the Corocord SafePlay (CSP) and Corocord ErgoPlay (CEP) philosophies.

Quality + safety + ergonomics = play value

Corocord SafePlay means an uncompromising commitment to superb quality in all components. This applies above all to Corocord’s special ropes, whose steel strands are connected to the textile fibres by induction. This ensures enduring protection inside the ropes while retaining a soft grip for children's hands. The safety mast foot also satisfies the most stringent safety standards, as do the resilient and individually adapted stainless steel "S" clamp connections and the perfectly fitted black plastic rope thimble fillings. CSP is also synonymous with internationally certified production processes, with consistently high quality control guaranteed at all stages of production.

Good ergonomic design is at the heart of Corocord ErgoPlay. For example, Corocord uses ropes of different strengths because the grip of nursery school children’s hands is entirely different to that of older children. It is not just the ropes but also the mesh sizes of the Spacenets that are tailored to age groups. And finally, the handmade individual rope connections with "S" clamps and special conical aluminium swages guarantee harmonious and safe structures for climbing and gripping: smart solutions for tough children rather than mass produced connection technology.

Innovation driven by passion

But Corocord’s Spacenet Inventors refuse to simply rest on their laurels. They are driven on by a passion for innovation and a restless desire to explore the potential uses of rope nets in the construction of children’s play equipment. And this passion for innovation has enabled the team to set new standards in concepts, forms, construction and materials for rope play equipment. The resulting Spacenet originals are dynamic constructions with a clear structure which stimulate children’s curiosity and foster a desire to experience a variety of movement. Climbing, clambering, swinging, scaling peaks, jumping, balancing: These are all basic needs for children and at the same time key experiences of movement for the healthy development of mind, body and spirit. In this way children actively experience their environment and enhance their perception of their bodies. Corocord's wide variety of climbing nets provides ideal opportunities for children to satisfy these needs. We can supply everything, from a small, fine climbing net to our very largest Four- Mast Spacenet, which stretches up into the sky like a giant dream town.

A desire for movement

The Corocord Spacenet marries the wonder of the big top with innovative Spacenet architecture. It was with this wonderful rope play equipment that the story of Corocord began. An elegant pyramid comprised of edge ropes and internal truncated octahedrons soars into the sky like a big top. This structure poses a real challenge for young climbers of all ages, for children, by nature, love to push themselves to the limit. They require risky and challenging climbing situations and love to play imaginatively with ever-changing stories. And the Spacenet classic provides a wonderful arena. That’s why the Spacenet Inventors remain just as enthused by it today as children worldwide and never tire of coming up with new versions. This involves not only creating designs in an enormous variety of sizes including a huge version with an integrated sports field under the climbing dome, but also combining several Spacenets to create climbing landscapes that at the same time are impressive and incredibly inviting space sculptures.

Mirror images cast a spell. This applies both to the magician’s stage and to playing in the Corocord Octa Nets. This fascinating rope play equipment is designed as two Spacenets that are reflected at the bottom to create a doubly brilliant Spacenet. An especially elaborate bracing with exterior and interior masts provides reliable support for the double pyramid. The upper peak of the filigree Spacenet structure stretches into the sky while the bottom tip is mysteriously swallowed up by the earth. At the heart of the Octa Nets a large number of truncated octahedrons are an invitation to climb, for children love to clamber as high as possible and to balance at the wobbliest point. They court potential consequences themselves, in this way gaining experiences that significantly enhance self-competence. Motivating challenges help the individual child to adapt their actions to the current situation, thus fostering development.

Text and image: Corocord

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