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15.06.2012 - Ausgabe: 3/2012

Current IAKS Seminar "Plastic and synthetic turf surfaces for sport and leisure facilities"

June 20/21, 2012 in Königsbrunn near Augsburg, Germany


On June 20 and 21, in Königsbrunn near Augsburg in Germany, the next expert seminar "Plastic and synthetic turf surfaces for sport and leisure facilities" will be organised by the IAKS with support from the German national football association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund, DFB) as well as the IAKS Section of Germany.

Highly interesting presentations will deal with quality standards, planning, tenders and construction. In addition, participants can visit a demonstration of maintenance and cleaning equipment and testing methods. There will also be an opportunity to personally discuss possible solutions with experts in the field of sport facility construction and to visit some of the exemplary sports facilities at Königsbrunn.

Synthetic turf and all-weather pitches have undergone significant technical developments in the last few years. General constructors and planners of sports and leisure facilities for outdoor activities know about the advantages provided by modern surfacing products, but are now being faced with an increasingly large variety of products.

The so-called 3rd generation of synthetic turf products will play a decisive role in the future of football as a sport. The German national football association (Deutsche Fußball-Bund, DFB) has give a clear sign in this respect with the construction of 1000 mini playing pitches with synthetic turf surfaces.

Athletic tracks and outdoor, all-weather pitches with synthetic surfacing made not only the new sprint world record at the field athletic world championships at Berlin in 2009, but also allow highly flexible use for many different established and new sport activities. Fall protection surfacing made of plastics also provide a high degree of safety and lower risk of injury on playgrounds and school yards while promoting exercise and sport.

The two-day seminar is designed for planners and general constructors from communities and sport associations. It provides decision-making help for the design and implementation of sports grounds and playground projects with, among other things, the following questions: Which methods of construction are suitable for which uses? Which standards and technical requirements apply? How are fibres, plastics and granules manufactured and what kind of influence do they have on use of surfaces? What must be considered in calls for tenders and order allocation? What about environmental compatibility?

Previous events in this seminar series have proven the enormous relevance of these topics. At the three expert seminars which already took place at Göttingen, Frankenthal bei Mannheim and at the Olympiapark in Berlin, all in Germany, a total of more than 270 participants from communities, sport associations and planning agencies made use of this further education opportunity.

In this year also, the organisers are expecting around 100 participants from throughout Germany. In an accompanying exhibition, companies specialised in construction of sports facilities will present their products and performance.

There are currently still some free places at this seminar. The attendance fee is 140 Euro (110 Euro of members of IAKS). Further information and registration at: www.iaks.info


The International Association for Sport and Leisure Facilities (Vereinigung Sport- und Freizeiteinrichtungen, IAKS) is a non-profit organisation operating in the field of sports and leisure facilities. The IAKS is the only organisation which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the promotion and construction of sports facilities.
The objective of the IAKS is to create high-quality, functional and sustainable sports facilities throughout the world. Priority is given to international exchange of ideas and further development of quality standards.


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