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Polytan Estate Landscape products –green eye-catchers of the special kind

In landscaping, planning and design of outdoor areas, there is an increasing demand for evergreen vegetation at any season of the year. For this reason, in modern landscape gardening, along with natural turf, there is an increasing amount of synthetic turf being used.


The PolytanLandscape turf grades can be laid quickly and simply on different substrates. As no use of water, pesticides or fertiliser is necessary, synthetic landscape turf is an efficient and above all, environmentally compatible, investment.

Structure of synthetic turf
Thanks to technological progress achieved over the last decades, modern Landscape turf is very similar to natural turf in both appearance and feel. Synthetic turf is a many-layered system with different components. The basis is normally formed by a substrate made of permeable supporting material, usually crushed rock. The surface of this layer is decisive for the final even surface of the finished turf. Another option, in order to achieve a perfectly level area, is a multiple-layer supporting structure. Crushed mineral rock and fine gravel chippings form the second and third layer in this kind of substrate. The synthetic turf is then laid on top and, where necessary, adapted with the corner stones. Finally, to weigh down the synthetic turf and to make the "grass" stalks stand upright, the landscape turfing is filled with sand. Brushing in of this sand in several work procedures ensures a uniform and compact grass appearance. After installation, the synthetic turf requires very little further maintenance work. Polytan Estate landscaping turf should be brushed from time to time to remove dead leaves, needles or other surface dirt. In addition, when necessary the grass stalks can be re-straightened by brushing with a stiff brush.
Where can Landscape Turf be used?
Possible uses for landscape turf are applications from public parks to company and exhibition grounds or private land. Whether in parks, grass verges or playgrounds, in gardens or rooftop terraces, Polytan Estatedas guarantees constantly unchanging green lawns everywhere and all year round, completely independent of weather and climate. In addition, Polytan turfs require very little maintenance allowing users to achieve substantial cost savings compared to the use of natural grass.


Currently, the product portfolio of Polytan includes four grades of landscaping turf suitable for use in different applications. The premium product, Estate Gala turf was developed by Polytan according to the latest PE formulations. In this way the fibres are soft and resilient but at the same time, extremely resistant to crushing. In this way, the turf is extremely well suited for use on representative green areas in hotel surroundings, company and public buildings or private gardens. Its appearance, which is very similar to natural turf, is supported by the special construction of the turf with grass stalks of different lengths. For play grounds, parks, green roadside and central verges and public areas which are all exposed to regular, hard use, it is recommended to use a synthetic turf with extremely hard-wearing textured fibres. In cases like this, PolytanEstate Public is recommended. Due to its twined fibres, it requires only a small layer of sand which is not visible through the fibres. In this way the surface remains not only green and clean, but growth of moss and weeds is also prevented. The low-maintenance, all-rounder turf PolytanEstate Relax has very a high-quality material formulation which makes it insensitive to the effects of weathering such as heat, cold and solar radiation. This kind of turf is especially well suited for use in private gardens or as surroundings for swimming pools and sports facilities. In addition, the surface temperature of the synthetic turf can be permanently reduced using a technology developed by Polytan. PolytanEstate Classic is characterised by its toughness and particularly soft stalks and can be used in any applications whether public places, private gardens or other well-used green areas.

Green from grey
So what are today's practical applications? Who currently uses landscape turf? One good example is the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany, where in May 2011 a recreation area with synthetic turf was created. Due to surrounding high trees the internal courtyard of the university usually lies in shadow and this prevented a natural, thick grass lawn from growing properly. In order to guarantee further rainwater seepage for the trees, a permeable substrate was laid and covered with wave-shaped PolytanEstate Relax. The turf was stretched along the sides and includes the trees. Due to its wavelike shape it contains no filler material. Since its installation the courtyard has a much more friendly appearance and is used by the students during breaks as a recreational area where they lie and sit on the ground.
Companies also choose synthetic turf to shape representative areas for employees, customers and guests. Near the clubhouse of the Royal Gold Club in Copenhagen fore example, an empty and gloomy area which was too steep for natural grass, 470m² of Estate Gala synthetic turf were laid.

Green art
Working in cooperation with the successful architect Thomas Rösler, PolytanEstate Gala was presented to the public at large at the exhibition Giardina 2011. An over-dimensional cushion made of an especially soft and resilient but still extremely crush-resistant turf was taken as the base for the stand, which was awarded a prize for this creative idea.

During the Eurovision Song Contests 2011 and the Metro GROUP Marathon in Dusseldorf, Germany, Estate Gala turf was also used for a lounge area: A green belt at the KIT (Kunst im Tunnel) Art in the Tunnel exhibition directly in front of the regional Ministry for Economics and Work in Dusseldorf was fitted with synthetic turf. Covering panels were used on the existing ground as substrate and the vivid green landscape turf was laid with Velcro® strip fastening and a light sand filling to keep it even and flat. A 400m² lounge area was created on this flooring with seating groups, sun shades and it was used throughout the events as relaxation and party zone.
Permanent green in your own garden
Synthetic turf is also being increasingly used on private ground. Recently, for example, a private balcony in Munich, Germany, was transformed into an outdoor lounge. Part of the balcony was laid with teak boards and the remaining area covered with Polytan Estate Gala. The green area appeared to be a small garden in the centre of the balcony and was used by the children as comfortable and safe playground.

One project on Bonn, Germany, very special conditions applied. A newly constructed fence was intended to protect the buildings behind from inquisitive passers by while at the same time, blending in the landscape as far as possible. The landscape gardening company Nickel GmbH thought, "Why not use synthetic turf?" and that's exactly what they did, covering the whole fence with around 370 m² of Polytan Estate Public turf. While keeping all outsiders outside, the "synthetic turf fence" is also a real attraction.

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