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15.06.2023 - Ausgabe: 3/2023

ParkSport Lurup: recreation, sports and fun for all

By Beatrix Hansen (WES GmbH LandschaftsArchitektur)
© Spiel & Freizeit Nord SFN GmbH

With the expansion of the district school into a community school, a new type of urban green space has been created on the former Flurstraße sports field. ParkSport Lurup offers diverse and attractive exercise opportunities for both individual athletes and active groups in an outstanding landscape design. 

For the Lurup district centre, a new type of green space was developed on the former SV Lurup sports field as an innovative park sports area that enables cooperative use by both the district school, the sports club, individual athletes, active groups and local residents. The area covers approx. 3,630 m².  The park sports area, as part of the Lurup district campus (master study by WES LandschaftsArchitektur), was turned into an open space for physical activity and encounters for different target groups pursuing the guiding principle of providing "everyone" with sports and fitness opportunities in the fresh air.   The design of the area was developed in a multi-stage, socio-spatially organised participation process with local residents, the local sports club SV Lurup and local schools. In addition to an initial information event in the district, workshops were also held with active participants and schools involved.

 The overall concept was planned by the Hamburg-based company WES LandschaftsArchitektur. The process was accompanied by Dr. Julia Thurn from the Institute for Cooperative Planning and Sports Development (IKPS) in Stuttgart. The planning office "orange edge" from Hamburg  supervised the participation process in order to take into account as many needs and design wishes as possible.   

The design concept  

A three-dimensional, modelled spatial image was designed, equipped with the proposals for the sports and physical activity elements identified in the participatory process. This led to a flowing spatial concept that always remains in motion, a gently curved, lightly modelled world in green consisting of lawns, artificial turf areas and areas of EPDM for the areas with fall protection requirements. With the existing trees and the newly planted tree groups in the centre, which remind of the image of a forest, open spaces are created and defined. A curved circular path with two possible routes, one barrier-free and one through a corrugated topography, leads through the sports park alongside various activity options. The slightly raised edges of the space and the planting both offer protection and create a peaceful atmosphere. 

The content 

In the park-like landscape, the individual sports facilities which offer multiple uses, can be found along the surrounding path and are accompanied by seating areas in the quiet areas in between. In the centre there are two flat lawns for free physical activity or relaxation.   The circular path with different components and modelling, which can be used both by pedestrians and cyclists, scooters and wheelchairs, starts at the western entrance to the park with a calisthenics facility that merges smoothly into an area with obstacle course elements. A long donkey staircase with different gradients accompanies the main path to the district school. At the end of the stairs there are ground trampolines in the moving landscape. There is also another entrance to the park here. The circular path continues over uneven ground to an area with slacklines and then to a bouldering wall. From here, the path now continues into the park's quiet zone, with a flat area that can be used for yoga or relaxation.  

Sports science support by Dr Julia Thurn, Managing Director of the Institute for Cooperative Planning and Sports Development (IKPS), Stuttgart.

At the same time, sports science support was provided for the project in order to optimally adapt the facility to the needs and possibilities on site. ParkSport Lurup has succeeded in designing the area in a multifunctional way to encourage as many target groups as possible to exercise. ParkSport Lurup offers a variety of exercise opportunities close to home, which is particularly important for children and older people. At the same time, the area is used as a school playground and as an exercise area for children of day-care centres. ParkSport Lurup thus makes an important contribution to health promotion and addresses the living environment of different target groups.   Physical activity has a positive effect on social, cognitive and emotional development. This is shown by current scientific findings. According to current studies, researchers have found that forest walks have measurably positive effects on the heart, the immune system and the psyche. With sufficient exercise, numerous diseases (e.g. type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases) can be prevented, which significantly contributes to the quality of life. Not even half of German citizens reach the minimum level of physical activity recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).  The SV Lurup will expand the area's possibilities for additional target groups. In this way, the area can both be used by club members, potential new members can be reached easily and organised and non-organised sports can thus be linked. The overall concept is designed in a way that allows for diverse and creative physical activity opportunities for different skill levels. Thus, it does not get boring and motivates to regular activity. A success experience can be achieved via digital supplements, such as time measurement on the 200-metre-long circular path. 


 What makes ParkSport Lurup so special?

ParkSport Lurup is a place of integration, a place where all generations feel addressed and comfortable. It is a park for everyone, it is barrier-free and appeals to both amateurs and professionals. As a social meeting place, the park connects the district, the immediate surroundings and also the surrounding neighbourhoods to create a place for local recreation. It offers communication spaces, spaces for physical activity and areas for relaxation. Both aesthetically and atmospherically designed sports and exercise facilities have been created. ParkSport Lurup is first and foremost a place for everyone who lives in or visits the district. Park, sports, exercise and aesthetics have been combined in a harmonious overall concept.  Thus the district of Lurup has gained a multifunctional sports and leisure area that increases the attractiveness of the district centre.

Project data:

ParkSport Lurup, Hamburg, Flurstraße 15, 22549 Hamburg

Contracting authority: Altona District Office, Department of Management of Public Space, Department of Urban Green Space

Planning period: 2018 - 2021

Implementation period: 2021 - 2022   

Size: 3,650 m²

Partner: orange edge, Hamburg + Institute for Cooperative Planning and Sports Development (IKPS), Stuttgart


Further information:

WES LandscapeArchitecture

Jarrestraße 80

22303 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 27841-153/-144

E-mail: pr@wes-la.de


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