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How do children grow up healthy?

The aim is that children should grow up healthy, and do not just sit in front of their game consoles. But, what actually belongs to growing up healthy and how could this aim be achieved?

Fire-brigade themed playground offers climbing experiences for various age groups

Planning motif and basic concept for Heidelberg "Fire Brigade" children's playground

Urban space, participation and parkour - from limited youth project in Gütersloh to largest parkour park in Germany

Have you already heard the term 'parkour'? Or have you perhaps in the past encountered one of its self-assured but unassuming practitioners? Defying gravity, they seem to exhibit supernatural powers as they playfully run up the walls of houses...

Bewegungsplan-Plenum 2018 – Creative planning and design geared to the target group

When April arrives planners, builders and those responsible for the upkeep of play and leisure facilities can look forward to attending the Bewegungsplan ("Exercise Plan")-Plenum in Fulda. This year the sixth edition of this popular event...

Grizzly Adventure - the new leisure environment

Discover the Grizzly Mountain! Experience a lot of water fun in the Grizzly Bay! Plunge into the depth with the Rocky Rafting!

Come along and get fit as a chimp! At Baden-Württemberg’s “Children’s Gymnastics Worlds”

The “children’s gymnastics worlds” of Baden-Württemberg’s Children’s Gymnastics Foundation were created to encourage the very young to take real pleasure in movement. And at the Wilhelma in Stuttgart they have succeeded in doing just that for six years now, while the youngest visitors...

Playgrounds at leisure parks

Let's face it: The origin of even the most modern leisure parks goes back to the music hall, to public festivals on the village square where once or twice a year carousels and swing boats were built up and, maybe, also a shooting gallery...

Health risks at the sports ground? – A closer look at use of SBR granules

SBR granules used in artificial turf pitches have been subject to criticism for some time now. This is mainly due to the potentially carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which they contain. Awareness of...

Exercise in the fresh air

The Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Centre in Liechtenstein's Gamprin is now an attraction richer. The new activity trail with its versatile pieces of fitness equipment offers something for everyone

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