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The German Association of Towns and Municipalities and the Playground + Landscape Verlag have decided to cancel this year's edition of "Bewegung in der Stadt - Städte und Gemeinden als Räume der Bewegung und Spiel 2020" (Movement in the City - Towns and Municipalities as Spaces of Movement and Play 2020) due to the current development of the Covid19 cases and the applicable Corona regulations in the State of Lower Saxony. The event, which was originally scheduled for 12 November 2020 in the Old Town Hall in Hanover, is now to take place in November 2021 at the same location. The programme planned for this year will also be adopted as far as possible. An exact date for the 2021 event will be announced shortly.


The trade fairs GaLaBau in Nuremberg and IAAPA Expo Europe in London, which were planned for September 2020, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the corona problems. NürnbergMesse is currently working on an alternative concept to GaLaBau for autumn 2020.


Welcome! Since today our website has a completely new design. All the usual functions are still available: You can still read our previous issues and articles, browse our Business Mirror, get information on important events or our activities and much more. Of course you can also order a subscription, get our newsletter and contact us via our contact form. We wish you much pleasure with our new website!


23.03.2021 - 27.03.2021

didacta 2021, Stuttgart, DE

Messe Stuttgart, DE
26.10.2021 - 29.10.2021

FSB 2021

Koelmesse, Cologne, DE



Sport & Leisure Facilities

Fit in the holidays – exercise areas for active holidaymakers

Sport on holiday? While for some this amounts at most to a game of beach tennis or a couple of lengths of the hotel pool, for a growing number of people sport is the focal point of their annual holidays. From skiing to hiking, cycle touring to canoe trips – there are many...


Parks & Leisure Facilities

A "Mouse Dream" at the Nature Zoo in the German city of Rheine

Mice. Small animals with big button eyes. Usually they trigger different feelings in people. Some love the little fuzzy animals and others prefer to run away screaming. For some, they are cherished pets, ...


Playground Report

Design and construction of play and leisure equipment for the NOVA® shopping centre

In recent decades, shopping centres have become a significant consumer attraction in Germany. Their advantage for customers is that they offer a wide range of different retail outlets under one roof. But retail trade is a sector that...



Cultural asset or consumer good? - The playground as a marketing instrument

Playgrounds are a destination of early excursions and thus important spaces of childhood which enable the children to establish their first relationship to the public. Their importance for children and families becomes especially clear in times of the Corona crisis, when...

Playgrounds are a destination of early excursions and thus important spaces of childhood which enable the children to establish their first relationship to the public. Their importance for children and families becomes especially clear in times of the Corona crisis, when they seem to be out of ...


Sport & Leisure Facilities

It doesn't always have to be a stadium - compact exercise modules for public use

The provision of good and attractive sport and exercise facilities should be an important aspect of all infrastructure planning by towns and local authorities. But there is a widely diverse range of...


Playground Report

The playground as a sustainable attraction

It is essential and often the key to success for companies in the leisure industry to constantly develop new business fields and to provide guests with ever new attractions. After all, the competition never sleeps, and so...



Osnabrücker Sportplatztage 2020 – The needs of casual athletes and environment-friendly sports facilities

After a two-year hiatus, the latest edition of the Osnabrücker Sportplatztage conference took place on 12 and 13 February 2020. The event's organisers...


Municipalities and Associations

The Corona pandemic shows: playgrounds and exercise areas are indispensable

The German federal registered association of the playground equipment and leisure facility manufacturers (BSFH) demands from municipal authorities, state governments as well as from the German Federal Government a strong and sustained promotion of modern public playgrounds and outdoor fitness facilities in the coming three years.

The high importance of modern play and exercise facilities was already known long before the Corona crisis started. Especially in urban areas with their growing population and the dwindling number of leisure areas due to inner-city densification, it is of utmost importance to provide a sufficient ...


Sport & Leisure Facilities

A skatepark near the waves of the Baltic Sea

The town of Scharbeutz is on the Baltic Sea between Timmendorfer Strand and the island of Fehmarn. It is situated in a unique landscape, with the sea lapping against the land and the wind whistling through the...


Playground Report

"Playground for all" - Glauer Felder

The Nature Park Nuthe-Nieplitz acquires another attraction. A"playground for ALL" at the game reserve Glauer Tal. The special feature of this playground: Even children and adults with physical disabilities...


Planning, Designing, Building

Open spaces for loud and wild games

Open spaces represent an important opposite world to the domesticated, digitised, traffic-loaded everyday life of metropolitan children. In this context the Waller Sand beach park in Bremen shows how both children and the entire city population benefit from natural open spaces.



"Playing in a sea of grasses"

A playground for the Düsseldorf Nordpark.

Today, Nordpark is one of the most popular green spaces in Düsseldorf. Built in 1936 for the so-called Reichsausstellung Schaffendes Volk (see info box) it survived fascism, the war and the post-war period. Today, it provides an oasis of recreational value and serves as a common meeting point ...


Sport & Leisure Facilities

Athletics in the spotlight - why there is a lack of successful facilities which we nevertheless need

"Faster, higher, further" – in athletics the natural and essential motion sequences of running, throwing and jumping familiar for millennia are elevated into defined sporting sequences. In Ancient...


Fitness & Trend Sports

A sport ring in Heilbronn for exercise and unwinding

Exercise and unwind in the Campus park: The BUGA [Federal horticultural show] Heilbronn has come up with innovative sports facilities under the oldest trees in town, created based on the unusual combination of a gradation tower and calisthenics facilities.


Playground Report

Playground Spreewaldreich Lübbenau / Spreewald

It is here where both young and old can venture into Spreewald life.