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The trade fairs GaLaBau in Nuremberg and IAAPA Expo Europe in London, which were planned for September 2020, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the corona problems. NürnbergMesse is currently working on an alternative concept to GaLaBau for autumn 2020.


Welcome! Since today our website has a completely new design. All the usual functions are still available: You can still read our previous issues and articles, browse our Business Mirror, get information on important events or our activities and much more. Of course you can also order a subscription, get our newsletter and contact us via our contact form. We wish you much pleasure with our new website!


Playground + Landscape Verlag is now going into the Christmas break. From 06./07. January 2020 we will be there for you again.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


16.09.2020 - 19.09.2020

GaLaBau-trade fair 2020

Nürnberg Messe, DE
24.11.2020 - 26.11.2020

Salon des Maires et de Collectivités Locales

Porte de Versailles, Paris, FR



Municipalities and Associations

The Corona pandemic shows: playgrounds and exercise areas are indispensable

The German federal registered association of the playground equipment and leisure facility manufacturers (BSFH) demands from municipal authorities, state governments as well as from the German Federal Government a strong and sustained promotion of modern public playgrounds and outdoor fitness facilities in the coming three years.

The high importance of modern play and exercise facilities was already known long before the Corona crisis started. Especially in urban areas with their growing population and the dwindling number of leisure areas due to inner-city densification, it is of utmost importance to provide a sufficient ...



From the universe to the fairy-tale-castle into the jungle and back

Reflections on trends in the cultural history of the playground


Schoolyard Design

73 exercise-friendly playgrounds were redesigned in Lower Austria

73 school playgrounds were redesigned in the past four years in the context of the Lower Austrian promotional campaign called "Schoolyards and playgrounds in motion". The main objective of this initiative was...


Schoolyard Design

The “Wellenspiel” – designing a play slope in the schoolyard of the Regenbogenschule in Wolfsburg

Schoolyards are primarily places where pupils spend their time during breaks. Here they can romp around, run, play, but also sit and chill out. During breaks, children and adolescents can unleash pent-up energy. However, also in the afternoons, after class, more and more schoolyards are open ...


Schoolyard Design

School and break rooms -school and break dreams Participatory discussions, decisions, design and construction

The Wauwil School in the canton of Lucerne has built a new schoolyard and added an extension to one of its school buildings. All students were closely involved in this transformation process from the planning stage to implementation.


Planning, Designing, Building

First review then plan – Decision-making on the basis of concept studies

Should a sport facility be moved to a new site or should the facility be retained as is and upgraded? This is a question faced by many local authorities when it comes to their responsibilities with regard to the provision...


Sport & Leisure Facilities

Public sport facilities - what does their future look like?

Renovation backlogs, sustainability, climate change - there are many factors today that impinge on public sport facilities. As for their future, there are certain elements that are already playing a role and will become even more relevant...



Inclusion - a fundamental right for all people of our society

"Inclusion Education has become a global objective. The achievement of this objective will be supported by recognising the human right to education for all and the vision of a democratic society that values diversity in all its facets". (Powell/Merz-Atalik, 2020). Universal human ...


Schoolyard Design

Schoolyard Re-design: Lessons Learned from the IPLAY Project

The World Health Organization observed more than a three-fold increase in global obesity rates since 1975 and major public health organizations have begun to recognize childhood obesity “as one of the most serious...


Planning, Designing, Building

Installation of a barrier-free play and sport landscape

The garden of the bfz social learning centre in Klagenfurt in Austria now boasts a unique, barrier-free, naturalistic play and adventure landscape.



FSB 2019: Convincing performance underlines unique position of a global sector meeting

After four successful exhibition days in Cologne the FSB trade fair 2019 ended on 8 November. All the high expectations were topped and its unique position as the international Trade Fair for...


Fitness & Trend Sports

Fitness in the fresh air - how to make an exercise trail a success

Happily, it seems that in recent years our society has come to realise the importance of exercise when regard to promoting health and well-being. In view of this growing...



Streetmekkas set new standards for active leisure pursuits

Children and young people, particularly those who do not find their way to traditional sports facilities or clubs, are mad about street culture. Three Danish streetmekkas are showing....


Planning, Designing, Building

The Matrix- classification and evaluation of inclusive play areas.

Everybody is currently talking about inclusion, because the aim is to allow social interaction in all areas of communal life, at schools, universities, at work, and on one's way to get there. However, the term "inclusion" means...