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16.06.2020 - Ausgabe: 3/2020

SpielenPlus Shop - a different way of shopping

© ESF Emsland Spiel- und Freizeitgeräte GmbH & Co.KG

KinderlandParks is a business renowned for its special and unusual child play concepts; this project involved the construction of a play feature that seamlessly incorporates a kiosk, souvenir shop and storage space.

The Gettorf wildlife park wished to have an additional sales outlet on site that would not only be eye-catching but could also be used for play. 

With this in mind, we prepared various designs and sketches and working in close collaboration with the operator, Herr Bumann;  we relatively quickly concluded of what the structure should look like. 

It was important for all involved that it should have an appearance that was consistent with the park surroundings. 

We came up with the idea of providing unconventional roof elements that would be visible to visitors from afar. We supplied support posts with carved giraffe, parrot, antelope and monkey heads, which give the play structure a unique appeal.

There are various routes that can be used to access the structure. One leads from the next-door playhouse along a balancing rope trail; alternatively, children can take on the challenge of ascending the crude climbing frame or employ the climbing wall to get to the higher level.  From on top, visitors are led through the structure and the kiosk. 

There is a tunnel slide to provide little explorers with the thrill of getting quickly back down to earth, from where they can try out another route of getting back up again. 

For safety reasons, nets are provided throughout the structure. At the same time, these add to the fascination of the feature. An advantage of this open design with the nets is that those accompanying children can keep an eye on what their charges are doing at all times. 

A medley of paintings characterises the area of the kiosk, which depict the savannah-Africa theme very realistically. The entrance also blends in well with the overall appearance.

In the kiosk itself, parents and grandparents can take a break with a cup of coffee or ice cream on warm days while their children let off steam on the upper level. 

Inside there are a bakery, storage space for stock and a small souvenir shop where visitors can buy various keepsakes to remind them of their visit to the wildlife park.  

Concept and implementation: KinderlandParks based in Geeste
Customer: Gettorf wildlife park


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